Saturday, 9 April 2022

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 9th April 2022

 Our free time this week has been spent in the garden just pottering around and enjoying the fresh air.  The weather has been lovely and mild with cool mornings.  We've had our doors wide open to let the fresh air into our home.  No need for artificial air fresheners,  just the great outdoors.

Here's what we got up to when we were not busy with work -

*  Planted broccoli seeds and seedlings.

*  Planted a few sprouting potatoes from our pantry into the veggie garden.

*  Picked pears and beans from the garden.

*  Made chunky chicken and veggie soup.  I used stock I'd made and frozen last year and zucchini and potatoes from our garden.  There were other veggies added too.  The soup was enough for 2 dinners for 2 people and a lunch for 1.

*  Used a few leftover Christmas candy canes to make minty Easter chocolates.  Our grandson Luka had fun helping with the eating and sprinkling of the chopped candy canes.

*  Dried another batch of pears from our garden in the dehydrator.

*  Dried the washing on clothes horses outside.  The sky looked like there was rain coming so clothes horses were the best bet.

*  Saved washing machine water,  rinse water and drink bottle water to reuse around our home.

*  We bought potatoes for the first time in 10 months ( we've been growing our own ).  We picked up 2 x 2.25kg bags of potatoes one was reduced to $3.60 ( from memory ) and the other was $1.60.  The $1.60 bag went through the register as $7 so we got it for free.

*  Baked three loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.  I used recycled bread bags to store it in the freezer.

Dehydrating more pears

A few Easter decorations

Our Easter tree

Drying the washing

                 More photos from the Melbourne Flower Show

Have you enjoyed the great outdoors this week ?

How have you saved money this week ?


  1. Hi Wendy. Seeing your Easter tree has reminded me that I should put out our little collection of Easter decorations.

    We have all come down with covid over past week and have been unwell and isolating at home. We've therefore done very little besides rest and sleep. We:
    * ate nourishing homemade meals from freezer - so grateful not to have to cook but to just reheat these
    * read library books
    * watched a show for free on ABC iview
    * a kind neighbour collected a prescription from local chemist for me - we are so lucky to have good neighbours!
    * had grocery order delivered and saved a few $ by choosing a later delivery time.

    Before I became unwell, I managed to pot up cherry tomato seedlings we received through our Buy Nothing Group and I also cleaned out and reorganised my Winter clothes. I have one bag of clothes in good condition to donate. I made four rag cloths from an old long-sleeve tee as well.

    Have a good week,

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    2. Meg I hope you are recovering well. The Easter decos will help lift your spirits.

  2. I love how you save money. This week I did the grocery shopping without my mother's help and I think saved about $160. I am constantly having to find ways to use her expensive selections and most of the stuff she wants set off an allergic reaction. When shopping the only fruit I found reduced were American mandarines reduced to $3.50 a kilo so that is our citrus this week. I didn't buy our usual fruits but bought larger fruits at better prices. So maybe four serves instead of the usual two. When mum wanted sausages I served the ones I had a home. and she was cranky about that.

    I took my granddaughter out for the day on Thursday. She didn't like the place we went but had seen park on the way there so we drove back there and she had a marvellous and free time. Sadly the milk I took with leaked through the new little soft pack eskie so that was a small fail.

    1. Well done on the grocery saving. Maybe Mum needs to stay home every week.

  3. Hello Wendy. I have found you and thanks for replying to me on Facebook. I look forward to catching up on all your blogs. Tomorrow I will be planting some Tuscan kale, carrot seeds and four cauliflower seedlings. I must also put out my Easter tree and a few Easter decorations tomorrow.

  4. I appreciate you taking the time to list all the money saving ideas. The world is a scary place now but you are inspiring.


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