Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Super Cheap Foaming Hand Wash.

 If you have foaming hand wash pumps in your home then this savings tip is for you.

Foaming hand wash is a great way to clean your hands in the bathroom and kitchen.  It doesn't leave any mess on the bench and does the job well.  The branded refills are super expensive and very rich in suds.  I've found it's concentration can dry out my hands very quickly.

I've always looked out for 1/2 price shower gel to make foaming hand wash,  but lately supermarket specials have been few and far between.

So for the last couple of years I've been buying up the cheapest shower gel I can find. Usually it costs either $3 or $4 for 1 litre which is an absolute bargain.  The Balnea brand is $3 and I've seen the supermarket generic brand for $4.   As long as it suds and is a clear gel,  it will make lovely foaming wash.  

Photo taken 1 month ago in Woolworths.


Foaming Hand Wash Savings

Have you made your own foaming hand wash ?


  1. Yes, it doesn't even have to be clear (but maybe the result is better if it is, I haven't checked). I use those sachets you get in hotels, for instance, both shower gel and shampoo.
    I used to work for a head office of 5 hotel chains, and had many of those sachets and bottles from when they did a trial for all 5 chains. I was allowed to take the leftovers home. They were not opened, just extras to show of the different possibilities of packaging and content.

    1. If you use the cream shower gel / shampoo it separates. I've tried it a few times before I switched over to anything clear.
      How wonderful to have those samples on hand.

  2. This is a great tip! Thank you! I recently bought some foam dispensers for myself and my DIL, but bought Dr. Bonners soaps to put in and they were way too expensive! This is a much better alternative.

  3. I have successfully made foaming hand wash using baby shampoo. My only problem is that the pumps seem to wear out after 1 or 2 refills, and no longer work!

    1. The foaming handwash bottle I have indicates with a line that I need to fill up about 100ml of soap and 400ml of water, then calmly swirl the soap through the water (do not shake). I give it an extra swirl every time I use the dispenser.

  4. I discovered foaming hand wash & love it. I buy a good brand foaming handwash at the supermarket on special (of course) then refill with ordinary handwash refills from Aldi that have been diluted to half strength. Was not feeling up to transferring the dregs in my husbands shower gel bottle to the new bottle and the foaming bottles were nearly empty. So I put the shower gel in the foaming bottle, then topped it with water. It was very diluted, but was beautiful to use in the foaming handwash bottle. Each bottle seems to last me a year or two, then I wait for the specials and buy replacements.


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