Thursday, 16 October 2014

What Makes You Happy ? October 2014

Just the other night Jessica came in to kiss me goodnight as she usually does.  We started talking about what makes us happy.  Earlier that day I'd wrapped more Christmas presents and was feeling very happy about being so organised this year.  Jessica said that ( raw ) carrots and bubble wrap make her happy and she'd like them in her Christmas stocking.  We had a good laugh over that and continued talking about other things that make us happy.  There are so many things that make my family happy.  Nothing big or expensive.  Mostly it's the simple things that brings a smile to our face.

As I was at work today I kept thinking about this topic.  Then it came to me.  I should start a new post for all of you to share the things that make you happy too.  We live in a world that likes to dwell on the negative.  I prefer to have a postive outlook on life.  So once a month I'll put up a new post that gives you all the opportunity to share your happiness.

I'm putting the challenge out there for anyone who reads my blog to take the time to post three things that make you happy.  Please keep in mind that this will be a regular post so don't list everything in one go.   Keep us coming back for more  !!!!

Three things that make me happy -

*  My miniture tea set / tea pot collection.  I've been fascinated with small tea sets since I was about 6 or 7. I bought my first small tea set when I was eight.  Then I started collecting them about five years ago  Every time I look at them I feel so happy inside.  When visitors come they like to look at them too.  They bring a smile to everyone's face and that makes me happy all over again.

*  Darren pickng some flowers from the garden for me.  At the moment I have iceberg roses on my bedside table.

*  Cuddles and kisses from my girls.  They are 17 and 14 and I know I'm blessed to have that affection from them.

Part of my tea set collection

More tea sets 

Roses Darren picked.

 What three things make you happy ?


  1. I love hearing rain on the roof and waking up to sunshine and birdsong. And our oldest grandson visited us today to show us the plans of his new house - such a kind thing for him to do!!
    Thanky you for your blog, I really enjoy it, Heather from SA.

  2. What a lovely idea Wendy.
    1: Having a thoughtful son. He bought me an orange cupcake today as a treat.
    2: Reading, I love to read and make sure I read everyday.
    3: My prac makes me happy as there are so many friendly children.

  3. 1. Seeing my best friends! Megan especially she makes me laugh at silly little stuff but she is the bestest friend anyone could ask for!
    2. Getting good resultsbin things when I put hard work into stuff
    3. My family! I count down the hours in the day to see them!! :)

    1. Thanktyou Ruth. Megan has just come home from a practice camp. She loves your comment.

  4. Great idea Wendy, love positivity.
    1. A nice cup of tea out of a beautiful cup and saucer my Nana gave to me
    2. A sunny day makes me feel happy and productive
    3. Seeing flowers like my Roses, starting to bloom in the garden,
    Blessings, Maureen

    1. Going to be a great spring for roses this year, I have so many buds just waiting for the weekend weather to pop open!

  5. Great idea Wendy!
    1. Letters and journals.
    2. Birds and nature.
    3. Flowers.
    There is a lot of beauty, kindness and things to be happy and very grateful for. We are inundated with negative things so I agree we need to focus on the good and beautiful.
    Maureen I love a cup of tea in a beautiful cup and saucer.
    Wendy I love your miniture tea sets!

  6. My girls (4 and 1) playing and squealing happily at each other. The morning cup of coffee. Music that makes me feel like dancing!

  7. Love this idea!

    My 3 are :
    1. The smell of freshly cut grass on a warm day
    2. Cuddling my 6 and 4 year old boys on the couch before bedtime
    3. Feeding my 4 month old daughter in the middle of the night when the house is dark and quiet and it's just us having our special time.

  8. 3 things that make me happy:

    * Walking in the sunshine - after dropping my eldest daughter at school, my youngest and I and our 2 dogs went for a walk around a local track that has a big off-leash area for the dogs to run. We saw many other people out enjoying the sun, and everyone smiled and said hello. I think beautiful weather puts everyone in a nice mood :)

    * The weekend being here. We don't have very much planned for this weekend, but we will still get to spend time with our family, and hopefully get some things done in the garden. We should also get some fun sqweezed in too :)

    * The smell of roasts cooking. I cook our roasts low and slow, and I have a piece of beef in the oven for tonight (and lunch tomorrow), and some vegies waiting to be prepared as my Dad is coming over for dinner. Yum!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, I like this list idea, and your tea sets are very pretty!

  9. Lovely post again Wendy, I love your daughters request for carrots & bubble wrap for Christmas, that made me smile!

    The tree things that make me happy today are: reading in the sunshine (I did this today), seeing my kids happy (one boy home from camp today), relaxing after dinner with a hot drink & no more chores for the day.

    Thank you for directing my thoughts to what makes me happy!

    1. Jessica is serious about her Christmas stocking requests. She's 17 and loves to eat healthy. As for the bubble wrap - I love it too.

  10. Lovely idea Wendy,

    My three things are;

    *Anything crafty. At the moment I am making a pretty bible study journal, also dabbling in scrap booking and card making.

    *My family are the most enjoyable happiness I have on this earth. I love seeing them happy and enjoying life :)

    *My veggie garden. It makes me smile and I love seeing the things I have planted growing beautifully in the nice Spring weather :)

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend :)

  11. What a great idea Wendy. My 3 fave things that made me happy for this week were:
    1. My son (16) & my daughter(13) laughing and having a joke with each other ( instead of arguing!) whilst drying the dishes.
    2.An impromptu crafting activity with my grade 3 girls (during an hour of free time). We made little carry bags, they loved it.
    3.My cat coming into the shower with me and sitting next to me getting saturated and then demanding to be toweled dry whilst I was drying myself- hilarious!
    Have a great weekend everybody. Cheers Donna Z :)

    1. Funny cat Donna. My cat occasionally comes into the bathroom whlie I'm in the shower and runs her paws up and down the glass door - just for fun.

  12. What a great list of " happy " things everyone. i'm smiling from ear to ear.

  13. 1. Being well enough to enjoy the day
    2. My loving family (hubby and 2 daughters 13 and 9)
    3. Being lucky enough to have a job

  14. 3 things that made me happy this last week
    1) I hosted a baby shower for a lady I have only known for not even 2 months, but really felt I needed to do it because she was new to the area and didn't know anyone. It makes me happy when I make other people happy.
    2) It makes me happy making gifts and giving them away. I have just started making boutique hairbows and have given 2 of them away.
    3)My garden makes me happy. Seeing my plans for an edible garden coming alive.Not to mention that the Lady that I had a baby shower for gave me a gift voucher to buy more plants at my favourite nursery to say thank you! And the mums of the 2 little girls I gave hairbows to, want me to make more hairbows as christmas presents for other little girls.

    I've been blessed this week.

  15. What a wonderful idea Wendy, thank you! 3 things that make me happy;
    * calling my Mum everyday in Adelaide to see how Mum and Dad are going.
    * looking at all the rooms in my house after I've cleaned through and re-arranged some china, or brought in flowers from the garden and just looking at my accomplishments and seeing it all look so lovely, always makes me happy.
    * A cosy night in with my family and having a yummy dinner.
    Thank you for reminding me Wendy, warmest wishes Simone xx

  16. My girls (especially when they're getting on :-p )
    My kitties
    Weekends with nothing scheduled

  17. A Brilliant Post - We do sometimes forget the small and precious things in life.
    * My wonderful son, he might be 28 but cuddles and a big kiss from him melts my heart.
    * I have a great Bromeliad collection, to see the flower spikes rise and burst with so many wonderful colours brings so much joy.
    * A good laugh, whether it's a comedy or a good joke makes no difference. You can feel your spirits lift.

    Some wonderful posts, I really enjoyed reading them all and will be back to read more when posted. Well done Wendy for helping to remind us of the great things about living!!!


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