Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Birthday Thankyou

Thankyou to everyone who sent birthday wishes via email,  facebook,  texts and my blog My Abundant Life.  Your thoughts and wishes were greatly appreciated and helped to make my day very special.

Megan made breakfast in bed for me that rivalled 5 star room service.  The girls and I spent the day doing what we like doing best - SHOPPING although I didn't do the buying ,  the girls did.  We went to my favourite op shop Savers which is almost on my doorstep.  I just love looking especially in the kitchen department which is like a trip down memory lane. I always have a giggle at the kitchen trends of the 60's,  70's,  80's and 90's.

For dinner we had homemade lasagne which was from the freezer so no one had to cook.  Megan and Jessica made profiteroles using a White Wings mix we found in the clearance trolley at NQR about 2 months ago.  Oh so yummy and there are leftovers for tonight.  A very frugal but delicious dinner enjoyed by all - especially the birthday girl.

Thankyou again and here are a couple of birthday photos -


My birthday dessert



  1. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely day :)

    I got some bargains in Savers the other day too, including a school dress for my eldest which retail for $32, for $2.99, booyah!

  2. A belated happy birthday Wendy. It sounds like you had a wonderful day love Leanne xoxo.

  3. So happy to hear you had such a lovely day for your birthday Wendy. Those profiteroles look yummy :)

  4. Hi Wendy, so happy for you that you had such a special day, it's the simple things that mean the most, p.s. I have very similar tea set to yours, we must have similar taste in pretty tea sets , Blessings Maureen

  5. Wendy your birthday breakfast in bed is something I love as well, it is such a treat! The china your daughter used is stunning, that cup, saucer and plate looked so lovely, it certainly looked 5 star. I'm glad you had a lovely day. Wishes Simone x

  6. Thankyou everyone. Maureen and Simone, the china setting is a Royal Albert set I bought in Myer about a year ago. I also have my Grandmother's Royal Albert and Royal Doulton cup, saucers and plates. My Grandfather played lawn bowls and would win them as trophies. When ever I go to op shops I check their china section. I also collect vintage bread and butter plates. They sel for a few dollars at op shops.

    It really is the simple things in life that count.

  7. Thats funny Wendy, I have a collction of vintage bread and butter plates also that I was given from my Nana when she passed away and I use them whenever I have a morning/afternoon tea with friends and family and I always get comments on them. It makes the event special. My parents home is near Ballarat, have you ever been to the Vintage China company in Ballarat, it's worth a look also DFO Morabbin has a Royal Doulton factory outlet shop, but you need to know your prices, Maureen

    1. You are not going to believe this - my Mum is from Ballarat and we still have family there. Yes I've been to The Vintage China Company many times. I've even gone there for my birthday to have morning tea. Since they don't serve food any more it's not quite as appealing as it use to be. Lots of nice things to look at but not that much to buy.

      Have you been to the Mill markets in Ballarat ? Very nice and you need hours to look at everything. Lots and lots of vintage things to buy. I'm in heaven !!!!

  8. Happy birthday Wendy! Sounds like a lovely time. Thanks for your comment regarding the Honey Oat Slice. Yes, you're right. Very similar ingredients to Anzac biscuits but different quantities and with honey instead of syrup. I found the result quite different to Anzacs in that the slice was more dense unlike Anzacs which my recipe produces quite a chewy biscuit. Thanks for popping by. Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  9. Wow! No I haven't been to the Mill markets but I said to my son as we PASSED it (can you believe it) on Wednesday, hmmm, must go there one day, haha. That's it, Christmas holidays, I pay them a visit, thanks for the recommendation, Maureen


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