Sunday 19 October 2014

My Menu Plan 20th Oct - 19th Nov 2014

The time has come to write my menu plan again.  I'm glad I do a monthly one as I can write it up in half an hour then I don't need to think about it for another month.  With the weather getting slightly warmer I'm adding a few salads to my menu plan as a gradual transition into Summer.   Some people love salads as soon as the sun shines.  My family doesn'r mind them,  just not too often

Here's my menu plan -

Mon 20th Oct - Salad ,  fish portions and baked potatoes.
Tues 21st - Honey mustard chicken and rice.
Wed 22nd - Meat pie and greens
Thurs 23rd - Salmon patties,  rice and zuc slice
Fri 24th - Freezer meals.
Sat 25th - Chicken curry in slow cooker with rice.
Sun 26th - Get your own but feed me

Mon 27th - Meatloaf, mash and veg
Tues 28th - Sausages,  salad and bread stick
Wed 29th - Lasagne and salad
Thurs 30th - Salmon portions,  salad and baked potatoes
Fri 31st - Chicken schnitzels,  mash and veg
Sat 1st Nov - Chop suey and rice
Sun 2nd -Get your own but feed me

Mon 3rd - Spag bol
Tues 4th - Crumbed chicken drumsticks,  mash and greens
Wed 5th -  Roast beef in slow coker with roast veg
Thurs 6th - Tuna pasta bake
Fri 7th - Bits and pieces of meat and veg
Sat 8th - Freezer meals
Sun 9th - Get your own but feed me

Mon 10th  Meatloaf,  salad and pasta salad
Tues 11th - Sliced meat,  smashed potatoes,  pasta salad and mixed lettuce
Wed 12th - Roast chicken with roast veg
Thurs 13th - Tuna casserole and greens
Fri 14th - Hamburgers and wedges
Sat 15th - Nasi Goreng
Sun 16th - Get your own but feed me

Mon 17th - Saucy chicken drumsticks,  mash and veg
Tues 18th - Sausages and salad
Wed 19th - Silverside in slow cooker with roast veg


*  Potatoes have doubled in price recently so we are having rice a little more often.
*  The bits an ieces meat is jst that.  I have small packages of leftover lamb,  beef and tow ( uncooked chops.  Everyone can pick their own.
*  For those who are new to my blog,  Sundays are when Darren and the girls cook their own dinner and prepare something for me.  It's a great chance for them to practice and expand their cooking skills ( and give me a night off ).
*  Salads are nothing grand.  Just lettuce,  tomato,  cuccumber, cheese,  eggs and beetroot if we have it.  It also depends on the prices of the salad ingredients.
*  All foods are cooked from scratch.  The only prepackaged food is the fish portions..

Tuna casserole with corn flakes on top

Lasagne big enough for three meals for the family.

Homemade hamburgers and wedges

Roast beef and veg

Meat pie  yummy !!!


  1. Hi Wendy, your menu sounds lovely. Is the recipe for saucy chicken drumsticks on Cheapskates or is it one of your own?
    Thanks Leanne (AKA Leanne68)

    1. Hi Leanne. The saucy chicken is my recipe. It's a dash of tomato and bbq sauce and one teaspoon of mustard powder mixed together. Paint over drumstcks, add salt, pepper, chives, onion flakes and garlic grules. Bake for about 50 minutes at 190c. I like to semi cook them in the frypan first then paint and bake.

  2. Your meals look amd sound lovely Wendy, thank you for sharing, i for one really appreciate all the time and effort you go to to bring us your regular posts-loving each one! I have now started a meal plan and love your idea of savinf individual portions of leftovers, and accumlating each to create an instant meal for the famly. Rosie

  3. Do you cook your wedges in oil fried or in the oven. Thanks for all your inspiration in a frugal life style.

    1. I use my Nicer Dicer to cut them. I lightly spray the wedges with olive oil and sprinkle a little sSasonel..

  4. Hi Wendy, Wow, 4 posts in one week from you, we are spoiled, love it!!!!
    I'm doing my Menu planner today and love yours as I get ideas from it.
    What boxed fish do you use?
    Thanks, Maureen

    1. Maureen, I was on a role with the posts.

      I use the Aldi boxed fish. It's a great price and flavour. I've tried other no names brands over the years and haven't been happy with them. We only have boxed fish once or twice a month.

  5. Lovely, thanks for answering that, will have to try.

  6. Have just taken 3 packages of meat from freezer. Am cooking a double portion of rice so that I will have it already cooked for fried rice tomorrow. That is as planned as I can manage this week.

  7. Hi Wendy
    Is there a recipe you particularly like to use for the lasagne and meat pie

    1. Hi Kat, I use my own recipes for the lasagne and meat pie. I promise I will post all recipes at some stage. Al in good time. I have lots of people asking for recipes of anything I mention..

  8. That's because they all look so yummy and so budget friendly,xxxx Maureen

    1. Thankyou Maureen. Yes all recipes are VERY budget friendly and are cooked / baked from my $270 a month food budget.

    2. Hi wendy,
      When you say $270 a month food budget do you put money away for shopping each week? Or do it on a pay day?

    3. Our monthly budget period is from the 16th to the 15th. I put money aside for the month ahead.. What this means is by the time the 16th comes around I have money aside for all areas of our budget

  9. Oh ok, so is that the same with bills aswell or do you pay them as they come? I have trouble paying bills and usually pay through BPay. Also do you think Costco is worth having a member ship for? I have one and just bought a 12.5kg bag of plain flour for 8.99 roughly works out to be 71c per kg. I have no clue I'm just starting out in budgeting quite tightly I usually like no name brands and I love shopping at Aldi too it's just crazy trying to find places that has the cheapest stuff. I've also just started trying to bake more then buy :) can't wait till the girls start school again!

    1. Beause we live well below our means we pay the bills as they come in.

      Automatic direct debiting each week/ fortnight / month is a great way to se aside the money for bills. Keep all your old bills for a year and add upthe amounts for each type. Add at least 105 for increases then divide by the payments you want to put aside. It could be 52 weeks, 12 months or 26 fortnights..

      Costco is not worth the membership if you know your prices and only buy the cheapest on the market. If you buy junk food and brands then you will recoup the membership cost. I buy everything no name and I buy ingredients not ready made anything.

      No name flour is 75 cents at the supermarket and Cosrco's flour in 72 cents so you'd have to buy a lot of flour to make big savings.

  10. Thanks wendy appreciate the tips!
    My mum is usually the best at finding the cheaper things I'll be moving there soon because I'm having trouble paying rent every week with 4 kids another on the way me working casually and my partner staying at home with the kids because he's just lost his job :( life can be hard at times but I am trying and lately I've been savinging quite a bit since seeing you on tv and already doing some frugal things in my life it's made it much better seeing you and getting more tips for things. I also have support workers that can aid with my needs. They are hiring and paying for a skip bin for me to throw the unwanted junk and I was just thinking about going to savers tomorrow to donate a few things :D

    1. Sorry, my typing wasn't too good on that reply. It was meant to read add 10% for bill increases.

      I'm sorry to hear about your partener's job loss. While he's looking for another,job keep him busy doing frugal things like making the laundry powder, miracle spray, baking in bulk etc. He could make his home his business until work comes his way. Hoping things improve soon.

    2. That's ok lol,

      I wish I could get him to do all of those things :(
      Usually it's me doing it all I think the only things he really does is wash dishes clean and vac the floors put the kids toys away and watch the kids while I'm in the kitchen oh and he also does the washing hanging/drying and watering and looking after the veggie garden. I think because I'm a chef I've got the advantage in the kitchen and he is definitely a total cluts when it comes to doing things in the kitchen. I hope one day though I can be free of cooking for at least a week so he can take the reins for a change. I cook at work and at home and I'm just getting a little tired of it :(


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