Wednesday 3 February 2016

You'll Fall In Love With Aldi Adelaide Workshop

 I am so excited to announce the details of this extra special workshop to be held in Adelaide.

When: Friday 12th February 2016
Where: Aldi Hallet Cove, Hallett Cove Shopping Centre, Lonsdale Road, Hallett Cove
What time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Cost: $30 per person

What makes this workshop so special?
 Well apart from Wendy and Cath, you will actually be in-store from 8:30pm!

Yes, you'll be able to shop.

Yes, there will be lots of gifts and handouts and other fun stuff for everyone who comes along.

Yes, there will be someone from Aldi there to answer your questions.

Yes, places are limited - we can only have 30 participants at this workshop.

Yes, it will be worth it. Trust me - you'll fall in love with Aldi and if you're already an Aldi fan you'll fall even more in love with Aldi before the end of the workshop!

Click here to book your place:

Remember, places are strictly capped at 30, so bookings are on a first in basis.

Hope to see you at Aldi Hallett Cove on the 12th!


  1. Great idea Wendy - we love Aldi too. It sure puts the wind up other major supermarkets.

    1. Don't they !!!!! Aldi lowers their prices then you sit back and watch the other two go into a price war. It's quite funny to watch.

  2. Could you do one in Geelong or Warrnambool soon please.

    1. I'll pass on the request to Cath. Do you have Aldi down there ?

  3. Yes it will be worth it! We adore Aldi! Mimi xxx

  4. Yes there is an aldi in Waurn Ponds and warrnambool and also Colac

  5. I have an Aldi near my home here in the U.S. and I LOVE IT. The food is good and the prices are great! Have fun and enjoy, ladies!
    Blessings, Leigh

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Great news for South Australian's. They will love Aldi's and they'll save heaps, get on board South Australian's.


  7. Aldi saves so much time, not just money. Love it.

  8. Great blog Wendy I love Aldi too You and Cathy are talking about Aldi a lot recently Do they pay you for doing so ? Thanks for a great blog. Kim

    1. Hi Kim. I can't answer for Cath but I am not being paid to talk about Aldi. If I find a product or business that saves people money then I want to tell everyone about it. I want others to have the opportunity to save like I do.

  9. I can't wait. I want to learn everything I can. Very exciting for us here!xxx

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