Saturday, 6 February 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 6th February 2016

I'm not sure where my week has gone but I did keep myself busy.  My housework is up to date,  I worked and I even found a little time for card making and a visit to a friend.  Here's what else I got up to -

*  Picked tomatoes,  beans,  raspberries and the last of the lemons for the season.

* Cooked up some tomatoes from our garden.  There was enough for two meals of spag bol sauce.  I've frozen the sauce for future use.

*  Cut up a cereal packet liner to use as go between for crumpets,  chops and hamburger patties.

*  Made a double batch of pumpkin scones for the freezer.  I used cooked,  pureed pumpkin from the freezer that was bought when pumpkin was in season and really cheap.

*  Made a double batch of raspberry and white chocolate muffins to sell to a cleaning client. I also sold two dozen eggs to this client.

*   Topped up my car with petrol when it was 98 cents a litre without a docket.  Every time the fuel gauge drops to 3/4 full,  I keep topping up.  Buying petrol this cheap is a real blessing to many people's budgets right now.

*  Gratefully received a couple of fuel discount dockets in the mail from a blog reader.  Now that we have three cars in the family and very little spent in the supermarket,  these dockets are a blessing to us.

*  Gratefully received some card making supplies from my lovely friend Leesa.  I received some stickers, embellishments,  pretty papers,  stamps and lots of other bits and pieces.

*  Made lots of female birthday cards using supplies I had on hand.  Over the next few months I'll concentrate on making some male cards.  My stocks are getting low.

*  Saved some tissue paper and gift bags from belated birthday presents Megan received.

*  Kept the evap. cooling off most of the week.  The mild weather has helped.

*  Did the usual water saving tasks ( washing machine and shower water ).

*  Ate out of the pantry and freezer.  I only spent $4 at the shops on milk this week.

*  Picked lots of lavender from our garden.  I'll be drying the bunch and using it in my next batch of soap I make.

Lavender from the garden
Pumpkin scones for snacks.
Hand made card
Tomato relish for a friend.
Card making supplies from a friend.
Tomato pasta sauce. Princess had to have a look.

What frugal tasks did you complete ?


  1. I'm full time at work and have the four kids at three different schools.
    Love your sat morning blog with my cool! Last Saturday I made Caths chocolate custard a big batch of pancakes 2 doz muffins and 1 litre of yoghurt. All those helped with the busy week I had.I even froze some rolls with toppings. Always on the look out for meals that freeze first as a friend drops my daughter back from dancing twice a week which saves my life! In return I send meals to dancing for the kids. Now as I cook I label an extra one in case I'm too busy during the week
    Have a lovely week! I'm off to bake! Cathy

    1. It's great to have homemade treats on hand. Having a stash of freezer meals is wonderful too.

  2. Love the dress card Wendy! My week was a blur also. Painting in the gaps of time is making me very busy. But it will be worth it!
    This week I hope to get some soap made!
    Looking forward to seeing you Friday! xxx

    1. I'm looking forward to your soap making post xoxo

  3. I love that dress card.
    This week I cooked three casseroles and froze 2.
    Made yoghurt. Made little quiches for lunchboxes, at teacake and a slice.
    Gratefully received some clothing from a friend. In return I gave her some card making supplies.
    Noticed the petrol which we have been buying for under $1 went up to $1.20 Friday night - luckily we've kept cars topped up.
    Continuing to meal plan and stick to the budget.
    Hubby was set to buy a new mower and I asked him to please take ours to the repair shop. We have been quoted $60 to fix, instead of $500 odd for a new one.

    1. We've been keeping our cars topped up too.

      We also need to get our lawn mower repaired too. It doesn't sound right.

  4. Wendy, that's an awesome week! The dress card is really lovely, and the scones look picture perfect! I had a great week too, mostly making gifts, and tending the roses which I'm hoping will bless me with another flush of blooms soon, so nowhere nearly as productive as you, but I'm happy. Enjoy your time in Adelaide with Annabel. Mimi xxx

    1. I hope you put lots of photos on your blog of the gifts you make.

  5. Have been truly inspired by Cath, Annabel and you, Wendy.
    Saved money at Coles and Amcal chemist buying specials, over $45 on items we use all the time. Made packed lunches, just in case we didn't get home in time(and no we didn't). Have made plum and elderbery jam, just for the cost of sugar, in pantry. Have swapped vegies for eggs, was given half a black fleece at fibre group and gone through craft cupboard and finished some items to gift. Menu plan done, although we looked after grandchildren two afternoons and stayed for dinner so those meals stayed in the freezer. Thank you all so much. Susan

    1. Lots of great frugal tasks on your list Susan. There's a big saving there on the jam making.

  6. Sorry also, hope you have a wonderful time in Adelaide. We couldn't make ends meet without Aldi.

  7. I am hoping to grow some lavender this year to use for making heating packs. I've been doing lot's of the usual things as well. My mom and I have been trading odds and ends which is a great way for us to each get things we need without shopping. Have a great week.

    1. Trading is a great way to save money too. What have you been trading ?

    2. We've been trading food or home goods. I gave her soup and she gave me pie crust. I gave her a shelf and she gave me a tea kettle. It's been very helpful to save this way.

  8. Got a heap of bread and buns for half price. Bought a second door for our lounge for $40. Walked or used the bike where possible. Made muffins and froze some. Still decluttering. Was blessed with nectarines,plums and pears from friends. So I will be stewing lots of fruit for cakes and crumbles. I will also make jam. Bought an easy yo for $5. So yoghurt will be on the menu soon. Saved water for the plants. Bought new grey water hose so I can run the washing machine water onto the plants too. So saving as much as I can. Unfortunately in country victoria we haven't been blessed with cheap fuel.

    1. Fantastic price on the Easiyo It will save you lots of money. How cheap did your petrol get to ?

  9. I love your cards! I admire it when people can make them come out so cute!

    I'm impressed with your statement "my housework is caught up." On the rare occasions that I feel that way, it's such a great feeling! Even if it lasts only a day, it's awesome. Good luck keeping it up.

    We are just sorting and packing non-essential items, getting the house ready to put on the market. I'm loving the areas we have finished--neat and tidy and ready to pack when the time comes. Today and yesterday, we burned a huge pile of debris, hauled a lot away to donate to a thrift shop, and set aside piles of things to sell. I'm glad it's Sunday tomorrow--a day of rest will be nice.

    1. A day of rest is always good. I hope you can sell lots of things Becky xoxo

  10. Hi Wendy,

    You've really nailed those dress cards :). At our card making day on 20th, I'll be showing you some super easy and lovely cards which you'll be able to make in masculine colours to increase your stash.

    Additionally, the embellishments we'll make in the morning can easily be adapated for men, so these also will help build up your supply. What a wonderful blessing from your friend with those card making supplies - I can already see a couple of things you'll be able to do with them :)

    Your pumpkin scones look so yummy - Flo would be proud of you!

    Have fun in Adelaide - I'm envious as I'd love tips from you and Cath as to how to maximise value from Aldi!

    Looking forward to crafting with you on 20th.

    Love ~ PamelaG xo

    1. Pamela, the dress cards are very popular. I've sold some and my girls love to give them to friends on their birthdays.

      Looking forward to the 20th. xoxo

  11. I didn't do much this week due to having an ear/sinus infection. But I have started using all the cleaning products that DH has bought when I have been away, the money has already been spent on them so I might as well use them.
    I hope you have a great time in Adelaide, meeting and catching up with people.
    Love the card, the scones, relish and especially the lavender.

    1. Thankyou Meg.

      I hope you are feeling better soon.

  12. Hi Wendy

    You've had a lovely week
    May I ask what type of lavender bush that is?

    This is what I got up to this week

    Frugal tasks

    Bought bulk glass jars from a glass company
    It is incredibly hard for me to collect them without much progress

    Made a batch of mango jam wool does it taste awesome!

    Made a batch of spicy tomato relish using the tomatoes picked from our garden.
    I used Wendy's recipe as a base and tweaked it from there to make it my own recipe. (Thanks wendy)

    Made some mango fruit roll ups made from pure fruit nothing else

    Picked my second pumpkin from the garden

    Pollinated some zucchini and pumpkin flowers, haven't got many bees around so I have to do their job unfortunately :(

    Gifted some tomato relish to a friend to try so she can make some and by the end of the day the jar was practically empty (that's how much her partner liked it)

    Made a massive batch of veggie soup using all the packet veggies in the freezer that were pretty much running low. Now I have heaps more room in the freezer for other things and re organising

    Made some bread crumbs and turned them into seasoned breadcrumbs

    Cooked most meals from scratch

    Did a few loads of washing and dried them on the clothes horse

    Gave a friend some microwave popcorn that I had and wasn't going to use

    Went to a friends place for a BBQ

    Continued with a little bit of crocheting

    Hope you have a lovely week next week xxxc

    1. You had a busy week Anne.

      I'll find out the name of the lavender for you. I think it's English lavender.

    2. Thanks Wendy

      I feel like I didn't do much but when I write it down Ive done quite a bit

  13. Hi Wendy

    Well finally we have had some wonderful and much needed rain and by rain I actually mean more than the 10 to 15mm we usually get, I am talking about the best rainfall we have had in the last 3 years of over 100mm in 24 hours.

    So I have

    *put the plants out in the rain for a few minutes to get a good soaking

    *put some buckets out in the rain to collect water for plants

    *gone through a stash of old magazines for some pictures for card making

    *purchased some more school items for next year at ridiculously cheap prices

    *turned the air con off for at least 12 hours

    *planted some parsley

    *as homework resumed there was no afternoon TV time

    *hung all washing on a clothes airer under the fan (too hot to go outside)

    *gone through a few of DD5's toys to put up for sale (she will inherit the money to her bank account)

    *saved $10 in $2 for this week

    *made coffee at home and not given into temptation to purchase when out except for the 1 I purchase when we go to town for the day as it a well deserved one

    *cleaned all the air con vents out to make sure they are working well

    *had to air on dry instead of cooling as this saves a lot

    Hope you have a wonderful week


    1. I'm so glad you got the much needed rain. Do you have rain water tanks ?

    2. Yes we do but as our is broken and the landlord does not want to pay to have it fixed it only goes for watering the lawn. The pump threw all our power about 6 months after we moved in but they have not had it fixed and we have been here for a little over 2 years. We do not have water meters (well they come in to effect in July) but it is a massive lot of water before we have to pay.

      Princess looked ready to eat those delicious pasta sauces


  14. Our petrol doesn't change all week. $1.22 per litre

  15. Hi Wendy,

    Much better week this week as my Mum's on the mend.

    You've been very blessed to have a wonderful friend give you those card supplies and your pumpkin scones, look divine, Yum!!!

    I've been busy in the garden picking Tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, zucchini and strawberries. I didn't have to water much during the week with all the rain and the tanks are full so I used this for the washing. I didn't even have to use the heating or cooling this week. As I had so much water in the tanks, I washed lots of the blankets and other wooly things. I also feed the compost lots.

    I Mooed Zucchini slice, Bickies, cupcakes, Bread, Hot chocolate drink mix, seasoned breadcrumbs and a roast chook which I used for three meals. I stretched the milk by adding milk powder to tied me over till the next day.

    Only spent $16.00 on Milk etc this week, filled up on cheap petrol, kept two cereal boxes for my price book, Menu planned for the month and refilled my dishwashing liquid bottle and watered it down. Blessed to received 5 loaves of bread and some donuts.

    I did lots of card making this week which I find very relaxing.

    Good luck in Adelaide this week and give Princess a big pampering pat for me, xxx



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