Monday, 1 February 2016

2016 Goals

As I mentioned last week, a new year means new goals and a new budget.  It's time to start afresh.  Have you had the chance to think about what you'd like to achieve this year ?

Here are my goals for this year -

*  Learn how to crochet.  If I can't find anyone to teach me,  I'll be looking up youtube.  I'd like to be able to crochet beautiful edges around face washers,  towels and tea towels etc.  Annabel's beautiful handiwork has really inspired me to learn.

*  I'd like to give more handmade presents.  If I learn to crochet,  this will help me achieve the goal.

*  To grow more veggies in succession.  For example,  to plant more lettuce seeds while I'm still picking from the plants in the veggie patch.

*  To find ways of increasing my income.  This year will see me losing most of my cleaning jobs.  Although I don't want to be cleaning for too much longer due to wear and tear on my body, I do like contributing the the household income.  Increasing my income might come through selling some of my crafts,  public speaking,  holding workshops or speaking at workshops.  I might even set up a shop  here on the blog.

*  Finish writing my book.  This is a big one but I will have more spare time this year.  No excuses !!

*  Set up some exciting new challenges for you to participate in.  Maybe even hold a Christmas present exchange later in the year.

* Continue to find ways to trim the family budget,  yet still live well.  I might need to do more research on frugal living.  There's always more to learn.

Making more
Growing more
Cooking more

What goals would you like to achieve this year ?


  1. Hello Wendy,
    my goals for 2016 are : to learn to crochet , I have wanted to learn for awhile so I will be asking around if anyone can teach me or watching more YouTube videos.

    to spend more time with my nieces
    Also I would like to bake more and will be looking for more quick and easy recipes to make because of my limited mobility.
    To make most of my gifts this year , I have made a good start with cards and have some more ideas too, I am also taking part in Annabels Christmas challenge.

    And finally my goal of doing more things that make me happy, such as taking 5 minutes to colour in , writing poems , which I love doing and finding other ways to occupy my time. Part of this is socialising more but within my budget.
    Thank you for this post Wendy, hopefully it will be a great year!. Love Barb.

  2. What about a nightfill or checkout job? Its in aircon, pretty regular work and after probation you get a staff discount card which will help reducing costs and you get information on sales 2 weeks in advance

  3. Hi Wendy you are such an inspiration !!!! I clean houses as well to supplement our income and also find as well that my joint s are wearing out fast grrrr to osteoarthritis .... Lol maybe I will need to looking at doing something else to bring in a few dollars and also look at ways to keep the budget under control . Look forward to the exciting new things you will be offering this year . Have a great week Wendy .

    1. Yes cleaning pays well but it's not a forever job.

  4. Wendy, Annabel inspired me to learn how to crochet too and I'm in the process of teaching myself using Youtube videos. The towels look beautiful! I'm fine tuning my goals for 2016, by this time of January I've pretty much sorted through all the things I would like to accomplish in the new year and decided on those that I can realistically expect to complete.

    1. I think Annabel has inspired a few people to learn.

  5. Hi Wendy

    Some interesting goals you have there. I hope you get to achieve them all. That would be a wonderful accomplishment

    My goals are:

    *to find some time to myself

    *to have a holiday a little further up from where we are and not go home on holidays (yes a little selfish but we always go home)

    *to try a new recipe if not weekly then at least monthly

    *to do more crafts

    *to help my daughter flourish in everyway possible

    *to save my $2 coins in my bottle each week and leave until the end of the year

    You mentioned about selling some of your items and I think that would be a wonderful idea to boost your families income. There are so many ways in which you can do this such as markets, school fetes and yes a shop on here. Oh so many opportunities and exciting as well. I would love to see workshops in our area but sadly that is a little too far away. There are a lot of struggling families where we are and I tell as many people as I can about here, Annabel's blog and Kath's also as I know they have all helped me

    Best of luck in fulfilling your goals

    Aly xxx

  6. Great goals there Wendy. I used to do cleaning for a living at one point, but at the time was working 3 jobs and it became too much for me. Sorry your cleaning work is coming to an end. My goals for the year are:

    -To pay off as much of our mortgage as possible and be closer to being debt free. This will mean another review of our budget.

    -Do more sewing and make mostly homemade gifts using items I already have.

    -Make time for self care and volunteering.

    -Build a solar oven and another raised pallet garden bed to grow more vegies.

    -Stress less-Life is too short

    1. That's a well balanced list Mel. Could I add - more craft photos on your blog ? I love photos.

    2. For sure! I managed to get ahead with several posts over the holidays. I'll be sure to add more craft :)

  7. Maybe its Gods plan to guide you in a new direction. Looking forward to your book Wendy. Lisa xo

    1. Yes I'm certain it's God's plan for a new direction.

  8. Dear Wendy. Yes, growing the veges in succession is trickier than it sounds. Well, not, but hard unless you're prepared to give it a lot of time and energy. But if anyone can do it you can! Looking forward to the book! Mimi xxx

    1. Lettuce is a hard one as it goes to seed so quickly.

  9. There are a few good tutorials online for crochet edge pillow cases. They look easy enough and would make great gifts as well.

  10. Hi Wendy
    Im reworking our budget to at the moment as today is officially my first day at my new permanent part time job so at least now i'll know what money i'll have to work with. I'm also teaching myself how to crochet with youtube ( wonderful place) and ive just finished 2 dishclothes that i love, as well as a couple of other things, im loving it :)
    Im looking forward to reading your book so hopefully you can get it finished this year, thats an awesome goal xo

    1. Karen , it's a new beginning for you. Hope it all goes well with the food shop xoxo

  11. You have some fantastic goals, Wendy! How exciting that you plan to finish your book this year!

    My goals for 2016 are:
    1. To finish our home renovations.
    2. To get my home-educated daughter through 5 more dual-enrollment classes. Those 15 additional semester hours plus the 3 she already has would mean she will have finished the first half of her freshman year of university while still in high school. This is my goal as well as hers since I have to handle the logistics, paperwork, coaching, and costs associated with her dual enrollment.
    3. Make more homemade gifts.
    4. Find a new ministry opportunity. I'm already very involved at church but find unique joy in doing community work.

    Blessings, Leigh

    1. Wow, some big goals there. Bet you'll feel happy to achieve them.

    2. Thank you, I will. The dual-enrollment thing probably sounds a little crazy but I'm grateful my daughter has the opportunity to participate. It'll be a less expensive way for her to complete some of her university studies.

  12. Hi Wendy, can't wait to see all the exciting things you have install for us this year, especially your book. Can you please tell me what site you go to for Annabels lovely crochet that you mentioned.

    1. Kathleen, if you click on the link to her blog on the side of this page it will take you to Annabel's blog. She should have a craft section. Please click on that.

  13. Wendy I imagine that you would be a very popular public speaker, and that many people would really value a book written by you. You are a wealth of knowledge, and very practical advice.

    I have learnt to crochet recently from you tube tutorials by Bella Coco, I find her really easy to follow. I think she has some edging tutorials as well, I'm not up to that bit yet!

    1. Thankyou Jen. I've spoken at a church group, a school group and also a few times with Cath from The Cheapskates Club. I love seeing the light bulb switch on it peoples hearts and minds. It's truly rewarding.

      I've heard Bella coco is good. Just need to buy a crochet hook now.

  14. Hi Wendy, forgot to add this to my post this morning
    One of my major goals this year is to be more structured and organised so to have time to make a few presents. I can tell you that all of January I tried so hard even writing a schedule and I just seem to run out of hours. You seem to fairly structured and organised so would their be any chance you could put up a schedule of your week please and how you fit everything in.

    1. Yes I'll be doing a post on that in about 4 - 6 weeks.

  15. I am getting better and better at succession planting. What I do is stagger my plantings of green beans so I can keep canning in batches--it takes a while to can them and I don't want to can 100 jars at the same time!!! They take 8 weeks (I grow Venture Blue=Lake type from Territorial Seed company). I have a raised bed section in my garden and a part that is tilled. They go in the tilled part mostly. I plant the raised beds early when it's too wet to get into the tilled part and plant cool-weather crops, such as spinach, boc choi, etc. I also use them for plants that will go into the fall and winter so the big part can be tilled up when it's not too wet. I try to plant new lettuce all summer. Sometimes it bolts and I have a gap in my harvest, but usually I get it for several months. I have a few other things that I try to keep going in succession. It's a fun challenge! Good luck with your succession planting.

    1. Lettuce is my problem veggie. As you said, it bolts too quickly.

  16. Hi Wendy,i too are looking forward to growing a lot more veggies, will have heaps more space to do this in the new house,i also want to learn how to use a sewing machine i can hand sew and thatis what i have been doing at least till i can learn how to use my mini sewing machine,if you decide to set up shop on here, i will be one of your customers from time to time :)

  17. Hi Wendy, my main goal this year is to really stick to my budget, usually I spend a little here and there usually at the op shop it adds up to a lot over time. I work 7 hours a week in a school canteen gives us a bit extra money and gets me out of the house, it's nice work, maybe a school near you Wendy has some hours available. Sharlene

  18. Dear Wendy, My goals are to start soap making again after being away from it for many years, to paint most of our house inside and out plus the front fence.... this is a pretty big project and I can only do it by taking on a bit at a time! Also to make my presents and learn new crochet patterns.
    I would like to build up my pantry more too and look after my health.
    If I get all this done I will be happy. Otherwise I just want a happy and producitve year helping my family.
    Hopefully finishing your book will also give you an income so thise two go together well. I like the idea of an online shop!
    In January I got a reasonable start on my goals somnow to make sure I make progress in February. Good luck with all of yours! With love,

  19. I love the sound of your book Wendy!
    My goals are to stick with the grocery budget which I know I can achieve by meal planning.
    Make school/work lunches the night before.
    Start making Christmas gifts earlier than December!
    Continue decluttering and selling/donating items from around the house.
    Perhaps purchase a freezer so I can double up on casseroles, baking.

  20. My goals are
    To pay some more off our mortgage and to rebuild our emergency fund.
    To save even though I am dropping hours from my nursing job by choice.
    To be with my family more
    To do more home Maintenance and declutter the house.
    Plant more and cook more
    To be more organized and to get fit
    To go back to uni at 52 years old and do some post graduate studies.
    Please come and do a rural library tour as so many of us would come to see you

  21. Hi Wendy,

    This years major goal is to try harder with getting transferred into a new house. I have written a letter to the local mp and she tried to help by pushing it along but it didn't work so now I have the help of a family worker who has now pushed it further if that doesn't go then will take it even further. This house is not suitable. Your jaw will drop if you see it :(

    Try to budget more at the moment Ive started to pay bills as they come rather then put money on them every week. I've been putting a lot more money away and acting as if it never existed

    Start teaching Elisha to drink from a bottle so I can go out with out her.

    Get back into work one day a week provided Elisha starts on the bottle

    Stuart is getting back into work he can't wait and I am so happy for him. Finally :D

    Continue to challenge my self with amigurumi stuffed toys it's taken me ages to try and finish one because Elisha doesn't give me a break during the day once I finish this will become apart of Elisha's first birthday present.

    Continue with annabels Christmas challenge

    Get into the kitchen a little more

    Clean a little more

    Continue to work on de cluttering and possibly start selling and giving away the things I don't need

    Continue to save for a house and bigger car

    Work on Ruby's behavioural issues

    After the decluttering is sorted possibly start getting back into my candle making and other things

    Think that's all for my goals

    YouTube tutorials are great for crocheting I usually have a crochet group every Wednesday of the school holidays or I just watch YouTube myself
    I can't wait to see your book! I'm so excited
    I'm looking forward to your achieved goals


  22. Hi Wendy,

    I love your idea of an online shop and Christmas present exchange.
    My goals for 2016 are varied.
    I have financial goals which I'm working on through the Cheapskates revolution challenge.

    Others include like you learning to Crochet, keeping my garden producing all year round, making gifts rather than buying and buying chickens as DH has nearly finished building the chicken pen.

    I would also like to get on to making your soap, crumpets and more things from scratch.

    Can't wait for your book, xxx
    Thanks for this post, it's great encouragement to start the year.


  23. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks again for a lovely post. I am enjoying your blog very much it gives me inspiration to continue.

    My goals for 2016 are to simplify my life more. I am going through all our possessions and those that are saleable we put on e-bay. The money that goes towards our emergency fund and then the mortgage.Otherwise looking to donate charity or pass on things to those who need them.

    Dealing with the clutter in our house particularly the paper clutter...Grr!!

    Continuing to set financial goals for our family I am part of the Cheapskate Revolution but I am not much of a blogger in that realm but I am assessing each week the lessons and applying them to my life.

    We made you potato cakes the other night to go with our homemade lamb rissoles. They were a hit the family loved them, they are considered a do over.

    Thanks again for your insight and encouragement


  24. Hi Wendy,
    I have been thinking about your work situation, for some reason. Is there any chance you could perhaps get onto an agent (I am guessing that would be the way to go about it?) & put forward the idea to some TV shows of a regular segment or even a show on a regular basis? I always think that the segments on ACA don't really go into enough detail because of time constraints - there is so much to learn! My mother was a wonderful homemaker but until I decreased my working hours in 2014, I was absolutely hopeless! I had a high income & wasted money left, right & centre. A friend's early death & work stress pushed me to make change my lifestyle & I finally started to learn how to manage a household (my kids are grown & flown)& then found Cheapskates & your blog. To my great shame, I have not passed on any homemaking skills to my kids & I am sure there are so many others out there who also need help, especially those who are just moving out of home or starting a family. Or perhaps run a weekly course for young people/young mothers?
    Hope this is a thought starter for you ......... Cheers, Lorraine

    1. There is talk of a tv show of some sort in the future. I agree with you about tv segments. You are left feeling that there is more to the story ( on the cutting room floor ).

      Yes I've thought about a course too. I'm trying to put these ideas out there in the hope that someone needs me to do these things. It might be worth looking into getting an agent. I think they cost a fair bit but I will look into it.

      Thankyou Lorraine.

  25. A good place to start your courses or speaking forums is to see the service clubs or church youth groups. Then once you have a feel for them try and see if your local neighborhood houses may employ you to run short courses for disadvantaged people etc. The skills you have could mean someone who is trapped in generational poverty or situational poverty just may be able to get ahead. Some of my clients just don't have the skills because they never had good role models.
    I am now teaching my children so that hopefully they will be wiser than I was. I am only now getting myself where I need to be because even though my Mum managed the finances well she never really taught me the tricks or strategies I needed.


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