Thursday, 16 March 2017

Great Smelling Clothes

I'm sure you've all heard of drawer liners.  You know,  those pretty fragranced papers that come in a box.  They are placed in the bottom of drawers to help your clothes smell nice.

I haven't found many drawer liners that I like.  They all seem to smell the same - musty and the scent doesn't last long either.

About a year ago I was opening some Dove soaps to use in both our bathrooms.  I love the smell of Dove soap,  especially the pink one.  After I put the soaps away I was looking at the empty boxes and trying to figure out if I could use them for something else. That's when I discovered the boxes have a beautiful fragrance too.

So I cut the Dove soap boxes until they lay flat.  Then I placed them between my jumpers and tshirts in the drawers.  A couple of days later I pulled an item of clothing out to put on and it smelled lovely.

The Dove soap boxes kept my clothes smelling lovely for about 4 - 5 months.  All for free.

So the next time you open a Dove soap box ( or any soap for that matter ),  pop it in your drawers.


  1. Wendy,
    My Grandparents went through the depression and WWII, she always had a bar of soap in each of her dresser drawers, making the clothes fragrant and when supplies were low, the 'extra' bars came in very handy.
    I love the extra idea of using the box itself. Smart idea there!!

  2. Wendy one of my Great Aunts always stored her pretty soaps in her dressing table drawers. In her days as a young woman, milled soap was a precious commodity and lye soap was the general everyday soap used. Aunty loved French Milled Soap and always smelled either of lavender or roses.

  3. Thank you! I love and use dove soap and have been searching for something to replace the lavender sachets I have used. The lavender smell goes away too quickly....this is a perfect solution!

  4. Wendy what an awesome idea! Thankyou xxx


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