Monday, 20 March 2017

My Menu Plan March 16 - April 15th 2017

After posting my shopping list for the month,  I've been asked to post the menu plan to go with it.

Here's what we'll be eating for the month -

Thur 16th -  Spag bol

Fri  17th -  Meat pie with steamed veg

Sat  18th  -  Mexican rice ( Megan made this )

Sun  19th  -  Chicken Burritos.  Burritos were given to us

Mon  20th  - Sausages,  mash and steamed veg

Tues  21st  -  Lamb chops,  mash and steamed veg

Wed  22nd  -  Freezer meals ( frozen leftovers )

Thur  23rd  -  Honey mustard chicken with rice

Fri  24th  -   Fish in foil with a green leafy salad

Sat  25th  -  Shepherds pie

Sun  26th  -  Pizza

Mon  27th  -  Lemon chicken drumsticks with rice and steamed veg

Tues  28th  -  Beef tacos.  The taco shells are store bought

Wed  29th  - Roast chicken pieces,  gravy,  mash and steamed veg

Thur  30th  -  Roast lamb,  roast veg and steamed veg

Fri  31st  -  Chunky chicken soup with toast or bread stick

Sat  1st  -  Tuna casserole with steamed veg

Sun  2nd  -  Freezer meals / toasted sandwiches

Mon  3rd  -  Sausage casserole with mash

Tues  4th  -  Chicken flan with salad

Wed  5th  -  Rissoles and salad

Thur  6th  -  Lasagne with steamed veg

Fri  7th  -  Fish in foil with salad

Sat  8th  -  Krispy fried chicken drumsticks with mash and steamed veg

Sun  9th  -  Get your own

Mon  10th  -  Chop suey with rice

Tues  11th  -  Slow cooked lamb with mash and steamed greens.

Wed  12th  -  Salmon patties with salad

Thur  13th  -  Fried rice

Fri  14th  -  Hamburgers with wedges.  The rolls are store bought and need using up.

Sat  15th  -  Tuna pasta bake with steamed greens.


*  I might swap meals around depending on the day and weather

*  All meals are made from scratch unless otherwise stated

*  Some of the meals have already been made and frozen

*  The roast chicken came from Coles on clearance.  Darren cut each chicken into 6 pieces.

*  The sides might be changed depending on what we are picking from the garden,  the weather or what needs using up.

*  Get your own is an easy meal night when everyone gets there own whatever.  This is the family's chance to cook for me ( my night off ).

*  We lost a freezer full of food almost two months ago.  Due to this,  our meat options are limited.

*  This menu is based around the girls being at work and Uni or not always being at home   Wednesday and Fridays are diet days for one family member so calories are limited for them.  They will have a healthier option of the same meal.

*  All the meals are based on what I've bought on my monthly shopping day,  our stockpile,  our garden and weekly top ups of milk,  fruit and veg.

Roast dinner

Fish in foil

Meat pie

Honey mustard chicken

Leafy salad


  1. Cool thanks for the plan. I have one vegetarian in our family which is making meal planning a little bit challenging at times. I can plan for three of us but I also need to plan for my daughter, especially when we are having Honey Mustard Chicken etc.

    1. You might need to get your daughter involved in menu planning. She could research recipes too.

  2. thanks Wendy,
    trying your honey mustard chicken this week!

  3. Yum Wendy! Everything looks so good.

  4. Interesting seeing other's meal plans. I am still experimenting with meals as DH has an unusual medical problem, that has recently been diagnosed, and diet changes will help. I like the "get your own" option, ours was "scratch tea night" when you scratched around the fridge, cupboard, freezer and made it into a meal :).

  5. Hi Wendy,do you do meal planning for breakfast and lunch?

    1. No, we eat the same sort of things each day. Toast, cereal, porridge, toasted sandwiches, eggs on toast, soup etc etc. Things we always have on hand.


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