Thursday, 11 May 2017

Another 10 Ways To Save Money This Week

Finding extra money in your budget can be a little challenging.  Here are some ideas for you to try.  Some might not be your cup of tea but could jog your memory for a slightly different idea.

*  Take your kids to the park instead of a play centre.  Save even more money by bringing snacks from home.

*  Need a quick,  easy and cheap present ? Then take a photo of the family,  a flower in the garden or a sunset.  Photo frames can be cheap to buy.  Try shopping from a $2 shop or your local op shop.

*  Declutter an area of your home and sell unwanted items on Ebay or your local Buy,  Swap and Sell Facebook groups.

* Going food shopping ?  Then make sure you take a list and stick to it.  Save even further by editing your list before you go.

* Implement the " 2 light " rule in your home.  It makes you more aware of your electricity usage.  Of course there are exceptions when people are studying etc.  Ask the kids to come out of their rooms to join you in the lounge / family room.

*  Borrow a magazine from the library instead of buying them.  Libraries have a large assortment of magazine to choose from.  Be aware that latest editions cannot be borrowed and must be read at the library.

*  Drink water,  drink lots of it.  It's far cheaper than coffee,  soft drink,  alcohol or store / café bought anything.  Your body will thank you for it and so will your wallet.

*  Wash your hands with soap after using the ' little room ",  after coming home from shopping or after dealing with raw meat.  There's nothing wrong with being in contact with germs,  but they can cause illness.  I remember seeing a story on tv about a ship that asked its crew to wash their hands often during their daily routine.  Gastro cases dropped by 70% during this trial period.. Washing your hands could reduce your medical bills too.

* Keep an ideas notebook with you.  When you see or hear a money saving idea,  craft,  recipe or blog,  make a note so you'll remember what it was.

*  Drive your car smoothly.  Reading the traffic conditions ahead and being aware of your surroundings can reduce your fuel consumption.  Hands up those who've had cars fly past them only to stop at the lights next to you ? . 


  1. Thanks for the ideas and reminders Wendy, seems to be more going out than coming in at the moment - specialist medical appointments are the biggest culprit but thankfully nothing serious. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Great ideas Wendy. The beach with buckets and spades is a great place to go to entertain small people. We often fill a thermos and take the paper down to the beach front. We drink our coffee and read the paper, sitting at a picnic table watching the world go by. Very cheap entertainment. When I see something that I really like and think 'I could make that', I take a photo on my phone. I write ideas in the memo app. I also pick up DVD's at the Library. I often get a series and watch this over a period of days. I noticed there were lots of little people DVD's when I was there last week. Our local Library has story reading and craft activities for little people as well. Neighbourhood Centres are often meeting places for groups. Often the cost of going to these is to take a plate of food to share. The money I am saving for a new kitchen is increasing. It's a slow process but it is one that needs to be plugged away at. I do have a goal and I will achieve it.

  3. Great ideas Wendy and I'm currently in bed with food poisoning after eating dodgy leftovers and couldn't agree more with your hygiene tip! Staying well is so important for productivity. Thanks, Christina

  4. Great frugal tips! Thanks Wendy :)

  5. Hi Wendy,

    In the mornings we make sure anyone having toast uses the toaster at the same time as our toaster fits 4 slices, trying to save power. Using the Themos after the kettle boils and when DS2 has a boiled egg for breakfast, I do an extra one for my sandwich for lunch then.
    These are savings just at breakfast time.


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