Wednesday 19 December 2018

7 Quick Kris Kringle Gifts

Has a family member come home with a Kris Kringle request out of the blue ?  Gotta love a surprise just before Christmas don't you ?  Here are a few simple yet wonderful gifts to give without looking like it's a last minute gift -

*  A jar of mixed nuts in their shells.  We all have a clean Moccona coffee jar lurking in a cupboard.   Dig it out,  fill and decorated with a printed sticker.  Maybe use one of those black chalkboard stickers as a label.

*  Fill a jar with homemade biscuits.  Tie a ribbon on with a handmade gift tag.If the present is for a male,  tie a tartan ribbon for a more masculine look   This sort of gift would retail for about $20 in the stores.

*  Wrap a box of Dove soap with pretty wrapping / craft paper and tie with a luxurious ribbon.  If you have a glittery brooch or hairpin,  attach to the ribbon or thread it on.

*  Here's my go to Kris Kringle present - A gift bag with a handmade soap,  a jar of homemade jam and a cute note pad or decorated face washer.

*  Re gift an unwanted present.  I know this is a delicate subject but sometimes we can't use what is given to us.  If it would be more suitable as a Kris Kringle gift ,  it's better to re gift than to not use it at all.

*  Looking for a men's present ?  My go to present is a gift bag with Lynx shower gel and Lynx deodorant.  I always have these on hand in the present cupboard and only ever buy on a half price sale.

*  A block of chocolate is always a winner.  Team it up with a jar of homemade hot chocolate drink mix,  add a cute spoon and perhaps a novelty mug.    

Homemade jam nicely decorated

Handmade soaps

A box of Dove Soap Annabel ( The Bluebirds Are Nesting blog ) sent me a few years ago

Soaps my girls wrapped in tissue paper and decorated.

What are your easy Kris Kringle present ideas ?


  1. I have a Wilton mini-loaf pan that bakes 18 little loaves at a time in my oven! I got it two years ago when I had a half price coupon so it was about $17 ! I love using it when I want to give a little take home favor from an event or for last minute gifts! I found that a recipe that makes 1 normal loaf of banana bread can be doubled and will provide just the right amount of batter to fill the 18 spaces in the pan!

    I just made 3 dozen (2 batches) of butterscotch banana bread in about an hour’s time! I bag them up individually and then put several into gallon size ziploc bags and put them in the freezer! That way I can take out a gallon ziploc and have it out each week in case I need a quick gift! Easy, economical and makes people think that I really worked hard!! Lol!

    1. Love this idea Pat. I have silicon mini loaf pans that I'm going to make choc brownies in. I've tried it with the whole orange cake recipe.

  2. Here is an easy idea for quick, yummy gifts. When I find foil mini loaf pans for a good price I buy several. Then if any unexpected gift requests come in I make this easy fudge recipe-( ). It fills three mini loaf pans.Because this is simple and quick to make I try to keep the ingredients on hand especially during Christmas time. My husband gets requests for this from his office members every year. I made fifteen pans of fudge for them last week. It freezes well for up to a month.
    -Kathryn from Washington State USA

  3. This year I am doing homemade gifts. I have been told by some family members that they do not want homemade gifts. I have made strawberry jam, tomato relish and biscuits. I did want to embroider little bags and fill them with handy items but I am waiting for hand surgery so that option is for next year.

  4. I keep several hand-crocheted "ski" type hats all the time. For Christmas this year, I am giving the two guys I work with each one, and put a large candy bar, and a lottery ticket inside, and for a little added thing, I put 4 each candy canes that were left over, and I would eat the, with the "hook" facing outward. Merry Christmas all!


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