Wednesday 5 December 2018

November 2018 ' Use It Up ' Challenge Update

With November coming to an end last week,  so too did our ' Use It Up ' challenge.  I don't think I used up everything on my original post at the start of November but I'm pretty pleased with my effort.   Here's my list of achievements -

*  Used scraps of material to decorated jars of jam I sell or give as presents.  I also cut out extra circles ready for my next batch of jam making.

*  Use a shower moisturiser sample tube.  I even cut the tube in half to get another 4 portions out.  Darren used a travel sized conditioner and shower gel.

*  We ditched the foaming hand soap in the ensuite  ( for now )  and used up two bars of soap I had sitting in the cupboard.

*  Decorated a few more department store gift bags with scraps of decorated paper / cardstock.

*  This year I'm using 8 gift bags from my stash and lots of tissue paper for Christmas present giving.  I'll be on a mission next year to use more gift bags.   They seem to multiply faster than I can use them.

*  Used scraps of card making paper to make lots of gift tags for future use.

*  Made a conscious effort to use quite a few tea light candles and my soy melt burner to have a lovely fragrance in my home.  Just like the gift bags,  I'm sure the tea lights multiply in my home.  During November I used approximately 9 or 10 tea lights.

Pretty hats for the homemade jam.

How did you go with the ' Use It Up ' challenge ?

Did you achieve any of your goals ?


  1. I am endeavouring to reduce the amount of stuff in the house. Have reached a point where I am feeling satisfaction to see something used and used well. Our food waste has dropped. I have used metres of fabric to make pillow cases for gifts. I have returned recycling and used the vouchers towards a shop. Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. Dear Wendy, You have done well with the use it up challenge, thank you for the inspiration.
    In November I bought no clothes , nothing .i didn’t even buy the tank tops I was going to buy and I resisted the clothing stores Black Friday sales and other sales.i was tempted but then I remembered the tops I had and the winter top ( a blouse) I bought and haven’t worn , it can be cut off at the sleeves and made into a summer top.
    I used quite a bit from my freezer, a meal that was in there ( homemade) , it was used on a night when I was not up to cooking .i also used up ice cream, chicken tenders which I do not often buy and some frozen berries among other things.
    I used card making supplies I was given , I gave some to a local organisation I donate to and giving some to friends and some to my nieces and will keep some.i have used gift tags I was given to make Christmas cards , I need to finish them off..I have also been using paper and card stock from my craft supplies to make cards.
    I have used up a tube of toothpaste and a bottle of hand wash refill that had just been sitting in the bathroom.
    I have had a good month for using things up and I think I will continue this until the new year .
    Thank you again Wendy .love Barb W.

  3. Great job!!!

    I've started digging through the freezers and working my way through there. I used up the end of a bag of peas last night and FINALLY finished off this (seriously) old bag of frozen okra last week. It still tasted good in the soup I put it in, thankfully; I'm just glad it's out of my freezer and I can stop thinking about it! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. Hi Wendy,

    You did very well to use up what you had, every little bit counts.
    I used up lots of shampoo samples I received from hotels whilst in the USA by pouring them into my big shampoo bottle and adding a some water. With the same conditioner bottles, I watered these down a lot to make hair detangler. Body wash and soap I haven't used yet. Salt and pepper sachets were poured into shakers as was the sugar and sauce. Cocoa, Coffee creamers, coffee and Tea were all used up. Still using up sachets of Peanut butter and jams.
    Used up some older pantry items, used up most freezer items, older Vitamins and cut opened an old toothpaste tube.
    Didn't make any cards or use up any material, work in progress. Used up lots of the tank water, gift bags, seeds and older makeup.
    I found myself always questioning when I would see something on sale or going to open something new, could I use an older one first etc...
    Great challenge!!!!
    I'm keeping it going...…
    Thanks, Maureen xxx


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