Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Christmas Season Savings

During the month of December money can be tight in most households.  To reign in the spending and to feel like you have some control over the family budget,  try some of these free ideas / activities -

*  Take the kids to see Santa at you local shopping Centre.  No need to pay for the photo opportunity.  Just whip out your phone and take a cheeky snap while the kids are talking to Santa.

*  Start eating some meals out of the freezer.  You know your life is busier during December so lighten your meal time stress.  While you are at it,  you'll be making room in your freezer for Christmas Day leftovers or veggie garden produce.

*  Have a go at making Christmas bon bons from wrapping paper tubes,  scraps of wrapping paper,  ribbon and a few little trinkets you have cluttering up the present cupboard.  Maybe throw in a Coles Little Shop collectable for a giggle.

*  Decorate a few department store bags to use for present giving.  A scrap of wrapping paper over the store name can give the bag an instant lift.

*  On Christmas Day,  save all gift bags,  decent looking wrapping paper ( not the stuff that's been crumpled up ),  Christmas cards and ribbon.  These can all be recycled for next year.  The cards can be cut up to make gift tags.  Wrapping paper can be used to wrap more presents or to line a gift box.

*  Only go to the Boxing Day sales if you really need something and you know it will be on sale.  Go with a plan and go with cash.  Otherwise the temptation is too great to buy stuff.  Have a look at this article I wrote about my Boxing Day Shopping.

*  When someone suggests a Christmas party / breakup function,  look at going to a park with a plate of food instead of a restaurant.

*  Needing to take a plate of food to a gathering ?  Raid your pantry for that packet of biscuits,  lollies or chips you've been hiding ( or saving ).  When time is short,  it doesn't have to be homemade.

*  Make sure you save food leftovers and consume or freeze within two days.


Elegant food platter for Christmas Eve.  We had everything on hand.

Simple platter

Easy gift bag decorating.

How do you save money at Christmas ?


  1. Great tips! Thank you Wendy.

    Love your platters :)


    1. Thankyou Tania. I'm loving platter meals or snacks. So much to choose from.

  2. Dear Wendy,
    I like the way you make over the department store bags. A note about the tissue paper: you can iron it on a low heat setting to get the wrinkles out. I saved all of my tissue paper from my baby shower, and while some made a few jokes, I still have tissue paper that looks good as new!
    Love, Kelsey

    1. Good on you for saving the tissue paper Kelsey. Let your friends giggle away. You're the one saving money.

  3. Today was probably my most expensive day of the year. My daughter graduated with her Masters of Education today. We bought a lovely bouquet at a supermarket and made her some little gifts. I resisted the temptation to buy bears, tassels and fancy degree plaques. Food and drink was bought but we bought sharing platters and instead of a meal at restaurant the young ones have gone home to pizza with the special friends. Since another friend received his Masters yesterday there is a shared party on Saturday night.

    This year I am paying for a total of three gifts. Other gifts are made at home or bought from gift cards etc. I am on pension and if I am not frugal life sway too difficult.

    1. I think you did quite well considering the circumstances.


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