Wednesday 21 October 2020

5 Ways To De Stress

2020 has bought great stress to many households.  Whether it be sickness,  job losses,  isolation,  money worries or a myriad of other situations,  we have all felt stress at some point.

I don't usually stress about things but even I could feel it creeping into my soul,  affecting the way I viewed life and the situation the world is dealing with.

I made a conscience effort to face each day with new hope and joy no matter what my family was dealing with.  Here are some coping strategies I've used to get through the last 8 - 9 months. I really hope they help you get through each new day.

*  Grow something.  There's nothing like seeing new life form in the garden.  The threat of food shortages has encouraged us to grow even more vegetables and this has given us a new activity to fill our days.  After breakfast Darren and I go outside to see if any seeds have popped up out of the ground.  We do the rounds of our backyard to pick garden produce,  to water,  feed and weed.  It's given us a real sense of purpose and control over our food security.  Doing something in our garden is better than worrying about what is missing on the supermarket shelf.

*  We sit outside and watch the sky.  I've always loved to watch the sky and with more time on our hands we like to watch the different cloud formations.  Taking the time to be still and enjoy the beautiful creation around us has calmed our souls.  We've also watched many sunsets this year.  There are no two sunsets the same so each night brings a new show.

*  Keeping in contact with family and friends.  We have Facetimed my parents quite a few times since my brother set it up for Mum and Dad a few months ago.  I've taken them on a tour of our home to view my new craft room,  the happenings in the garden and Darren's painting skills.  My card making group hasn't met in person since April so we've created a room on Facebook through Messenger.  Every few weeks we craft together online and chat away.

*  Going for a walk.  Darren loves to do this with Luka and they do laps of our estate waving to the neighbours as they go by.   With so many people staying at home there are a lot more people outside washing cars and tending their garden.  People are happy to say hello knowing everyone is in the same situation.

*  Interacting with our cat Princess.  She's really enjoying the extra attention and makes her presence known especially when we are outside having a cuppa.   Princess follows me around the garden ' helping ' where she can.  If you don't have a pet to enjoy,  sit outside and watch the birds going about their day.  Maybe you could take the time to watch a bee collecting pollen ( at a safe distance ) or watch ants collecting food.  Whatever you can do to take your mind off the current situation.   


How have you de stressed during this year ?


  1. I also found that working outside in our vegetable and flower gardens was good for destressing. I feel that keeping busy is the key. If you are busy doing things you don't have time to think about the stressful things.

  2. I deactivated my Facebook account for over 3 weeks. That helped me a great deal. Then, when I got back on, I only viewed uplifting posts. I hid the rest.

    There is an app on my phone called Digital Wellbeing. I installed it and check on how much time I gave spent online each day. And where. Some online places don't bother me as much as others.

    I have been reading about how people coped well during the Great Depression and World War II. Their stories give me coping skills and hope that our circumstances don't dictate our attitude.

    I make a point to pay attention to people talking to me, without doing other things.


    Spend time outside.

    Write a gratitude journal daily.

    I find I have really had to ramp up these things to keep in a positive, blessed and blessings mindset.

  3. For the past month I've been doing a weekly thankful list. It has really helped focus me on what is good and kind. We also are trying to make each other laugh which is a great stress reducer.

  4. As my mother's carer I search hard for some quiet times to just be. Aside form that I love every moment I spend with my granddaughter. We spend at least one day a week together. She is so young that simple treats are easy. Yesterday she had the best time dancing in front of the mirror that Woolworth's have outside there stores at present. I have fun looking for fun things that do not cost much. Finally I make sure to spend a little time with Jesus. It should be more but since I can't even shower without interruption every bit helps.


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