Wednesday 28 October 2020

Gone Shopping.....

After 111 days of hard lockdown with nowhere to shop but the supermarket.  chemist and Post Office,  our state government is finally allowing retail stores to we can go shopping .  So that's what I'm doing today and maybe for many days to come.

I have my lists ready for each store,  I know what I need to get and I'm so excited.

So there will be no money saving post today.  I'll either be out shopping,  counting my savings or recuperating  from all the walking.  Either way,  I'm sure you'll understand my NEED to go out.



  1. Go forth and shop!! xx Vicky

  2. I hope you had wonderful success with your shopping. I can't wait to see what bargains you snagged!

  3. Enjoy your new found freedom.

  4. Hi Wendy,i bought some wall art today such a good feeling to go into the shops at last, hope you get plenty of bargains :)


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