Saturday, 31 October 2020

This Week's Frugal Tasks Are Out The Window.

 Hello to all the readers out there.  My week started out as it usually does with a good start on my frugal list.  Then the announcement came that retail was opening up.  So I've been a little busy shopping,  buying up the things I really needed and picking up a few bargains.

The rest of my week has been spent making cards to sell and advertising them.  Now I've fired up the sewing machine again and making Christmas face masks.  Orders are coming in at a steady pace and I'm busy cutting them all out.

Some of my cleaning clients have been in contact to make their regular bookings.  I'm now trying to get them all sorted and locked in for their house cleans.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to be frugal for the last 4 days so my frugal list will be posted next week.  Hopefully by then it will be extra long.

One of the card packs I made.

How has your week panned out ?

For those who live in metro Melbourne,  have you been to the shops yet and grabbed a bargain ?


  1. It sounds like this week has been a good one for you.

  2. Good Morning Wendy, I have no experience in making cards. Can any pattern be used in a die cutting machine, or do they have to be the same brand as the machine? What size machine would you recommend please Wendy? Kind regards Robyn S.A

    1. Hi Robyne. I've used many different brands in the die cutting machine. Sometimes you have to add an extra layer of cardstock if the die doesn't cut properly. I just have the standard sized Big Shot. In Australia it's too hard to buy the A4 embossing folders to fit the A4 Big Shot and to be honest, big cards are more of an American / British thing. Hope this helps

  3. Your Christmas cards look lovely, Wendy. Wonderful that lockdown restrictions are easing in Victoria now and that you are able to do those simple things again like going to the shops! My week here has flown by:
    * topped up fuel in car at $1.09 per L which is a lot cheaper price than $1.40s
    * made meals, packed lunches and baked snacks here at home
    * happily received a batch of jam drops from my wonderful mother-in-law
    * froze bananas for smoothies and made banana pikelets to use up almost overripe bananas
    * made potato salad and pasta salad to have with lunches and dinners
    * picked cucumbers, spring onion and herbs + two bunches of gardenias from the garden
    * found spool of red ribbon ($1), rectangular basket ($2) and an embroidered cloth ($2) at op-shop. I will use red ribbon when wrapping xmas gifts, the basket to hold tea towels in my linen cupboard and I will sew with the fabric.
    * I cleaned out, wiped down and reorganised my pantry so I could see more easily what I have. Started a shop list for items I've run low on.

    I hope you enjoyed your outings and found a bargain or two. MegXx

    1. Your reply has reminded me that my son purchased 40 litres of fuel for me for a total of $40.40. It is his last week working out near this super cheap fuel station.


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