Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Teenage Girls / Women

 Filling a Christmas stocking doesn't have to be hard or expensive.  Work out your budget,  select the right sized stocking to fit your budget and wait for items to go on sale.

Here are some of the items I've put in stockings for my girls over the years.  As usual,  I don't put everything in every year.  It just depends on what their tastes are,  what's in fashion and what I can find for a very cheap price.

*  Shower gel - especially the well known brands when they are on sale

*  Compact mirrors - or any mirror for that matter

*  Fashion scarves if they wear them

*  Nail polish

*  Manicure sets

*  Hair ties or hair accessories

*  Coin purses

*  Travel makeup bags

*  Little packets of tissues ( great for handbags )

*  Body sprays

*  Sports socks

*  Makeup wipes

*  Flavoured teas

*  Post it notes

*  Magnetic shopping lists

*  Bubble bath or bath bombs

*  Shower caps

*  Nail files

*  Coffee cup

*  Water bottles

*  Small diary

*  Fancy soaps

What do you put in your Christmas stockings for teen girls or women ?


  1. Trail mix or home made confectionery in little cellophane bags, home made truffles or brownie bites, lip balm, scented candles (very inexpensive at IKEA) are always a hit here. Your ideas are great as always, Wendy. Mimi

  2. My girls like expensive things. So I look for stuff on clearance often. You have covered most of the things I would do. I like to a dd pretty pens and stationary. One thing I have made this year that might help some ladies out are little purses to hide sanitary items inside. I used this site for my start and embellished them a little. If you want you could make ouch pouches that include band aids, some pain pills, a few coins or small note, a mini nail file , some needles and thread and some safety pins as well.

  3. It would help if I added the link.


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