Saturday 14 November 2020

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 14th November 2020

 Our week has certainly been a busy one.  My cleaning work is starting to come back after 4 months of being at home.  I've had to remind myself that my body has to get used to the hard work again.  I'm learning to rest when I get home before I tackle my own housework.

With the restrictions easing Darren has had extra hours at the cafe which has been a real blessing for us.  We've pottered in the garden,  done some Christmas shopping and spent time with both our daughters.

Here's what else we've been up to -

*  Cut the last of the broccoli from our veggie garden.  We now have enough in our freezer to see us well into the New Year.  

*  Made and sold a fair few Christmas face masks.  Many of them are being sent up into NSW where they still have Corona virus hotspots.  If you are interested in buying a mask,  I have photos of the designs available on my Facebook page.

*  Megan found a ride on toy at the end of our street in a hard waste pile on the nature strip.  She's left the toy at our place for our grandbabies to play on.

*  Baked lots of shortbread biscuits from scratch.  I must say,  they have become my new favourite biscuit to have with a cup of tea.

*  Saved lots of shower warm up water,  drink bottle water and washing machine rinse water to reuse around our home and garden.

*  Darren planted lots of flower seeds in egg cartons.  He then placed them in plastic containers to make mini hot houses.

*  Made and sold lots of hanging hand towels.  I didn't even get a chance to advertise them on Facebook.  I've run out of suitable buttons to finish of the others I've made.  I've ordered more buttons off Ebay ( cheaper than material shops ).  As soon as they arrive I'll be putting photos of the finished towels on Facebook to sell.

*  Used electric fans on the warm days we've had recently.  Our evap cooling was unsafe to turn on and we were waiting for it to be replaced ( which it was on Thursday ).

*  Unclogged a bathroom plug hole by using bi carb,  vinegar and boiling water.

*  Gratefully received a pre loved  iphone from a friend who had a spare one and wanted to bless me.  For those of you who didn't know,  I've been using very basic cheap mobile phones for many, many  years mostly because I couldn't justify the high price tag of iphones. Darren is in the process of setting up the phone for me to use.  Now comes the scary part - I'm not good with technology so this is going to be a big learning curve for me to overcome.

*  Refilled all the foaming hand wash pumps around our home with diluted shower gel.

*  Picked a bunch of iceberg roses from our garden.  I used a pasta sauce jar as a vase for them.


In the garden

Darren and Kurt chopping down some trees

Cherries are ripening

Beans,  potatoes and tomatoes are growing

Did you have a frugal week ?

Have you started your Christmas shopping ?


  1. Tomorrow is the last of the three weddings for the year. My youngest is getting the years have flown.

    With all the carry on I haven't been saving much money on the every day things. I wish I could Coe mum with a new hack or two. But here goes. When I went shopping I stuck to the list. So much so that I forgot one of my staples because I had not written it down. Fuel was purchased before is went up 46 cent a litre. I am grateful that I am up to free medicines on the NHS. I have been for months but it seems especially great right now. We have had several cook once eat two or three times meals this week.

  2. Good morning Wendy thankyou for your inspiring blog. I was wondering if you could put your shortbread recipe up one week if you have time. I have tried a couple over the years but haven't found the one I love yet. Have a lovely week and look after yourself

  3. Hi Wendy. It's wonderful that your work is picking up again and that Darren has some extra hours too. Every little bit extra helps, doesn't it?! I have worked several relief teaching days this past fortnight and these $ are very welcome here as I don't get paid during upcoming xmas school holidays. I'm happy with the frugal things I've done this past week to save a bit here and there:
    * checked supermarket online catalogues for half price specials before shop day
    * bought Sukin face moisturiser (my favourite) and flour at half price
    * bought 2x cold bbq chickens for $10 from little local shop
    * made all meals, lunches and snacks at home
    * I baked oat slice, made yoghurt, made up trail mix, made chicken and salad rolls with yesterday's-bake rolls from bakery (they were still soft and cost $1 for half dozen)
    * picked cucumbers and herbs from the garden as well as bunches of colourful zinnias for inside our home
    * topped up fuel while price remains low, got 4cper L off using rewards card bringing price down to under $1 per L.
    * used a gift card to buy few more books from Big W (on my son's xmas wish list)
    * bought a pretty tin of Roses chocolates (half price) to go with a Monet calendar we are gifting my husband's mum for xmas.

    I have been putting little things aside in my present box during the year for gifts so have minimal xmas shopping to do. I do have quite a few washcloths to knit (from cotton I already have) to go with the fragrant soaps I have. I will have to really get going on these!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. My husband recently replaced his old smart-phone with a new (to us) model. I still have a small, basic mobile and have no plans to replace it, since I only really use it for texting. When it finally bites the dust I will have to reconsider, but I'm not a techie and find new stuff very challenging (there may well be LOTS of rather rude language!)


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