Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Teenage Boys / Men

 Christmas has certainly crept up this year.  Then again,  it's been a crazy year and we can be forgiven for having our minds on other things.

I've just gone through my present cupboard and started filling up the Christmas stockings for this year.  The men in our family are always a little harder to buy for so I thought I'd write this post to share my ideas and maybe get a few from you all.  Please share your stocking stuffer ideas in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Here's what I've given to teenage boys and men in the past -

Shower gel

Disposable shavers / travel shaving kits


Giant biscuits / cookies


Cap / hat / beanie

Mixed nuts in a string bag

Gardening hand tools

Box of savoury biscuits.  Shapes biscuits are a hit in our family.

Bag of chips.  This really does bulk out a stocking

Coffee sticks

Coffee mug

Socks - novelty or otherwise

Blow up pool toys

BBQ / meat sauces or marinades


Torches ,  shed lights or head lamps

Key rings

Of course I don't buy everything on the list each year.  Things are changed around depending on what I can find and what is on sale.    Many of the items are found in discount stores and on bargain tables.

What do you put in teenage boy / men's Christmas stockings ?


  1. A few years ago my son complained that everyone gave him smelly stuff. My brother used to hate soft presents. So I try to mix it a lot. One yearI found some clear plastic safes on sale. You had to solve the puzzle to open the safe to access the gift inside. Wooden combs were a gift one year. Mini games to take on holidays and dice games have been given. Sometimes I include a book. Last year I gave a new fiancé a kit that made into paella. I have knitted socks and scarves. Very boring but when one's homeland is Finland they are useful.

  2. Playing cards
    Tim tams
    Hair product
    Bag of snakes or frogs
    Hot choc sticks
    Boost gift card $20
    Shower gel

    I like it to be mostly favourite junk food or practical clothing items. I don't want lots of bits that won't get used in it. I also like it to be things I won't need to buy in January or that they can take away when we usually camp mepost of January. Again not everything but generally things from this list

  3. Those are great ideas Wendy! I have also given homemade spice blends and salts such as lemon or rosemary using herbs from my garden. Other ideas I've used are homemade powdered detergent in a mason jar. Also a good but inexpensive paring knife is well received. But yes, you nailed, it they love homemade cookies! Thank you for your blog, Ronda

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Great ideas! I also sometimes put in breath mints, hot chocolate mix packets, magazines or small books--like crossword puzzles, sudoku, etc. (poking out the top of the stocking), work gloves, beef jerky or pepperoni, shave soap, gum, glass bottle of soda pop...

    Can't think of anything else right now.

    Glad you are able to get out and shop!

    xx Jen in NS

  5. I have bought masculine calendars, good old fashion handkerchiefs, deodorisers for the car, those sunscreens you put on car windscreens, plus a lot of what you have already mentioned.

  6. So many great ideas. Men are very hard to buy for! I look out for ear buds or lightnincords for

  7. I used to do the things that single guys may not have in their home. Pens, flashlights, scotch or duct tape, playing cards, toothbrush & paste, car "tree" (deodorizer), socks, hankies, hand soap, candy, chips, a silly toy and tie a case of their favorite beverage to their stocking with a ribbon.


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