Saturday, 24 July 2021

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 24th July 2021

 Well,  we are in lockdown again in Melbourne but thankfully we are coping well.  I'm still allowed to work although Darren's hours have been cut.  Our well stocked fridge,  freezers and pantry are keeping us well fed.    Just as lockdown was being rumoured,  Darren ducked into the supermarket to buy a few treats to see us through.  

 I couldn't post anything here last week due to being super busy with work,  a catering job and a sewing job.  By the time the weekend came,  I needed to catch up on the housework,  then rest.

So this frugal list spans two weeks.

*  Darren picked broccoli,  spinach,  kale and lettuce from the garden to have with our meals.

*  I baked choc chip biscuits using dough from the freezer.  Our grandson Luka was over at the time ( before lockdown ) and helped squash the dough on the trays.  He also helped eat the dough too ( sneaky little boy ).

*  Used a $20 voucher from The Good Guys to buy another slow cooker.  The voucher arrived on my phone just hours before lockdown so I raced up to the shops to pick something out.  The slow cooker I bought ended up costing me just $19.95.  

*  Made a bottle of shower cleaner using kitchen detergent.  The ratio is one part detergent to one part water.

*  Hemmed some new curtains for a friend as a paying job.

*  I was in need of some new kitchen cannisters for my tea,  sugar and biscuits.  The ones I'd been using for at least 10 years had become loose around the lids and I needed air tight containers.  I had a few spare Moccona coffee jars on hand and was inspired by Mary from the White Cottage Company to paint them white. Once I painted the jars,  the utensil holder looked out of place so I painted that white as well.   I'm loving the new look and it only cost me about $13 for the can of spray paint.

*  Cooked 31 single serve meals for a friend's grandmother as a paying job and learnt a new soup recipe along the way.

*  Made a batch of pita chips using pita bread from the freezer.

*  Out of an urgent need,  Darren gave me a haircut.  My hair was getting too long and a bit dry on the ends so he cut a couple of inches off.

*  Fed the compost bin with kitchen scraps.  Darren says one bin is now ready to use in the garden.  Just waiting on good weather to empty the bin.

*  Extended the life of my eyeliner by pulling up the contents in the retractable part.  I'll now get another 8 weeks of use.

*  Made a surface spray cleaner for benches,  toilets and sinks etc by diluting kitchen detergent one part detergent to twenty parts cooled boiled water.

*  Made a slow cooker bread pudding using the  saved crusts from my homemade bread. 

*  Sold a set of men's greeting cards.

*  Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

Newly painted ' cannisters '

Newly painted utensil holder

Pita chips for snacks

Freshly baked bread.

Bulk cooking for an order


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   How have you saved time,  money or energy this week ?    


  1. What steps do you take to freeze chocolate chip cookie dough to bake at a later date? Thanks for info. Stay well and safe!!
    Barb in PA USA

    1. I roll it into logs and freeze on a tray. When frozen the logs are stored in a plastic bread bag in the freezer.

  2. Well done. Your efforts are so inspiring.

    This week I found a new frypan reduced to $5.20 The car was filled at $1.32 which is a significant saving as fuel as been well $1.70. It has been five weeks since I have been to the petrol station. I have grocery shopped without my mother and that always means the bill is less. I have been using items from the stock pile. I am knitting from my stock pile too. Stay safe and warm.

    1. Maybe you should continue to shop alone Suzan and see the savings grow.

  3. I cut up the good pieces out of two very worn out flannelette shirts. I double layered them and used the overlocker around the edges. These are now new dishcloths in the kitchen. I also cut all the buttons off the shirts and these are in the button jar. I made our Granddaughter a patchwork quilt with a unicorn applique on it for her 5th Birthday. This was gifted in a fabric bag with a unicorn applique. The quilt fabrics were scraps or pieces that had been given to me. An old blanket was used as wadding. The reusable gift bag(Tilly told me she is going to use it as a big school Library bag), was made out of some leftover pieces of an old doona cover that I had cut up. The biggest cost was the postage. Seeing Tilly's reaction made that cost worthwhile. Stay safe.

    1. I just love seeing all the goodies you make Jane. I'm seriously thinking of buying Darren's flannie shirts next time so they'll match my kitchen later on.

  4. I really like the look of your new containers - that white paint makes all the difference. Well done!

    We've been doing the basics. I've been selling things on eBay, giving away a lot on Buy Nothing (not frugal, but feels good & gets stuff we don't need out of our house), & eating a lot out of the garden: tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, peppers, zucchini, etc.

  5. Hi Wendy,
    It's been a case of swings and roundabouts at our place the past couple of weeks. We've had some expenses, dentist and vet bills mostly, but otherwise have tried to save wherever we can:
    * applied $20off promotion to an online grocery order where minimum spend was $120. My total came to $102. I shopped specials and pantry/fridge basics.
    * picked silverbeet, herbs and spring onion from garden to make a pie. Picked beans too.
    * took homemade raspberry and coconut slice to friends place for afternoon tea gathering
    * made double batch of pizza dough. Rolled out bases and froze two for another day.
    * gifted friends cuttings from my garden
    * chose card from my gift box for niece's birthday
    * found a warm corduroy jacket for $12 at op-shop. It's well-made, like new and I have been wearing it often.
    * sold set of children's books on e-bay.
    * saved warm up shower water to use in wash machine
    * topped up fuel when price came down

    Your painted canisters look great! I use these jars, that I get from a friend, in my pantry too.

    Have a good week,

  6. A bit off the subject but recently we travelled 800km's to our capital city of Adelaide. While there I saw a Savers shop that you often refer to Wendy. I was pleased to have the opportunity for a quick look. I did think that some of the jumpers were expensive at $10, but much cheaper than paying retail prices. Next time I'd like to have more time for a better look. Thanks for your blog Wendy.


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