Wednesday 9 February 2022

Frugal February Challenge 2022 - Week 1

 Week  1 for our Frugal February / Spending Freeze Challenge has been fairly easy for Darren and I.  For the first few days I didn't go anywhere except to cleaning jobs.  Darren did go out to lunch with his sister but he paid for it out of his pocket money.

I have 3 exceptions ( other than bills ) for the challenge -

*  If I see grocery items that are bargain / clearance prices then I will be stocking up.  Otherwise I will be limiting grocery spending to essential items.

*  I'm looking for knitting / crochet cotton in op shops to make more dishcloths.  This is something I'm always on the lookout for and it's much cheaper than buying retail.

*  Buying presents or items to make presents that are bargain prices and cannot be made by myself. These are paid for from the gift fund which is fully saved for for the next 12 months  I've been waiting for beach towels to go on clearance so I can make hooded towels for Luka and Bryson. 

Here's a breakdown of how our week panned out with spending -

Feb 1 -  No spending

Feb 2 -  No Spending

Feb 3 -  No spending

Feb 4 -  Petrol for Darren's car $39.00.  

Feb 5 -  No spending

Feb 6 - No spending

Feb 7 -  Petrol for lawnmower to mow our lawn and Megan's $10.96

             Hooded towels x 2 and a toy truck  on clearance ( presents ) $19.00 

             Doona cover at op shop $14.99


*  It worked out cheaper to buy the beach towels already made into hooded ones instead of me making them.  They were on clearance and needed for a present.  Towel stocks are so low in department stores it's hard to find anything that is suitable for little boys.

* The doona cover was a surprise find.  It's a 100% cotton waffle doona cover that will make lovely tea towels for presents and to sell.

Large truck for $7

Hooded towels $6 each.

How is your Frugal February Challenge going ?

Is it hard to stay away from the shops or internet ?


  1. When you see a good price, you have to go for it, especially nowadays with inflation creeping up.

  2. Doing well Wendy!
    I have been going well with my meal planning, usually I get sidetracked but have stuck to it and my grocery bill is all the better for it! Feeling good to get through the very full freezers too

  3. In NZ with Omicrom beginning We are keeping well stocked on basics especially on sale. Trying to be mindful of the budget and hoping that in time the budget will come into line when things ease. We really feel for those who don't have this option and are mindful not to take more than our fair share. I will be making soap and laundry powder again after stopping for 2 years. I feel a real need to get back to basics. I would love to see a photo of your homemade cushion covers. Lovely to see you back and I'm really enjoying these posts thank you.

  4. You are so inspiring.
    If you see a bargain and can afford it go for it. I find that sometimes it is cheaper to buy a complete item as it takes time etc to make something and often people do not factor that in.

    I kept my grocery spending down. Early tomorrow I will got o Woolworths to buy a few things for the stockpile and then on to buy some fruit and veg from the fruit shop. Even though the tank was not empty I spent $36 filling today as the $2.10 price at a local servo scared me a little. Today I spent $22 on items to take to my daughter's for morning tea. It is much cheaper to so this than to go to a cafe. Besides my granddaughter dearly wanted to play with her little cousin.

  5. DD1 (13) had such a growth spurt that I really couldn't put off buying a new pair of jeans and a new pair of jogging trousers (homewear) for her. I paid with vouchers I received from my employer (from a Belgian government scheme to promote buying in actual stores, to keep them alive during this pandemic). She has leggings and a skirt she can still wear, and 2 more pairs of jeans that still fit, although not for much longer.

    I picked up a box full of items from the eco supermarket close to my work, through the Too Good To Go app. I paid €4,99, and the products had a retail value of about €30 (if I add up the price labels). I picked the box up on 8 Feb, all BBD were 7 Feb. The seitan-carrot stew I heated up, tasted, and threw out (it was really untasty, it hadn't turned bad); the pumpkin spread was nice and I had it on lunch sandwiches; the water cress is being added to sandwiches, salads, and the guinea pigs' food bowl; the feta salad was on the turn, so eaten first; the brie is still fine and will be eaten the next few lunches; the single serve winter quiche is in the freezer. I'm not sure I will use TGTG again from this particulare store; I think I prefer 'ingredients' to these ready made items. As a first time buyer, I found the process really simple.

    1. I love watercress soup. But it is rare to find it marked down. The box sounds like a good idea but I guess processed things go off faster than staples like flour etc.

  6. How fun that you found what you needed..ready made!
    Well done.


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