Saturday, 30 July 2022

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 30th July 2022

 Our weather in Melbourne continues to be cold.  I'm just busting to get outside for more than 5 minutes as there's so much to do in the garden.  I also have a few upcycling projects I want to complete that involves spray painting and slightly warmer weather.  The waiting is the hard part.

Here's how we filled our week - 

*  Filled up the thermos with boiling water first thing in the morning when making our breakfast cuppas.  The thermos is used throughout the day and reduces the need to boil the kettle by 2 or 3 times.

*  Grated a 1 kilo block of cheese.  I portioned it into 4 containers,  added a teaspoon of corn flour to prevent sticking and gave them a good shake.  Three containers went into the freezer and one into the fridge.  By doing this I avoid any wastage or spoilage.

*  Baked 3 loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

*  Darren used homemade biscuit dough from the freezer to bake choc chip biscuits for morning teas.

*  Gratefully received flour,  sugar,  potatoes,  tea bags and bread baking ingredients and tools from various people.  We feel so blessed that people think of us when they have excess.

*  Darren applied for the $250 government energy rebate.  This will greatly reduce our Winter heating bill.

*  Carefully scraped out a peanut butter jar. '  Someone ' thought it was empty but I was able to get enough for another piece of toast. 

*  Used the blank side of photocopy / printer paper to write notes and shopping lists.  I cut the A4 paper in half and this gives me a good sized piece of paper for all sorts of uses.  It's been well over 20 years since I've bought a notepad.

*  I bought a pastry / turnover maker from Woolworths on clearance using Woolworths rewards money I had on my card.  A free present I've put away for someone I have in mind in 2023.

*  Fed bread crusts,  sunflower seeds ( gifted ) and grass to the chickens.  In return I collected 4 eggs this week.

*  Most of my lunches this week were chunky chicken and veg soup I made and froze a week ago.  Each serve costs about 20 cents.  You can get much cheaper or nutritious than that.

*  Darren pruned all our fruit trees.  This encourages new growth and more fruit come Spring and Summer.


 Wholemeal bread with extra goodness

Choc chip bickies ( cookies )

Chunky chicken and veggie soup

                                                        In the back garden

Cutting up old socks for garden ties

Are you waiting patiently for the next season to come ?

What was on your frugal list this week ?



  1. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for sharing. Grating cheese is a good tip. Every bit helps as food is so expensive now, including the basics. The margarine I normally buy is now $8.95kg. It’s gone up $3, ridiculous!
    My work is in a cold office so I’ve been taking your chicken and vegetable soup. It warms me up a bit and it is very filling. I’m doing a roast this weekend so while the oven is on, I’ll make some slice and bikkies for snacks. Trouble is they don’t last the week, in my house.
    Stay toasty :) Rachel

  2. Our weather in Ohio, U.S. is the exact opposite of yours as we are in the middle of our summer heatwave! I’m determined to extend our growing season, so as I’ve harvested something like a cabbage, I’m immediately planting seeds for our next crops- peas, more beans, lettuce, squash,etc,
    My current green bean crop has finished up and so I pulled the old plants out, after picking the final 2-1/2 cups of beans from them. Those went into freezer. A little bit? Yes. But those little bits add up!!
    A wrinkled apple chopped in food processor went into 2 batches of apple cinnamon muffins. It seems like we are focusing on using every resource that comes our way to the very best advantage so that nothing is wasted!
    Only bought a few things at the store that were loss leaders combined with digital coupons, etc. Dave went with me and so I was able to show him the regular price sticker was $4.29. sale price was $2.99, With digital coupon $1.99 and after ibotta rebate- 99 cents! Dave was wow-ed!! I explained that this is why I go with a specific list and time my purchases according to the sale prices.
    Good times!
    Gardenpat in Ohio

  3. Hi Wendy. Your back garden flowers look very pretty. It has been cold up here in Brisbane too but thankfully we've had some sunny days instead of rain. My frugal list for this week:
    * visited a factory outlet store and found spaghetti for 50c a packet ($1.50 for 3)
    * bought discounted, short-dated 2L milk for $1.92. I will use some of this to
    make homemade ice-cream.
    * home made toasted muesli, slice and more ANZAC biscuits
    * made a large patch of creamy tomato pasta bake and a cake for when we had
    guest for dinner. Used frozen veg in pasta bake. Leftovers for lunch next day.
    * Picked perpetual spinach, celery, lettuce, spring onion and kale from our
    garden. Planted more spinach and some parsley too.
    * Filled car up at $1.69per L and used 4c discount off that price.
    * All washing hung outside in sunshine to dry.
    * Saved shower warm up water to pour into washing machine.
    * Water bottle water used on my pot plants.
    * Broke my sunglasses and replaced with $5 pair from K-Mart. Also bought two
    cotton T-shirts and a singlet. Total cost was $20.
    * Continued using extra layers, blankets, dressing gown, socks, heat packs to
    stay nice and warm without the heater.
    * Mended our son's school bag when zipper broke.
    Have a good week!

  4. Sadly my mother was hospitalised for the second time this month on Monday. She is doing better. My daughter at 23 weeks was hospitalised with unstable blood pressure this week. She was 23 weeks pregnant and is now home. We are prying that the little one can stay where he is for a quite few more weeks.

    So I have been trying to not buy food while I am out. I have found street parking twice and that save me about $30 each time. I am packing drinks etc, The bright side is that I can make myself meals I like.

    God bless everyone.


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