Wednesday 18 March 2015

Grocery Specials Wednesday 18th March 2015

Time to post the weekly grocery specials.   The ones I've listed below are products I regularly buy to keep my food budget under $300 per month.  These are the best prices possible. Of course there are any more specials advertised.  Here is the pick of the crop-

 Coles specials -

*  Palmolive shower gel 500 ml 1/2 price at $2.99.  Well worth stocking up at this price.  I add them to presents and always put a bottle in my girls Christmas stocking.

*  Norsca deodorant 150 grams 1/2 rice at $2.99.

*  Lindt blocks of chocolate 100 grams 1/2 price at $2

Woolworths specials -

*  Vita Brits 1/2 price at $2.29 for a 1 kilo box

*  Continental Cuppa Soups 1/2 price at $1 per box of two serves.

* 20% off all chocolate Easter Bunnies.  Never pay full price for Easter eggs etc.  They always come on sale the week or two before Easter.

*  40% off all Nivea products.

*  Morning Fresh dish washing Liquid 1/2 price at $1.97 for 400 ml.  This is a great price.  Clear the shelf if you'd like.  You know I do.


  1. Today is a big shop day for me, as I have run out of butter. No butter = no baking
    Woolworths has Pub Squash 99c
    Bonds is half price
    Chicken thigh fillets $7.98kg at the deli
    fish portions $4.20.
    I didn't notice the Vita Brits and have just added them to my list, thanks Wendy. K

    1. I always buy a few extra blocks of butter and freeze it so that I don't run out.

    2. I keep 4 x 500g blocks in fridge and usually top up when I grab milk. I have never thought to freeze it. Just had one of those weeks when even the stockpile was running low, ran out of soap and baking powder. K

  2. Hi Wendy,
    The homebrand dishing washing liquid costs 99 cents for a litre bottle. The Morning fresh dishwashing liquid costs $1.97 for a 450 ml bottle on sale. Can you let me know why the Morning dish washing liquid is preferred over the hombrand dishwashing liquid. Thanks.

    1. I use Morning Fresh because it is a quality product. For many years I bought no name, Spree and The Reject Shop brand. Over the years the manufacturers diluted these brands to the point of needing to use so much to get clean dishes.

      As soon as Morning Fresh started appearing on the shelves at 1/2 price I tried it and never looked back. The quality is so good you can dilute it up to 50% and it still cleans the dishes so well.

    2. The morning fresh is a concentrate - you only need a small amount compared to the homebrand. I actually buy Aldi dishwashing liquid (99c) as it is a true concentrate too.

  3. Hi Wendy! Thank you for pointing out specials like these it really makes me stop and check product and pricing. I mainly shop at Aldi and then venture to Woolworths, although not often to Coles. I think I receive the catalogues a week later than you or specials may vary in different states (me being in northern NSW). Just one thing I wanted to query is the Morning Fresh from Woolworths and how it compares to the Aldi product. You may have already mentioned this in the past and apologies if I am asking you to repeat. Thank you and once again I appreciate you sharing :) Wendy

    1. The specials do vary between states. Coles and Woolworths will deliver the Special catalogues via email the day before the specials start, and it refers to the specials offered at your specified location.

  4. Its exciting to have a new week. I look forward to this and to frugal accomplishments!
    I am shopping later today so I will look out. Also I have the change to go further afield later in the week which is good as sometimes there are bargains in local produce that I would not get here.
    It all helps. And helps me to stock my pantry as

  5. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for pointing out some good specials! I managed to buy loreal shampoo and conditioner (700ml) for half price at coles.
    I also discovered rainchecks today! I went to buy CSR icing sugar on special from woolies (3 for $6) as these are certified gluten free and cheaper than the homebrand equivalent at this price, much to my disappointment they were all sold out! I remember reading one of your blogs about rainchecks, so I made sure I asked for them so I can get this later on. From now on I'll be sure to ask for them if something is sold out!


  6. Coles has some good fresh fruit and veg sales. I found carrots, watermelon and pears all at $1.00/kg.

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Thankyou for the specials.. I usually get my junk mail on Monday nights and go through the specials then. Today I bought 2x fish portions, 5x vita Brits . I bought Morning Fresh for $3.29 for 900 Mls last week at IGA. 3x bottles.. I agree with you Wendy Morning Fresh is of a superior quality.
    I usually buy about $5.00 of deli meat on a Monday, ham, silverside and salami. I'm always in a quandary of when to through it out. Sometimes it hardly gets eaten and I throw it out as I don't want to poison us. How long does freshly sliced deli meat last?..
    Have a good week.

    1. I always allow three days for deli meat. It might last longer but I don't like risking it. The butcher at Tasman Meats said Christmas hams only last five days once opened.

      You could make you own silverside meat at a fraction of the price. Butchers sell if for $5 - 6.99 kg. Cut it in half, freeze one half and cook the other. Slice it up and keep enough out for a couple of days and freeze the rest for later in the week.

    2. Thankyou Wendy

  8. Hi Wendy;
    Great prices you have found. We don't have Morning Fresh here in Northern Ohio, I have never heard of it. Maybe someday I will see it around here. I buy most of my cleaning products at a store called Dollar General Market. If you shop one week you will get a coupon for $5.00 off a purchase of $25.00 the next Sat. They also sell food on the cheap, so we wait until the Sat. of the coupon sale and stock up. Hugs, Nana

  9. Hi everyone. The Priceline Pharmacy catalogue ending 23rd March is selling Tresemme shampoo/conditioner 900ml sized bottles, half price at $5.74c. Hope this helps. Regards, Liz.

  10. Sorry if this is a duplicate Wendy but just delete if it is....I never know if my comment is lost when I try to log in as my google account.

    Thank you for the tip-off about the special on choc-chips at Coles last week. We live in a country town without Coles so I never know about their specials. I was able to stock up on a trip to Canberra for a medical appointment.

    The specials I noticed this week were Blackmore's Pregnancy 180 Multivitamins are half price at WW (down to $21.25 - it seems as soon as you put pregnancy on a label the price sky rockets, but I digress). I am down to a handful left in my current jar so this special has come at a good time. I will only need one more jar to see me to the end of the pregnancy.

    Also, IGA has a half price special on Sakata crackers - at $1.16.

    I did have a question about your bread recipe you mentioned in your last post. You say you use homebrand white and wholemeal flour. Does this mean you are not using 'strong' bread flour for your loaves?

  11. Hi Wendy, thanks for this post as i had gone through my catalogues but hadn't thought of these other specials. Also, if you don't get your catalogues in the mail before Wednesday each week, get them Emailed to you. You receive them on the Tuesday before the catalogue starts, Blessings, Maureen

  12. This is a great idea Wendy. Thanks to your post, and posts from other readers I picked up the following bargains today: Woolies - half price vita brits, half price morning fresh, 40% nivea shaving gel for mr, coles - $2.50kg broccoli, $2.50kg pears, $2.40kg tomatos and aldi - $2.50 bananas. Thanks everyone!


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