Wednesday 25 March 2015

Grocery Specials Wednesday 25th March 2015

Here are this week's super duper specials. I noticed there was a lot of chocolate,  junk food and convenience foods on sale this week.   Please remember,  I generally only buy ingredients or whole foods to feed my family.  The products listed below are items I'd buy and the best price possible.


*  Vegeta stock powder $2 per 200  250 gram tin.  Saving $1.59.  This is a once or twice a year sale price so stock up ( pun intended ).  Yes I do make my own liquid stock and freeze it but sometimes soups and casseroles need a little stock powder to lift the flavour.

*  Morning Fresh dish washing liquid half prices at $3.40 for 900mls.  If you missed out last week here's your chance to stock up.

*  Cadbury blocks of bubbly chocolate half price at $2 a 155 gram block.


*  Streets Magnum ice creams half price at $3.99 a 4 - 6 pack.  Best possible price and great as a treat.

*  Lynx Anti perspirant half price at $2.99 a 96 gram can

*  Garnier products half price.  We don't normally buy these products but I do include a shampoo and conditioner in my girl's Christmas stockings..

*  TRESemme shampoo and conditioner half price at $5.48 for a 750 - 900ml bottle.


  1. Hi Wendy.. I'm not sure if this is important to you but I try and avoid flavour enhancers where I can especially in things we use often.m.. I bought the vegeta once years ago and at that time it had flavour enhancers which is disappointing. You would have to check the back now though. We buy the massel stock powders.... A little more pricy bit absolutely delicious and and totally organic... Many other plusses listed on the packaging..we use it to make 2 minute noodles for the kids with plain noodle cakes bought in bulk... As although maggi claim no natural colors and flavours on their pack the ingredient list declares several flavour enhancers 😞

    1. I try to use natural things where possible. I only use Vegeta in vegetable soup. I also use Massel stock powder for other things and only buy when it comes on sale for $2 a tin.

  2. Hi Wendy ...thanks for sharing great bargains to be had :-)

    I hope you don't mind my sharing my great bargain I got yesterday... I stopped in to the local green grocers who also sells cheap meat. I got two chicken carcasses for 99 cents. After boiling I got two 500 gram margarine containers of stock for later use and 550 grams of boneless chicken meat...that's less than $2 a kilo for chicken meat.

  3. Thanks Wendy! I can definitely see the need for a price book as last night I rushed to Coles to buy 2 extra boxes of Magnums at $6 – only to see them at Woolies now for $4. Sigh. Still learning with picking up the discounts. I love Vegeta and will pick up this week. Christina xx

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the heads up. My main specials I noticed at WW and IGA were to do with their apples and pears - but probably local area specific.

    I noticed that IGA also has Tresemme on a half price special - but their price is $4.99 for 750ml/900ml varieties - so cheaper than the WW special.

    IGA also had Whiskas cat food cans - some varieties - (400g) on special for 99c.



  5. Hi Wendy, thanks for sharing the specials. Today i was at Coles and they had Pumpkin whole on special for $1.00 per kg and at Woolies , Cauliflowers for .99c each, regards Maureen

    1. They are great prices Maureen.

      Ok everyone - stock up !!!!

  6. Thanks again Wendy!! I popped into Coles today and picked up some Sorbent tissues 200 sheets for .99c, we go through a lot of tissues at home.
    Have a good week.

  7. Hi Wendy,
    I know you don't use them, but they're such a good price thought I'd share. Campbell's Cream of chicken, asparagus, mushroom soups are 99c a tiin at IGA. We have them in the cupboard for lazy cooking days and emergency food stocks. A great base for a quick mornay.

    1. Jane, I do use those soups. I was hauled over the coals by some members of the public for showing my cupboard full of tinned soups and fruit when the first ACA story went to air. We use them on the odd occasion for casseroles. I use the chicken one in my chicken curry recipe found in the recipe file.

      That is a great price and well worth stocking up. They only come down to this price a couple of times a year.

  8. Geez it's crazy that people can get on their high horse about using tinned soup and fruit etc.? Thanks for the tip Jane! And thanks for the tip about pumpkin at Coles Maureen! Christina

    1. Oh yes, they thought we lived on tinned soup. You have no idea how nasty they were. At the moment they are on fb carrying on about Cath not buying EVERYTHING Australian made. REALLY !!! You can't buy everything Australian made because it's not available. Cath grows a lot of her vegetables as I do and you can't get more Australian than that. Bet those people complaining are NOT growing their own but suddenly they are all experts.

    2. Sometimes people will just pick and be cruel because they can which is very sad (especially from behind a computer screen). It makes them feel better about themselves to put others done. And often people will do that when they feel insecure. As if those people carrying on like pork chops buy everything Australian - poor Cath. They'll just nitpick at anything. Great to have blogs like to support and encourage each other. Happy Friday - Christina xx

  9. Thank you Wendy! I do find it frustrating some weeks when it is just "stuff" on special and not really food. Those weeks I rely on finding mark downs to make up for it.
    I will get the stock powder as that will help my soups. I also find tinned soups terribly useful. Also they can be used where some people use jar flavour bases I probably use a tin of soup or packet as a quick flavour boost in a big batch of my own vegie soup, in a casserole etc. Very handy.
    My daughter uses the Tresemme so I will tell her about the special. Thank you!xx


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