Thursday 26 March 2015

My Menu Plan

Oops,  I'm a bit late with my menu  plan.  Here's what we will be eating for the next four weeks -

Mon 23rd -  Chop suey and brown rice
Tues 24th - Sausage casserole in the slow cooker with mash
Wed 25th - Roast beef in the slow cooker with roast potato,  pumpkin,  carrots and steamed veg
Thurs 26th - Tuna pasta bake
Fri 27th - Honey mustard chicken and rice
Sat 28th -  Homemade hamburgers and wedges
Sun 29th -  Get your own but feed me

Mon 30th -  Tacos and a baked dessert of some description
Tues 31st -  Beef stew in the slow cooker with mash
Wed 1st -  Roast chicken with roast veg and steamed veg
Thurs 2nd -  Fish portions,  rice,  zucchini slice and steamed veg
Fri 3rd - Spag bol
Sat 4th - Chops,  mash and steamed veg
Sun 5th -  Get your own but feed me

Mon 6th - Homemade meat pie and steamed veg
Tues 7th -  Homemade KFC drumsticks with mash and steamed veg
Wed 8th -  Silverside in the slow cooker with roast veg and steamed veg
Thurs 9th -  Tuna casserole and greens
Fri 10th -  Freezer bits and pieces that need using up
Sat 11th - Chicken schnitzel,  mash and steamed veg
Sun 12th - Homemade pizzas

Mon 13th -  Meatloaf and gravy with mash and steamed veg
Tues 14th -  Chicken flan with herb /garlic bread
Wed 15th   Roast leg of lamb with roast veg and steamed veg
Thurs 16th -  Salmon patties with brown rice and steamed veg
Fri 17th -  Shepherd's pie with herb bread
Sat 18th -  Freezer meals
Sun 19th - Family over for lunch so maybe leftovers for tea.

Homemade Hawaiian pizza
Roast veggies
Homemade hamburgers and wedges
Krispy Fried Chicken


  1. Hi Wendy
    The photos of your meals look amazing. Thank you for the continued inspiration!

  2. Hi Wendy, thank you for all the work that you put into your blog. I'm sure you're advice and help is appreciated by us all. Your menu plan is great and your pizza is wonderful. I went looking for the recipe but it's not under your recipe file. Do you make your own base? Thank you, Helen

    1. I use a recipe very similar to the wholemeal bread recipe in the file. I will post the pizza one soon.

  3. Hi Wendy - looks like a great plan. Here is my meal plan at the moment:

    -Lasagne with green salad
    -Chicken & vegetable noodle stir fry
    -Corned beef with coleslaw and potatoes
    -Chicken parmigiana with cauliflower rice and coleslaw
    -Beef rissoles with pumpkin, green beans and curried pasta
    -Satay beef coconut curry with cauliflower and peas
    -Zucchini and bacon slice
    -Chicken vegetable casserole with barley
    -Beef chow mein with brown rice
    -Roast chicken with vegetables
    -Honey soy chicken drumsticks
    -Homemade pizzas
    -Tuna patties with sweet chilli lime mayo and salad
    -Apricot chicken with rice and vegetables
    -Beef goulash

    I'll mix and match these meals to different days to suit our plans, weather, sports, time etc.

    Christina xx

  4. Hi Wendy. Gosh that all looks good! Your pizza looks amazing. We're doing lots of cubed veg sort of warm/cold salads just now, topped with small amounts of protein like cubed baked ricotta (really delish and very frugal), quiche, feta cheese, boiled eggs, slivers of pork or beef steak and so on. It's a nice change, and great for the waistline! Mimi xxx

  5. Hi Wendy,

    All your food looks so delicious, especially that pizza!!!
    Could you post your recipe sometime?
    Just wondering whether you make the 1 pizza for the 4 of you?
    or do you make a few?


    1. We make two pizzas for the four of us with a couple of slices left over.

      Recipe coming soon.

    2. Great! Thanks so much

  6. Thankyou Wendy,
    Your posts are constantly giving me more ideas.

  7. Hi Wendy, just wondering if you will be posting more recipes? I'm intrigued by the KFC chicken that you do. You are inspiring me to do more to save on food, at the moment I spend way too much. Thank you for this website!

    1. More recipes are coming. Don't want to reveal everything straight away. KFC recipe is scheduled for posting in just over two weeks.

  8. Oh wow wendy reading your menu plan I think we thought the same thing lol I have almost exactly everything you have on yours that I write for April :) in counting down the days for mine and so far I have spent $130 on food for next months meal plan and have prepared slot of things for future meals also I can't wait!!!!


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