Thursday 19 March 2015

What Makes You Happy ? March 2015

Here are three things that make me happy and bring a smile to my face -

*  My daughters calling me Mama.  When they were young they like to watch the Aristocats movie.  In this movie the kittens call their mother " Mama ".  Ever since then on occasion my girls call me mama and it makes me smile.  It's such a lovely endearing name and I feel special when I hear it.

*  Having a free day when there's no housework to do.  It's very rare in my house but lately I've been able to work extra hard during the week so that I have Saturday free to do what I want.  I've spent the time making cards and other craft items.

*  Autumn.  Darren and I love to get into the garden during this time of the year when the weather is mild.  We prepare the vegetable garden beds for Winter planting.  Vegetable seeds are planted then transplanted,  bushes need to be trimmed or pulled out and we do lots of weeding.  The weather isn't too hot or cold and we enjoy breathing in the fresh air.

What makes you happy ?


  1. My daughter calls me Mama too Wendy. Isn't it lovely? Reading books and magazines with beautiful illustrations makes me happy. I can do this for free any day I like, at my local library. Using Lux body wash with a shower puff is a lovely start and end to the day too. A cup of tea in a gorgeous cup. A visit with my granddaughters. Patting my dog. Walking in the sunshine. So many things. And no money involved in any of them. Mimi xxx

  2. The three things that make me happy are

    *picking up my DD4 from school and her telling me how much she misses me during the day. As much as I enjoy getting things done while she is at school I still miss her lots during the day and often find myself going looking for her cause it is just too quiet

    *As DP works away lots I look forward to him coming home so we can spend family time together and the quality time we get to spend together when he is at home

    *Having time to spend on it organising things for DD4 to do or doing something myself, or even just looking up ideas as this is often the head space needed to keep me going and running the household.

    Wendy your cards look great. I also have been making cards for a while now. I used to do it pre DD4 but Annabel got me back into doing this a little over a year ago and the amount of money you can save is wonderful and you don't really need to many items to get started. I use old magazines (libraries often sell magazines cheap so I sometimes buy these to cut up, but if I have any laying around I cut these up, use old card that I have been given and do not wish to keep.

    Wishing you a wonderful week


  3. Hi Wendy, the three things which make me happy are: like you Wendy, i love getting in the garden at this time of the year, also when things are up to date in the house, although, it doesn't seem to stay like that for very long. And lastly going for walks at this time of the year with a friend of mine, we catch up and get free exercise at the same time. ,xxx Maureen

  4. Hi Wendy,

    That's a great list! So cute your girls call you that!
    My top three are.

    1. My fiance and the wonderful relationship we have
    2. Our two beautiful fur babies ( 2 cavoodle puppies ) who bring so much joy into our life.
    3. Planning our wedding.. really enjoying it, and cant wait for the big day!

    Wendy, i am wondering if you have any tips on how to save money whilst planning a wedding?
    We are getting married in March next year, but as you know you really need to start booking alot of the things well and truly in advance.. like up to 1 year beforehand!! Crazy right?

    Hope your having a lovely day!
    We are having your homemade burgers and wedges tonight. Cant wait :)


    1. I'll try to do a wedding post next month. I'm not sure what info I can give as it's been almost 20 years since I got married.

    2. Hi, I got married 10 years ago this year. I made all the invitations, bonbonniere's (look on pinterest) heaps of ideas. I got my dress on Bridge Road, Richmond. Also made all the tables centre pieces (found a great flower place (cheap) and place cards. We had beautiful cupcakes from Crabapple Bakery instead of a traditional wedding cake. Good luck Amanda

  5. Had a tough day at work so it's nice to reflect on what makes me happy tonight.

    1.) Being productive and enjoying having a clean, organised home that feels cosy & looked after.
    2.) Reading - I love borrowing books from the library and getting lost in different stories. Especially as the weather cools down because it is one of my favourite inside activities.
    3.) Cup of tea in a beautiful mug. This one has to get a mention this week because with all the stress at work - my cups of tea have been my little moments to get myself together and...breathe.


  6. Reading everyones comments is so nice and reminded me of some things that make me happy. Lovely smelling body products. I love to smell nice and that extends to washing the come sour smelling good, fresh sheets smelling nice, the house smelling clean and fresh...
    I am so thrilled Aly is making cards! That makes me happy!
    It really makes me happy to have time to just do little bits and pieces around the house. Kind of free time to do anything.
    The sound of rain.
    The beach.
    Great finds at the op shop.
    A wonderful bargain!
    A day where I can just stay home all day.
    Autumn! I really love it and it makes me happy to have such glorious weather.
    It is lovely, we all mentioned little simple things, home and children. xxx

  7. Hi Wendy;
    Lovely post today! Things that make me happy are: a clean house, the smell of cooking whether it be dinner in the oven, cookies baking, or a good cup of coffee with a friend, a smile (and perhaps a kiss) from my grands and greats, and freshly laundered sheets on the bed to get a good nights sleep. Hugs, Nana

  8. My three things are:

    * The cooler weather as I really dislike the heat.
    * Trying a new recipe, which we did last night and we all enjoyed it. Nothing worse then wasting ingredients on a dish nobody limes.
    * Decluttering. I love seeing things go out the door, even better when its through a Facebook garage sale site and I recoup some money.

  9. I had to add another post here - because I wanted to share a funny experience this morning. Woke up early and wanted to try a recipe for apple cinnamon muffins. I am still quite new to baking and thought to myself 'those lumps in the batter don't look very nice why don't I just beat them out'. So I get out my whisk and beat away until it's smooth. Needless to say, you can imagine the flat chewy little muffins aka disasters I ended up with. So even though I love playing at home...I don't always get it right :) Ha ha Christina xx

    1. At least you gave it a go Christina


  10. Family time with my 2 girls (who live in Adelaide 400 kms away) either there or when they come home for a visit. Ultimately, we cook up a storm and enjoy each others company.

    My girls call me Mumma Bear and Mulie (MumJulie) which I love.

    Yes, autumn is one of my favourite times of year, winter a close second, third is Spring then the dreaded summer! The cooler weather definitely makes me happy!

    I love getting up early on Sunday mornings and watching a DVD of some sort, just me time.

    1. Joolz, my daughter Megan calls me Mumma Bear sometimes too. It's cute isn't it ?

  11. Lots of lovely " happy " things here ladies.

  12. Dear Wendy,
    Just beautiful! Everyone's replies made me smile big. :)
    1. The constant, unchanging love and grace of God.
    2. Clean children tucked in safely after prayers and giggles.
    3. Dinner with my family.
    xxx Colette

  13. The things that make me happy are having my 20yr old son come home for the weekend and seeing him bursting with joy! The best investment we have ever made is supporting him in following his dream, hes a Cameraman/Editor for the news. Alot of sacrafices made to fund his education as he had to board in the city, but so worth it! Secondly being a stay at home mum for my 12 yr old, everyday I give thanks for this opportunity! Also finding and reading Wendys blog, and knowing that theres so much more I can do to save money, every spare cent goes towards our youngest childs education and future. Lastly listening to the first rains filling our tanks, regards Liz

  14. My 3 things are;

    1. gardening in the lovely Autumn sunshine
    2. decluttering, even small things love to see clear space
    3. eating & making new recipes

    Lovely post Wendy

  15. Wendy I am learning so many helpful ideas from your blog but could you please do a section on how you utilise your freezer and keep it manageable. Love the idea of preparing burgers but then thought how on earth do you keep them in shape and fit everything in your freezer when mine has become a dumping ground for ice clocks off eskies and marked down bread. Would love to know how you organise yours. Thankyou, Ruth.


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