Wednesday 6 May 2015

Grocery Specials Wednesday 6th May 2015

Here are this week's grocery specials.  Please feel free to add any others that you find.


*  Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 250mL 1/2 PRICE  Was $5.44, Now  $2.72 each

*  Lots of vitamins are half price.  Please check the catalogue for more details.

*  Palmolive Naturals Shower Gel 500mL 1/2 PRICE Was $5.39, Now  $2.69 each

*  Cadbury Large Block Chocolate 270g-350g 1/2 PRICE Was $6.30, Now  $3.15 each

* Golden Crumpet Rounds Pk 6 $1.55 each  1/2 Price, Save $1.55

Fountain Squeezy Sauces 500ml 1/2 Price,  Now $1.00 each Save up to $1.45

*  Riviana Basmati Rice 5 kg  $10.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $10.00 

*   Dickies Plain Bath Towel 68 x 130cm 1/2 Price at $7.99 each save $8.00 All Dickies Bathroom Manchester.1/2 price.



*  Legs of Lamb $5.99 kg.  A real bargain.

*  Whole Roasting Chickens Size 16 + $3.99 kg 



  1. I love Tasmans! I think it'll be roast lamb here for mothers day :)

  2. Woolworths also have half price short cut bacon from the deli $8.49 kg. Not sure if this is only for Vic, but grapes (red) are 2.30 kg and whole cauliflowers are $1.88 each. Pink lady apples are $2.49 kg arnotts asst cream 500g $2.49 pkt.

    Coles have cottees cordial for $2.49 a one litre concentrate.

  3. Thanks for sharing these specials Wendy, I have been waiting for Dickies towels, hand towels and face washers to come on special. I will be stocking up on them this week. Sue

  4. Thankyou Wendy, I went to Woolies today and bought Ryvita crackers for $1.42. Hubby has these every day so I bought 6 packets. I only ever buy these at half price still have some left over from last sale. also purchased the Greenseas Tuna for .99c.
    Have a great week.

  5. Thanks Wendy, I am getting the tomato sauce for $1. Thats a stock up item for me.
    Im shopping tomorrow and planning my list. I got quite a few $1 cans last week ie beans, corn for my pantry.
    Hope you are having a great week! xxx

  6. Woolies:
    * Fresh pineapples - $1.00 each
    * Planet Ark Aware washing powder is 40% off - now $4.90 each
    * Ryvita crispbread 250g is 50% off - now $1.42 each
    * Greenseas tuna is 50% off - now 0.99 cents each.

    * Brushed potatoes - $1.00/kg
    * Pacific West battered fish 425g is 50% off - now $3.82 each.

  7. Hi Wendy, hope you are well. Just wondering if you are still going to be posting your monthly meal plans? I need some ideas now that it is getting cooler.
    Regards, Samantha

    1. I hope to have a menu plan posted by the middle of the month. Life got too busy last month.

  8. The prices on those bath towels is wonderful Wendy thankyou! I wouldn't have even looked. They're wonderful embroidered with monogrammes as gifts. A monogrammed towel and a bottle of Imperial Leather body wash is a welcome gift for just about anyone. Of course I stocked up on the body wash a fortnight ago when it was half price ;-) Mimi xxx

  9. Hi Wendy,

    I've recently gotten a new stand fridge and stand freezer, cleared my whole deep freezer into the new one and I don't even feel like I need to do a shop for quite sometime now except for the obvious weekly top ups milk fruit etc.
    Does your $300 monthly grocery bill challenge include foils glad wrap shampoo soaps and other toiletries and kitchen needs?

  10. Yes it includes all those things ( basic toiletries not makeup ), basic cleaning ingredients, scourers etc and feeding a cat. If I need something for the kitchen like a chopping board, knife etc, it comes out of the general household expenses.

  11. Thank you for posting these specials Wendy. I don't get catalogues delivered because we live out of town, so I find these posts very helpful. I can go online to check specials, but never think to lol!.

    Gosh that meat is cheap at Tasman Meats, wish we had access to something like that!


  12. Hi Wendy, I love your blog and have been "following" you for a while, you're very inspiring!

    For those who have an IGA store near them, here are the current specials until next Tuesday 12.

    - Nestle Milo 200g $1.99
    - Cadbury chocolate blocks 200g $2.49
    - Kraft peanut butter 375g $2.24
    - Pantene shampoo and conditioner 350ml $3.94
    - Short cut bacon $10.99kg
    - Butternut pumpkin $1.69
    - Premium beef mince $10.99kg
    - Peters original ice cream 2 litres $3.99

    Here is the link to the catalogue:


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