Wednesday 20 May 2015

Grocery Specials Wednesday 20th May 2015

 Here are this week's super duper grocery specials.  Some specials are so good it's worth getting a year's supply if you can.  Don't forget to ask for a rain check if the item you want is out of stock.


*  Lindt Block Chocolate 100g 1/2 PRICE Was $4.00,   Now  $2.00 each

*  Australian Kent Pumpkin .$0.70 kg

*  Vegemite 380g Was $6.35, Save $1.35  Now $5.00 each   Vegemite hasn't been on sale much in the last six months.  Worth stocking up.

*   SunRice Jasmine Rice 5kg 1/2 PRICE Was $13.60, Now $6.75 each

*   Nestlé Cooking Chocolate 180g-375g Save $2.96   Now 2 for $5.00

*  Pacific West Fish Fillets in a Crispy Batter 425g 1/2 PRICE Was $7.65, Now  $3.82 each

*  Natures Organics Shampoo or Conditioner 500ml Was $1.90, Save $0.90  Now $1.00 each.  This is a rock bottom bargain price and well worth stocking up.  If you don't want to use it to wash your hair,  then you could use it for foaming hand wash.

*  Viva Paper Towel 2 Pack Was $3.50, Save $1.50  Now $2.00 each

*  Energizer Max AA 16 Pack or AAA 14 Pack 1/2 PRICE Was $19.50, Save $10.50  Now $9.00 each

Colgate Fresh Confidence Toothpaste 80g, Extra Clean Toothbrush 1 Pack or Plax Freshmint Mouthwash 250mLWhile stocks last.Now $1.00 each  A fantastic price and well worth stocking up.


*  Cadbury Dairy Milk Block 190-200g or Old Gold 200g Now $2.49 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.50

*    Lipton Black Tea Bags Pk 100 Now $2.34 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.35.  This is a fantastic price and well worth stocking up.  Tea lasts for years past it's best before date.

*  Campbell’s Real Stock 500ml Varieties Now $0.95 each Better than 1/2 Price, Save $1.14

*  Half price on all Sistema plastic storage containers.


  1. Thankyou Wendy. I know it takes time to just write and photograph these posts. They are so useful. Mimi xxx

  2. Hi Wendy, I just wanted to ask about your experiences with rain checks, If you get a rain check for multiple items to do you have to purchase all of those items when you come to redeem your Raincheck or can you just redeem one or two of those items at a time? Thanks, amy

    1. I've only every redeemed all the items on the rain check. As far as I know Woolworths still offers 12 months on their rain check. I wait until it's near the expiry date and redeeem all of them.

  3. Thankyou Wendy,
    I picked up some of the Lipton tea Bags and beef stock( I tend to only make chicken stock).
    Wendy I always look for a good sale price of Vegemite , but rarely if ever see it. I would love to get it close to half price.
    Your efforts are most appreciated.

    1. I would like to get Vegemite at half price too but it doesn't come anywhere near as cheap as that. Kraft have just reduced their jar size. The cheapest price is now $1.32 per 100g. The old price was $1.25 per 100g.

  4. I bought 20 mouthwashes, 16 toothpastes and 20 shampoo/conditioners today. Such a good price. With 4 kids we go through alot of mouthwash, toothpaste and shampoo and conditioner. I use rainchecks all the time, in my experience Woolworths have only allowed me to use the raincheck once, so I need to purchase it in one transaction. I too use mine close to the use by date. So far I have 12 rainchecks in my purse!!! - Nicole

  5. Thanks Wendy. Our Coles here have butternut pumpkin at 70 c a kilo so I will be getting heaps to roast and also make soup. The toothpaste for $1 is a really good one! I will get that as well, thank you! xxx

  6. Hi Amy and Wendy I have often just got rain check items from woolworths one at a time I love rain checks saves me storing the items in my pantry and keeps the special going much longer Often able to get rain checks on Tuesday evening Really appreciate what you do in your blog Wendy Love Shelley

  7. Big W 50% off Bonds - we need socks

    Lindt chocolate 100g $2
    Dr Oetker frozen pizza $3.75
    Vaalia 900g yogurt $3.50 / 39c per 100g
    Zafarelli pasta 97c 500g / 19c per 100g
    Peters Movie night ice cream 2 litres $4
    Macleans toothpaste $2.50 170g / $1.47 per 100g
    Viva paper towels $2 2 pack - I use washable cloths
    I have a $50 voucher to spend at Coles due to a Flybuys offer - and no space in pantry


    Cadburys chocolate $2.49 200g / cheaper at Aldi
    Grain waves $1.87
    Rice Bran oil 4 lires $12.22 / 31c per 100ml. Lemon yogurt cake anyone ?
    Greek yogurt $4.20 1 kg / 42c per 100g
    Primo short cut bacon pack $10 1kg / I usually buy from deli at $8 per kg

    Campbells stock 1/2 price is a furphy as it is only 500ml, which is 1.90 per litre. Which Woolworths is NOT better than half price. Naughty Woolworths

    Libra Ultrathin Sanpro 30 % off
    Purina Friskies dry cat food $3.50 1 kg. I have two rescue cats who eat more than my teenagers

  8. Hi Wendy, I want to thank you for all the effort you put into putting up the specials each week. It's a must read for me to keep abreast of things, and I don't always let you know that I'm thankful for you helping us all.
    Warmly, Helen


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