Monday 15 August 2016

How To Recycle Shower Warm Up Water

One of my blog readers asked me this question a couple of months ago.  She has a front loader washing machine and couldn't pour the saved shower water into it.  If you are in this situation too,  all is not lost.  There are plenty of ways to reuse the shower warm up water that would usually fall down the drain.

* Save the water and pour it into your soaking bucket in the laundry.  Sometimes stains need a good soak overnight.  I use one of those food grade white buckets from a restaurant kitchen.  Add a small scoop of homemade laundry powder to the saved shower water.  Pour into the washing machine with your next load of washing.

*  Use the shower warm up water to wash your car. Ok,  you might need to save the shower water for a couple of days to suds up the whole car.

*  Pour cooled shower water onto pot plants and the veggie garden.  Every little bit counts.

*  Add a little disinfectant to a bucket of shower water to mop your floors

*  Give your bath a good clean with a little Miracle Spray and shower water.

*  Rinse out a dirty kitchen sink.

*  Wash a window or two using diluted Windex, metho or dish washing liquid and shower water.

*  Give your outdoor furniture a good scrub with a stiff brush and the shower water.

Watering the lettuce
Saving the water into a wide basin.


  1. I can add water to my front loader. A part went on the machine and there was a wait to get a new one, with no money coming in going to the laundromat to do washing for us wasn't really an option.

    For my machine if I pull out the detergent dispenser, water can me added through there. You need to wait, when you start the machine it does a pump out of any water still in there from the last load, once I hear it trying to start to fill, I add water.

  2. Great post Wendy,

    Yes we( myself and ds2) collect our shower warm up water. We usually use it in the garden or the washing machine.
    Now I just need to get DH and ds1 to do the same, hummmmmm

  3. Good ideas, Wendy! It gets a little trickier when the snow flies because so many of the uses are for outdoors, but I hadn't considered using the shower water to mop. Thanks!
    Blessings, Leigh

  4. A frontloader washing machine can be filled with water not from the attached tap: try using a garden watering can, I have one only for 5 ltrs. of water, because a large one is to heavy for me. It makes watering garden plants easier too and I have half a large plastic oil drum (cleaned thoroughly of course) for rainwater or to fill with tap or "grey" water, I can easily dip and fill my watering can in it. DM


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