Saturday 6 August 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 6th August 2016

This week has seen most of my home turned upside down with the kitchen renovation and Darren replacing all our skirting boards.  I didn't think I'd have anything frugal to share with you. Looking back now,  being frugal has become a part of my everyday life.  Here's what I managed to do -

*  Used the thermos to store boiled water in.  This has been really handy with the renos.  My kitchen was on the dining table during the week so everything felt a little awkward.  The fewer times I boiled the kettle,  the better.

*  Kept the heater off with tradies coming in and out.  This helped offset the cost of using the clothes dryer.  Almost everything had to go in the dryer as there wasn't much room for clothes horses.

*  Made a batch of diluted Dynamo laundry liquid.  I used 2 1/2 capfuls of liquid to a 600ml bottle.  This will give me about 15 loads of washing.  I use this liquid mix on the dark load of washing every now and then.  Café uniforms tend to need something a little stronger in fragrance.

*  Mended three pairs of socks.

*  Made a batch of cranberry hootycreek biscuits using dough from the freezer.  They were the last item baked in my old oven on Sunday night.

*  Cleaned the dishwasher with bi carb and vinegar.  I did this a couple of days before the dishwasher was disconnected.  I didn't want a dirty dishwasher hanging around for a couple of weeks.

*  We ate freezer meals ( leftovers ) twice this week and cooked basic meals for the other nights.

*  Saved the washing machine and shower water for each next load of washing.  We hand washed the dishes in the laundry due to our dishwasher being unplugged.  I also did less loads of washing. I've asked the family to put out the bare essentials while our house has been turned upside down.

*  De cluttered more items and donated a couple of bags to Savers.  I received a few discounts stamps throughout the week.

* Turned off the power points in the girls bedrooms while they were not here.

*  Bought some new mop heads from the company's website for 40% off with free postage.  These mop heads are no longer available in the supermarkets.  When they were,  they retailed for $15.99.  Online they retail for $17.99 plus $9 postage.  With the online sale the mop heads came down to $11.  I bought three which will do me for the next few years.  By then I'll be looking for a new mop. 

Leftover roast veggies made into a meal
Diluted Dynamo liquid
Princess inspecting the work site.
Our site supervisor
Making sure Darren is putting the skirting boards on right.
My new kitchen last Monday
New skirting boards
  .What frugal tasks did you complete this week ?


  1. Because of your encouragement, I started saving the shower water this week! I've only started in the ensuite for the moment, but as I get used to it I may get the kids to do it in the main bathroom too. How do you store your water, I've got mine in large buckets atm, but I'm going to buy a garbage bin as it has a lid. It's been raining all week so I haven't had as much use for the water, I can't use it in the washing machine because it's a front loader, so storage is an issue.

    1. We use hand washing basins in the shower then pour it into the washing machine. When we save the washing machine final rinse water, we direct the hose into a 50 - 60 litre bucket bought from a hardware store. It's then bucketed back into the machine as the wash water for the next load

  2. Wendi, you know have arrived when frugality is second nature and you don't even have to think about it. I can't wait to see your new kitchen finish.

    1. Yes I had to think really hard about what I'd done this week. Usually I have a list going but our house is a bit messy right now.

  3. I use 1 cap full of Dynamo (bought on 50% of special) in 2 litres of homemaker laundry liquid to give a nice scent to towels. I also use the Dynamo bottle for homemade laundry liquid (no shame!)

    1. Phil, I got the Dynamo idea from you. It's way too strong at full strength and too expensive.

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Love seeing Princess as site manager, she needs a little hard hat, heeee
    This week I mooed Bread, Peanut butter Biscuits and all meals from scratch except for last night as we went out for FIL's birthday (threw me as MIL told me they were paying for the night and then we had to pay for our own, GRRRRRR). Although, his present came in at only $4.00, chocolates, a toiletries bag(free, wow in a raffle) and a DVD from Savers.

    I did my menu plan for the month and shopping list,
    Did some sewing/mending
    Sold my cards, money has gone into craft slush fund
    Signed up for the Cheapskates Olympics to keep me on track
    I made a stamp using fun foam and a punch saving having to buy the stamp (I watched a You Tube video on it).
    Changed our holiday plans for December as we were going to Coffs Harbour (friend got us a great deal thru her time share on the accommodation)but the airfares were so expensive, so we were able to change it to Mildura where we have been before so we can take our own car and food, much more economical.

    With the Dynamo, that's a great tip which I would like to do but, what's a good price to pay for a bottle as I've never bought this before?

    Hope your kitchen is workable soon, looks great so far,

    1. Gosh, I hope your family didn't pick expensive meals to eat. It might need to be a bread and water menu for the rest of the week.

      Yes, Princess loves to be a part of everything that goes on here. She's supervised some of the tradies and inspected inside every cabinet.

      I haven't bought Dynamo for many years. back then they were clearing it out at $2 a small bottle. I cleared the shelf. It quite often comes on sale at half price. Wait until it $5 or $8 a bottle ( from memory ).

  5. I am setting up to save my warm-up water too, as Cheryl's now doing, and have organised a suitable bucket for our tiny ensuite shower. I need to find a suitable storage container too though. We've eaten more from freezer stockpile this week (soup) and I got a good deal on two dozen eggs today that are local, free-range today. (We don't have chooks:( I've started to put some clothes my son has outgrown into a bag to take to the op-shop and I don't plan on bringing any new-to-us clothes home with me. We found a cheaper option for our dog's dry food and we filled up the car at a lower price for petrol so some savings there.

    1. Meg, I always find it tempting to have a look in the op shop after I've donated. Everything is so cheap and affordable. Quite often I just have fun looking.

  6. Hi, its still warm and sunny in the UK. I hope your kitchen is coming on Ok.
    This week I have
    Made 3lbs of strawberry jam
    Made 10lbs curry chutney
    Made 2 1/2 lbs black current jam
    Made 3 loaves of bread
    Eaten home made cake and quiche out of the freezer
    Harvested runner beans, 2 cucumbers ,2 green peppers 10 corgettes and potatoes and carrots when needed from the garden
    Collected poppy, french marigold and nasturtium seeds
    Dried the laundry on the line.
    Finished knitting a front for my cardigan
    Have a good week

    1. WOW Chris !! You have been very busy in your kitchen and garden. I'm sure you feel good about all you've accomplished.

  7. I did lots of frugal things during the week, and one not so frugal thing. I spilled some coffee on my laptop, DD is now looking for a new one for me. However I have finally managed to get the dishwasher working again, a saving of over $600 for a new one.


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