Saturday, 27 August 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 27th August 2016

The last of the major kitchen renovations were finished this week.  I now have my second oven and it was installed Friday afternoon.  It's already been christened and the first meal I made in it was my version of KFC drumsticks.  Later that day I emptied the last two boxes containing my miniature tea sets.  They have now been given a wipe and displayed back in the tv cabinet.  There are just a few minor adjustment to be made in the kitchen but all is good.  Here's what else I got up to this week -.

*  Cut up two cereal bags to use between frozen soup portions and chops.

*  Gratefully received two discount fuel dockets.  Thankyou Joy and Tania

*  Bought approximately 8 - 9 kilos of broccoli at a bargain price of 79 cents a kilo.  Over the next couple of days I spent some time cutting,  blanching and freezing it.

*  Gratefully receive lots of colored card stock and other card making bits and pieces from the Cheapskates card making day.

*  Bought oranges for 49 cents a kilo and zucchinis for $1.49 kg.

*  Made 10 cards to sell at some point in the future.  I used supplies I already had on hand.

*  Used my new dry mop head to give the bamboo floors a sweep over. This saves me getting the vacuum cleaner out mid week.   I bought this mop about three years ago and have only used the wet mop head on the tiles. 

*  Picked silverbeet from the garden for three meals.

*  Baked some ANZAC biscuits to take to the Paperific Expo in Melbourne today.  This will be my morning tea and  I'm also bringing a bottle of water.  I'm treating myself to a cuppa and lunch.

*  Did a one off cleaning job on Tuesday.  This family rings up about one a year to every 18 months for a clean.  I'm very grateful for the extra work every now and then.

*  Refilled the foaming hand wash pump in my bathroom.

*  Made Miracle Spray to sell to a cleaning client.

*  Fed our chooks some grass and weeds.

*  Saved the washing machine water for each next load.

*  Had the heater off for a couple of days due to us working hard to get our home back in order.

*  Cooked all meals from scratch.  Froze a single serve of sausage casserole.

*  Reused bread bags to double wrap items for the freezer

* Froze tomato paste into ice cubes..   

Our chickens
It's hard to get them to keep still

Our plum stick has come to life
Card making
Single easel card
Girl's side stepper card
Lots of broccoli for the freezer
My second oven ( top )
My wall of ovens - YAY  !!

Did you complete any frugal tasks this week ?


  1. Kitchen looks totally amazing! I love the cards you made - really lovely. This week I cut open 3 old shampoo bottles that were impossible to get anything out of and decanted the contents that was in there to another bottle. (got almost half a bottle!). We went out and took a thermos of hot water with us to save on buying drinks, and when we came home I put the last of the hot water back into my kettle. Time to start planning summer vegetable garden!

    1. Lisa, I'm about to start planning the Summer veg garden too. Bring it on !!

  2. I am glad i am not the only one that has trouble getting a good photo of chooks. Ha! 20 shots to get one good one :-)

    1. Yep !! They don't seem to know to look at the camera.

  3. Lovely to have two ovens Wendy! And your cards are beautiful. You must be glad renovations are over!
    I completed a lot of frugal tasks this week and many more are works in progress. I am on a 100 day painting and spring cleaning challenge and we have bathroom renovations about to happen as well!
    Have a good weekend! xxx

    1. I'm very glad Annabel. I don't like mess at all. It sounds like it's all happening at your house.

  4. A wall of ovens, my goodness! I can imagine all the baking you're going to be doing, Wendy. I really like the side opening doors :)
    Our main frugal thing this week was filling and topping cars up while petrol price remains around 97C per litre. I did grocery shopping, got some good specials and scored some very ripe bananas basically given away. I'm going to make them into banana bread which is a nice alternative to toast for breakfasts. Today, I have baking to do for school next week. I usually make biscuits and a slice to cover the week. Didn't wash on rainy day here, have waited til sun out so power comes from our solar panels. We did have to replace the thermostat in our hot water system this week though, that cost a pretty penny or three! Nicely now though, we no longer have lukewarm hot water. Enjoy your new kitchen! Meg

    1. Thankyou Meg. I will enjoy the new kitchen and very clean home.

      Enjoy your hot showers.

  5. Feeling overwhelmed with a few busy weeks four kids and full time work. Made all meals and a double batch of lemon butter with lemons off my tree. Not sure where to start atm cupola and a batch of muffins for school lunches then I'll get into it!

    1. Just making all meals is a major achievement when you work full time. That in itself is a big saving.

  6. Hi from a sunny and warm UK. Your kitchen looks great, I am looking for somebody to tile mine as the 40 year old original tiles are falling off.
    We are in a drought here so I am saving as much of the water used in the house to water the garden as I can. The garden is not doing as well as it might but hopefully we will get some rain soon, this is the driest area in the UK so I should be used to it but it still always takes me by suprise.
    This week has not been the best frugally but
    I have picked runner beans, corgettes, cucumbers, peppers carrots beetroot and cucamelons
    I have continued saving seed
    I was gifted some blackberries by my SIL which have gone in the freezer until I have time to make jam
    I have baked bread and 2 carrot cakes
    I have dehydrated corgettes and made dill pickle
    I have cooked all meals from scratch
    I have line dried all the laundry
    I am emptying the green house ready for it to be dismantled and gifting anything I do not need
    My oven has been mended it ment loosing the timer clock but I can do without that cheaper than a new oven.
    Have a good week

    1. You had a great week considering you are in Summer.

      We don't use the timer on our new ovens. It automatically turns the oven off and the ringer isn't very loud or long. We use the timer on the microwave which is just above the ovens.

  7. Oh wow! Where did they have 49 cent kilo oranges ?!

  8. Hi Wendy,

    Well busy weekend but now I have a chance to post.
    So my week went like this: I mooed a triple batch of washing powder, Zucchini slice, bread, muffins and all meals from scratch.

    Kindly received a petrol voucher from Joy at the card making day where I received lots of paper for card making and lots of other goodies from Carol and the swap table, thanks ladies. We also received scones, bread and muffins this week.

    I made an envelope which was an unusual shape for the twisted easel card, thanks for the template Wendy. Also I made my own embellishments out of clothing tags. Also received an order for 75 invitations.

    Love your cards Wendy and the "Wall of Ovens". I never heard of ovens that turn themselves off before.

    Have a great week, xxx

  9. Not too many frugal triumphs in a week when we had to spend $1,736 on our pickup truck! Here's what I can take credit for:

    (1) Made menus and cooked all meals at home except for one dinner, when relatives invited us over.

    (2) A friend and I cut the runners off the strawberries we planted earlier and doubled the size of the strawberry bed. I love free plants!

    (3) Not frugal for me, but for friends: I dug up peonies, candytuft and packaged up dark red hollyhock seeds as gifts for my pinochle partners. I was prepared to leave them on their front steps at midnight if they wouldn't take them any other way. (They were gratefully received).

    (4) Summer's end is fast approaching. I am backing off on the amount of water we are putting on the lawn, partly to save money and partly to harden up the grass for winter. I will back off some more next week.

    (5) we went to the $3 movie theater to see Ghostbusters. Including the concession stand, we spent $17 for 3 people, which seems like what a movie ought to cost (instead of $9.50 just for one person to get in the door). I found out they have $1 showings on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I'll probably never go, but it's nice to know that I could see a flick for a buck. The movies at this theater are always less than a month out of the first-run theaters.

    (6) Made bread crumbs from stale bread.

  10. Hi Wendy - you have accomplished heaps. Where did u get the cheap broccoli and cauliflower from?


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