Thursday, 22 June 2017

Cleaning Your Washing Machine.

The washing machine is often forgotten when cleaning day comes around.  You think it must be clean because it washes clothes - right ???

I challenge you to open the lid / door of your washing machine and have a look inside.  is it really clean ?  Does it smell clean ? 

Here's how to  clean a washing machine -

*  Take out the lint filter ( if there is one )  and take the bag off.  Get the gunk out and give the bag a good scrub with an old tooth brush.  Clean all the parts attached to the bag with a tooth brush and kitchen detergent.  This should be done once a week.

*  Clean around the top of the washing machine barrel.  Get under all the rims you can reach.  I use a tooth brush to get into the grooves and wipe away with a sponge or microfiber cloth.

*  Wipe the outside of the agitator with a non scratch scourer to remove any grime.  If you can get inside the agitator,  use a long handled brush with a rounded head to scrub.

*  Wipe under the lid with Miracle Spray and close.  Wipe the top of the lid and the control panel.

*  Add a box of Espom Salts to the washing machine and select a long hot water cycle.  Let the washing machine go through the cycle to clean it's insides.  This tip was given to my Mum many years ago by a washing machine service man.  Doing this a couple of times a year will help prevent gunk build up in the pipes.

If you have a front loading washing machine,  pay extra attention to the door and its seals.  They harbour germs and grime.  I've heard vinegar can help with this problem.  Keeping the door slightly ajar when not in use is also advised.


  1. What a timely post Wendy, I got a shock the other day to find my front loader had mould in the rubber seal around the door! I'm waiting for the weekend to tackle it!

  2. Thanks for the hot tip about Epsom salts I will do that this weeekend. Have a lovely day.

  3. Never heard of using Epsom salts but will try it. I currently add vinegar every few washes.

  4. I have that model of washing machine and mine is on its last legs I think. Does yours have any issues with spinning and un-balanced loads? Ours is so very tempramental, no matter how carefully we lay the clothes in it, and then re-balance them. Sometimes it can take us up to half a dozen goes of re-shuffling wet clothes for it to actually spin. It appears unable to be fixed..... Very frustrating.

    1. Mine only goes out of balance with towels and doona covers.

  5. Great topic! The washing machine is an appliance forgotten when it comes to cleaning. I have a fairly new front loader that actually has a drum clean function and tells me when it needs a clean! Each time it does need a drum clean, I clean the seals on the door etc so that it is all clean at once. I never shut the door after a load either, helps keep the mould away.


  6. Thanks for your timely post, last week I was talking to my husband that maybe we needed a new machine as I felt it was not cleaning properly. Gave it your recommended Epsom salts treatment. Machine is now looking brand new but more importantly washing better. Thanks Wendy hundreds of dollars saved.

  7. Bronwyn Crawford5 August 2017 at 11:23

    Thanks for all your cleaning tips Wendy. This morning I did my kettle, dishwasher is currently having it's turn and when I shop this week I'll get Epsom salts and look out washing machine :)


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