Thursday 15 June 2017

Old Shower Caddy

It seems a shame to throw out shower caddies when they get a little rusty or grotty.  After giving them a scrub with an old tooth brush,  repurpose them around the home or shed.  Here are a few ideas -

*  Attach it to the laundry wall above the trough and store your Miracle Spray,  vinegar,
disinfectant,  nail brushes and sponges.

*  Hang it from a hook in the garden shed and use the caddy to store snail bait,  liquid fertiliser and small garden hand tools.

*  Hang it inside a wardrobe on the door or wall to store hairspray,  perfumes,  belts and scarves.


  1. All great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea, i have been looking for something to hang inside the wardrobe door in the caravan, the little hooks on the end will hang caps, the shelf for brushes , sunscreen and moisturiser. thanks Julie


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