Saturday 17 June 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 17th June 2017

This week was a mixed bag of frugal tasks.  Some blessings came our way,  a little craft time was put aside and lots of making in the kitchen.  Here's what I got up to  -

*  Gratefully received a loaf of bread.

*  Fed lots of weeds and grass to the chickens

*  Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.  Infact,  I got Darren to help make the dough.  i was running out of time so he pitched in.

*  Gratefully received lots and lots of bread bags from a charity bbq.  They will be repurposed into bathroom bin liners.

*  Sold 1 dozen eggs, a jar of jam and lots of muffins to a cleaning client.

*  Picked a few lemons from our tree.

*  Sorted out some toiletry packs that were given to us as presents a while ago.  We can't use them due to skin allergies so we will be making up pamper hampers for our church's charity day later in the year.

* Made five greeting cards using freebies from a card making magazine.  My girls bought a subscription to a magazine for my Mother's Day present.  It's a gift that keeps on giving.

*  Reduced the heater temperature to 19 degrees when I was home alone or had it turned off.  I also closed the ducted heating vents and door in the girl's bedrooms when they were at work.

*  Darren used the dry mop to sweep the bamboo floors instead of using the vacuum cleaner.

*  Gratefully received some glitter card stock and vintage style cards from Jessica to make more cards.

*  Made up a container of gravy powder from scratch.

*  Made a double batch of ANZAC biscuit dough.  I froze some dough for later and baked some to eat now.

Handmade nautical themed cards

Darren is hoping to get this for his birthday today.

Mango trees.  You can see the growth since January

Daisies in full bloom after a good pruning a couple of months ago.

On the menu - fish in foil.

What was on your frugal list this week ?


  1. The cards you made are just lovely! If I were your husband I would want one too! My list of frugal doings for this week will be up later tonight. I've been working on the post but my hubby just got up so I am going to spend some time with him before he heads to work later tonight. Be blessed!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    I always love reading what you have been up to over the week, you are so productive. Is the recipe for the gravy mix on your blog, I must have a look. Also I love the half wine barrels that your fruit trees are in, they look really beautiful. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. The recipe is under Mixes in the recipe section. This time I didn't use any gravy powder to boost the flavour. Instead I used more beef stock powder.

  3. I love reading your weekly list of frugal activities, Wendy. It shows how well a family can live when they all pull together.

    In addition to the usual frugal stuff, here are a few un-usual things I did this week:

    (1) Repairs/gluing. My teapot lid came apart on the previously super-glued break line. I re-glued it with Gorilla glue. Gorilla glue expands, so it's not as invisible, but it's a strong bond. I received a book last week and the cover came unglued when I read it. I re-glued it with craft glue and held it tight with a rubber band until it dried. Now I've passed it on to a friend. I also gave her two packages of regular pectin I won't need. (What goes around, comes around).

    (2) Picked another gallon of strawberries and made another batch of low-sugar freezer jam. (I gave away most of the first batch). I was expecting to harvest again today, but the berries aren't quite maybe in a few days.

    (3) Made homemade dry bread crumbs in the blender as well as half a gallon of Miracle Spray. Discovered that Miracle Spray and a brush are "da bomb" for cleaning sliding door and window tracks.

    (4) We had planned to go to a restaurant one day when my son was here. He did a lot of mowing for us and was too hot, tired and dirty to go. It was late and I didn't have a clue about dinner. Then I spotted some individually frozen cube steaks in my freezer. I thawed them quickly, breaded and fried them. Country fried steak and mashed potatoes and milk gravy--his all-time favorite meal. I saved a bundle of $ and it took less than half an hour to cook the entire dinner. Plus he liked it better than anything he could have ordered in a restaurant, especially since I also baked a frozen peach pie (which maybe wasn't frugal, unless you compare it to restaurant prices).

    Best wishes from Maxine in northern Idaho USA

  4. Yesterday I made a moist lemon cake and healthy mint patties and today I cut my sons hair 😊 Tracey

  5. Took lunch to work each day. Made biscuits from the frozen dough but unfortunately they didn't turn out of good as when it is fresh not sure what happened. Made a batch of "cut out" biscuits ��. Tried to resist take away but weakened one night. Oh my goodness $30 for 3 of us. Won't be doing that again in a hurry. Using the ducted heating to dry the clothes by placing the clothes horses over the ducts and then covering the horse with a sheet. Instant airing closet! Picked a heap of lemons from my juvenile tree ��

  6. Hi, Wendy. Your homemade cards are really lovely. I like the nautical theme very much! I have some stalled craft/sewing projects that I hope to get back to now that our school holidays have started. This week:
    * swapped lettuce, spinach leaves and one of my homemade bags for lots of citrus fruits and a dozen eggs from a friend's garden.
    * gratefully received a tumeric plant for my garden :)
    * picking and eating lots of greens from our garden
    * helped my son make a lemon crumble slice to take for his class morning tea
    * dried washing on line downstairs and racks inside during wet weather
    * made trays of pumpkin and silverbeet lasagna and froze many portions
    (We have a glut of silverbeet in garden at moment and I used passata
    that I had in my stockpile.)
    Have a lovely Sunday. Meg:)

  7. Is that a dwarf mango? will you plant it out or leave it in a pot? might get one myself what type is it? thanks

    1. We grew them from seed. I think it was a calypso mango. We will keep them in pots for now.


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