Wednesday 23 October 2019

Freezing Celery

Celery is one of those vegetables that's hard to keep fresh in the fridge.  It would have to be the one we waste the most in our house and finding ways to use it up within a week can be quite a challenge.

A few years ago I tried freezing chopped celery and it was a great success.  Here's how I do it -

*  Top and tail all the stalks.

*  Wash off any dirt.

*  Finely dice each stalk.  I use my Nicer Dicer for fast dicing.

*  Grab one handful and place in a freezer bag.

*  Squeeze out the air and tie a knot in the top of the bag.

*  Place in the freezer.


*  The celery will defrost limp and soggy.

*  Frozen celery can be added to any casserole,  soup or stew. 

*  A large ice cube tray can be used to freeze celery in smaller amounts.

Using the Nicer Dicer

Ready for the freezer


  1. I put my celery in two layers of alfoil and it seems to last at least 2 weeks

  2. Hello Wendy,

    I have celery growing like weeds growing in the veggie garden, so this I can do! I will pull out the large plants (to make room for other veggies I like) and chop for the freezer. Celery is not a favourite plant of mine, and of course it grows very well here for that reason haha!

    Have a great rest of the week!



  3. If there soup bundles i also add the leaves very finely shredded and i hydrate the leaves to make celery salt. You can also put frozen celery into juices and smoothies. Have a great week leanne

  4. Did you know that you can also eat the leaves of the celery plant and they go great in soups/stews/stir fires

  5. I freeze celery as well. I chop it up and put it in ziplock bags but flatten it down. That way i can stack them in the freezer and if I don’t want the entire bag I can just break off the amount I need.


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