Sunday, 17 May 2020

Smiley Sunday 17th May 2020

I've always been one to find great joy in the little things. When our daughters were toddlers,  I made it a point to see the world through their eyes with wonderment and happiness.  If they thought the grass was fascinating,  then I thought the grass was fascinating too.  After all,  God did create it for our pleasure.

Here are a few things that bring me joy -

*  A flower in the garden.  At the moment we have lots of different flowers blooming. They are a bright ray of sunshine amongst the bushes and shrubs.

*  Chocolate.  I love chocolate and there's no hiding it.  I'm blessed to have received lots of chocolate for Mother's Day from my family.  They know me well.

*  Our youngest grandson Bryson has just started smiling.  This brings a smile to my face as I encourage him to smile some more.  Even his eyes smile before it his mouth does.

Growing in some guttering on the fence.

What makes you smile ?


  1. A baby's first smiles are so precious. You are right to explore the world through the eyes of a child. At least two days a week I am with my beloved granddaughter. At present she loves weed flowers and spends a lot of time enjoying what she can find. She has some plantings here and at home. We are going peas and a variety of herbs. The best have been the best going things so far.

    I enjoy chocolate too but really need to lose weight. So I am trying to be good. Instead of chocolates I was given a beautiful arrangement of flowers and some books.

    I particularly love rainbows. They always make me smile. The promise that was given with the rainbow is still true and beautiful.

  2. Yes I always enjoy the little things. My lettuce is coming along well, I have two vases of flowers bought for me and they give me great joy. I keep watching the videos of little granddaughter and although I miss her they do make me smile.

  3. Your posts make me smile, you and your family are so courageous in the face of adversity. I made your tuna pasta bake and your crispy chicken drumsticks last week. Both were delicious. Thanks Wendy. Cheers KATE


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