Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Save The Power, Feel The Power - Part 3

 Sometimes we waste electricity without realising it.   I'm hoping these tips will get you thinking about ways to use less and keep more money in your pocket.

*  Turn your dishwasher off when the cycle has finished.  Even better,  give your plates and saucepans a quick scour then use the quick wash cycle which usually takes about 30 minutes to clean everything.  I've cleaned many homes over the years and either see dishwashers on a 120 minute cycle or they are left turned on all day.

*  Use one lamp in the lounge areas when the family is gathered to watch tv.  Even better,  have no lights on and pretend you are at the movies.

*  When and where possible,  replace old energy saving light globes for LED globes.  They do cost a little more but last so much longer and use far less electricity.

*  Defrost meat in the fridge instead of using the microwave.  The fridge is already on so you may as well make the most of it.  A large roast generally takes 2 days in the fridge to defrost.  Pieces of meat like chicken drumsticks,  steak or single serves of meals take1 day to defrost so plan accordingly.  This is also a food safety tip that reduces the risk of food poisoning if you defrost your food on a kitchen bench.  

*  Turn your washing machine and dryer off at the wall when the cycle has finished.  Even better,  invest in a clothes horse / rack and dry your clothes for free.

Have you thought of new ways to save electricity ?


  1. Re changing lightbulbs: check with your council and electricity supplier if they hand out LED lightbulbs (or offer at reduced price). Also, if you do buy an LED bulb, keep the receipt, as they often come with a warranty.

    We have thick fleece blankets on our sofas to crawl under when we watch telly. These blankets stay on the sofas year round, because even in summer, it may be nice to be covered.

  2. We have a convention microwave. It is used every day. I cook bulk meals and reheat in this. I cook small meals for the two of us using the oven function. I might not be theist at using the dishwasher and washing machine in the most economical way but there are some medical issues behind my use of these servants.

    Once again I am eager to learn more.


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