Wednesday 30 June 2021

Getting The Most Out Of Lemons

During Winter there always seems to be an abundance of lemons on offer.   Lemons are such a versatile fruit with many many uses.  The key is knowing how to process them quickly before they spoil.  Here are the tips I use to guarantee year round lemon abundance.  

*  To get more juice from your lemons roll them over the kitchen bench while pushing down.  This releases the juices inside.  Another tip is to put an uncut lemon in the microwave for 20 seconds.  

*  Freeze them whole.  This is a great tip if you have an abundance of lemons and don't have time to juice them all.  They will defrost a little soft but can still be used. Also great for baking whole lemon cake.

*  Zest them.  Zest can be used in slices,  cakes and muffins as well as savoury dishes.  Zest can also be frozen.  Just make sure you use a glass container to freeze it in as the zest scent is very hard to remove from plastic. 

*  Juice them and keep the juice in the fridge ( for a few days ) to make refreshing drinks.

*  Make lemon butter.  This is a wonderful spread to have on toast and scones.

*  Freeze the juice in icecube trays to keep a good supply all  year round.  Juice can be used on fish,  to make lemon chicken.  soothing drinks for sore throats,  baking and of course - lemon butter 

*  Freeze the zest of both lemons and oranges.  Then juice them and add to a snap lock bag or container to make 50 / 50 cordial in Summer.

*  Clean and freshen chopping boards with a lemon cut in half.

Lemon chicken

Ready for juicing

Lemon butter

Cooking fish in foil.

How do you process an abundance of lemons ?

How do you like to use lemons ?



  1. I rarely have huge numbers of lemons. My tree is yet to grow one lemon. However, last year I candied mandarin rind and if I had an abundance I would try to candy lemon rind for Christmas cakes etc.

    1. Don't give up my tree took 17 years to produce about 20 lemons this year only time its fruited.

  2. Sadly we can't grow lemons here. I have made lemon curd which I assume is the same as lemon butter. I don't think the lemons we get can be as juicy as your local grown ones.

  3. I make a lemon ginger and honey syrup (from Down to Earth blog), add water for my afternoon hot drink. Strangers are Pilgrims on Earth blog also makes a French syrup from used halves of lemons. The sugar she used could possibly be replaced with honey.

  4. I don't have a lemon tree in my garden, Wendy, but I forage limes from a tree in a park and friends gift us lemons. I juice limes and lemons and freeze jiuce in icecube trays. I can then defrost as I need for recipes.



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