Saturday 19 June 2021

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 19th June 2021

 Due to the cold,  wet weather we've been experiencing in Melbourne my frugal tasks have mostly been inside.  We were blessed with mild weather on Sunday so you can imagine we made to most of it to get a few gardening jobs done.

Here's what we got up to -

*  Planted quite a few strawberry runners that were growing in one of our garden beds.  Strawberry plants only last a few years before you need to replace them.  Runners are the free option.

*  Planted about 25 broccoli and 4 mini cauliflower seedlings  I'd grown from seed.  I also planted lots of sugar snap peas in one of the other garden beds.

*  Fed the outside compost bin every second day with kitchen scraps.  Old broccoli plants were also added to the bins.

*  Made a few more apron cards using supplies I already had.

*  Defrosted one of our 120 litre freezers.  This helps it run more efficiently  While I was putting all the food back in I made a note of what we have and what needs to be used shortly.  No waste in our house.

*  Wrote out another 28 day menu plan and included a few cheap meals.

*  Used the steamer insert on the stove to cook all our veggies.  Usually I cook the potatoes or rice on the stove and steam the veggies in a microwave container.

*  Donated a bag on unwanted items to Savers and received 2 x 20% off vouchers.

*  Picked kale and silverbeet to add to our dinners

*  Emptied the last of a moisturiser bottle into the next one.  I used a connector that my Dad invented and made up.  He's made them in a few different sizes to fit just about any bottle opening.

*  Darren has enjoyed eating an orange every day that was picked from Megan's tree.  They are still a little too sour for me.  I'll wait until we pick more fruit in July.

Free oranges in abundance

Darren's birthday card I made

Saving the last of the moisturiser

Using the steamer to cook the veggies

How did you save time,  money or energy this week ?


  1. Love that Apron card - very clever

  2. I really enjoy your blog, don’t comment usually, but today just wanted to thank you for taking the time! Your blog a few days ago with the 28 day menu was excellent, I looked up a few recipes and it got me to planning our meals, thanks again.

    1. Thankyou for your kind words. The recipes are all my own ( unless I've stated otherwise ) and are really easy and cheap to make.

  3. You certainly do have abundance and... very shiny pots. You have shamed me into scrubbing my own. Those oranges hold promise; in my climate, I must settle for apples.

  4. The apron card is a cutie!

    I have a question for you and Darren. I have a raised bed of strawberries. The plants are 3 years old and probably would be fine for another year or two, BUT the box was mainly filled with compost and it has sunk down to the extent that I need to add more. The current strawberry plants will put out lots of runners this summer (I am in the US and the berries are bearing now). How would you approach this? I hope to do this and still have a good season next year. Dig up the existing plants, add soil and replant them, replant with runners, OR? When should I do this, fall or spring? I have the idea that I'll get a better yield next year if I do it in the fall, but they aren't growing as actively then, and we sometimes get frost in September (although not usual). Can you please help, or at least share your thoughts?

    1. I would plant the runners in the bed if you have room or if the bed isn't too high, trail them over the side into pots. Wait until the long string between the runners start to die or brown then cut off. I would dig up the old plants in Fall then plant out the new ones ( from runners ) when it is safe to do so in your area.
      Perhaps add some garden soil to the compost so it doesn't sink so much.

    2. The traditional way is to have 3 or 4 beds next to eachother, bed 1 is new runners, bed 2 1-year olds, etc. After year 3 or 4, you discard the plants, add feed to the bed, and plant the runners in that bed. If you have enough time and space, you could first put the runners in little pots while still attached to the mother plant, and then, once they have a good root system, cut them off and plant them in their new position.

  5. Good morning Wendy, love the apron card also. When I read your menu plan it reminded me of my mothers 1970 favourite chopsuey, so I made it, using quorn instead of mince, but it did taste as I remembered. Thanks for the reminder and it's now added to our frugal recipe store again! Have a lovely week,stay warm

    1. Hi Jenny. Chop suey is a family favourite of well over 40 years.

  6. Have you ever considered having a YouTube channel? I’m sure there’s lots including me who would watch, videos like cooking, cleaning, shopping, op shopping, recipes, menu plans & grocery hauls, day in the life.. basically all the stuff you post here, YouTube can bring in an income too

    1. We are in the process of setting a channel up. Stay tuned.


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