Saturday 5 June 2021

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 5th June 2021

 As our lockdown continues in Victoria,   I've stayed away from the shops for another week.   I feel blessed to have the knowledge and foresight to constantly have a stockpile we can live off for quite a long time.

On Monday my Dad was granted permission from the government for his scheduled eye surgery to still go ahead on Wednesday.  Mum,  Dad and myself stayed in the city for two nights while Dad had his surgery and check ups.   Everything went smoothly with the surgery,  accommodation and travelling.  It was a bit eerie to see the city so quiet yet it gave us a sense of calm.

Here's what else we managed to fit into our unusual week -

*  Picked,  blanched and froze 4 broccoli heads from our garden.  There are another 3 - 4 heads I'll be picking in the next couple of days and more to follow shortly after.

*  Planted 3 potatoes that were sprouting in my pantry.  I'm not sure if they'll grow into productive plants due to the time of the year.  At least they were free and too soft to peel and cook.

*  Darren pruned our raspberry plants.  This might not sound like a frugal task but 2 years ago we didn't get a chance to prune due to family traumas we were going through at the time.  Later that year our plants didn't produce as much as they usually do.  I rely on these plants for enough fruit to make lots of raspberry jam. 

*  Made a bottle of surface spray using dishwashing liquid and water.  I use this all around our home for cleaning.

*  Made and sold a 2 litre bottle of Miracle Spray for a friend.

*  Picked silverbeet,  lettuce and kale from our garden to eat at mealtimes.

*  Packed all the food I needed for my 2 days in the city.  Dinners were freezer meals of leftovers.

*  Saved shower water and washing machine water as per usual.

*  Made another 4 litres of laundry liquid from the big bucket I made a few months ago.  

*  Decanted and diluted a couple of bottles of shower gel into a large pump bottle.  Pump bottles make it much easier to ' portion control '.

*  Darren picked more mandarins and oranges from Megan's tree.       

Daisies in the garden

We love color.

Decanting homemade laundry liquid.

The view from our apartment in the city

What frugal tasks did you complete this week ?

Has anyone had a stockpile to help them during a lockdown ?


  1. Shopping without my mother is always faster and way less expensive. I managed this once this week. I hope to look through our food stores to use up the oldest.

  2. Glad your Dads operation went well Wendy. I did a lot of cooking this week and added some meals to the freezer. I have some potatoes just coming up... Im not sure how they will go either as they could get frost on them. But like yours I had nothing to lose by planting them so we will see! xxx

  3. Your daisies are very pretty, Wendy. I always think they are very cheerful flowers. We had a fairly frugal week here:
    * topped up petrol at $1.29perL before last of service stations in our area moved to $1.70s.
    * homemade meals - split pea soup, spaghetti bolognese, grilled chicken & steamed veg and an egg, bacon & silverbeet pie.
    * used homegrown herbs and silverbeet in pie, sliced chicken breast fillets into thirds before grilling
    * picked homegrown lettuce for us and gave some to friends too
    * made sweet potato & chocolate brownies
    * happily received and froze batch of pikelets and also made batch of breakfast pancakes with grated pear
    * bought some specials for my pantry at grocery shops - checked flyers and online catalogues to make shop list
    * bought extra flour, that I store in plastic bags in my freezer, as I expect prices may rise (I watched tv segment about mouse plague impacts on crops.)
    * redeemed $10 off at one supermarket
    * saved shower warm up water and tipped this into wash machine
    * planted two new salvias in my garden that I struck from cuttings

    Today, I need to make more lavender spray and a batch of yoghurt. Stay well and safe, Wendy.


  4. Good morning Wendy, hanging in here! We didn't have to go out all week as enough in our pantry and the regional areas are now less restricted. So glad your dads surgery went well as it's so disturbing when these things get cancelled and everything rescheduled.Take care best wishes.


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