Wednesday 23 June 2021

Save On Takeaway With These Tips

 We all have our moments when takeaway is enjoyed at home as a quick option on a crazy busy day. Later on you look at your bank statement and wonder why it cost so much.    Here are a few tips for reducing the total spend on your treat -

*  Don't buy the garlic bread on the menu.  While someone picks up your order ( or getting it delivered ),  grab a few slices of bread or a bread roll ( sliced in half ),  butter it,  add some herbs and pop it in the oven under the grill.

*  Soft drinks, bottled water and juices are incredibly expensive from takeaway shops.  Just offer the family a glass of water and save your sugar intake for a piece of chocolate or a biscuit after dinner.

*  When you are about to eat your takeaway,  if possible serve what you know you can eat onto dinner plates and portion the leftovers into containers.  Place them in the fridge and when dinner is over,  pop it in the freezer for future eating.  Placing picked over,  leftover food in the fridge might seem like a great option but the food deteriorates at a faster rate due to the bacteria introduced from the cutlery. 

*  If ordering Asian food,  cook your own rice to save money.  White rice takes 10 minutes to cook which can be done while the takeaway food is being delivered or picked up.

*  Try to only order what you know you can eat.  Over ordering is a common mistake many people make.  If this happens,  freeze the rest.

*  Meal deals are not really deals.  They are marketed so you spend more than you intend.  Just order the basics.  For example,  pizza without the dessert,  garlic bread and drinks.

*  Check your phone apps to see if there are any discount coupons or codes.

*  As a cheaper alternative,  keep leftovers in the freezer to avoid the temptation to spend.  

How do you save on takeaway ( other than not buying it ) ?



  1. We tend to buy take away from local restaurants at lunch time. There are a number of places near here that provide a nutritious lunch for much less than an evening meal.

    1. WOW !!! The takeaway in your area must be super cheap. The evening meals I cook cost about $2 or less for 2 people.

    2. I aim for the two dollar mark as well. This never happens when we eat out. However, I have allergies to eggs, some grains and seafoods. My mother loves seafood. Going out to lunch allows her to eat what she likes without me having to prepare it. Lunch yesterday was a children's serve of calamari and chips shared between my 3 year old granddaughter and mum. I had a salad roll. Last night I made chicken, bacon and leek pies. They worked out around a $1.70 a piece. This was a rare treat. Twice a week I cook for my children on university night. My son-in-law was so stoked to have a homemade pie.

  2. We hardly ever have takeaway, Wendy. If we do, we order from a little local Thai restaurant & just get one dish plus coconut rice. That does both of us for dinner and there's usually a serve of leftovers that one of us will have the following day. Just ordering one main, to share between us, is plenty plus keeps price down.


  3. Hi, my husband and I save by purchasing just one main dish and a less expensive appetizer and then share both. That saves the cost of a full dinner entree right there. Plus, we have a bunch of coupons for free appetizers for our favorite restaurant, so we end up spending for just that one entree. The food portions are ample, and we always feel satisfied but not stuffed. We also rarely buy flavored drinks; instead we drink water.

  4. We have the makings of a fastfood take-away meal in the freezer and fridge, for instance: buns, hamburgers, mayo, iceberg salad, gherkins. It's easy to assemble, takes the same amount of time, and is much cheaper.
    The proper take-away meal (Asian, for instance) we don't mind paying for, because we can never get the taste properly right when we make it ourselves, but, like you, we will make our own rice, not buy the drinks, nor the desserts.

  5. Hi Wendy we order the large curry with Nan which costs a little more than the standard size and then share it with home made rice. Same for fish and chips large portion has two pieces of fish enough for two. Even when we go out for pizza we share one, we also frequent order one meal and a salad and ask for an extra plate.


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