Wednesday 29 April 2015

Grocery Specials Wednesday 29th April 2015

Here are this week's super duper grocery bargains.  Please feel free to share any other grocery bargains you find -


*  Dove soap 4 pack $4.10.  Although this is not the lowest sale price,  it is a very good price and wel worth stocking up.

*  Real Foods Corn Thins !25 - 150 grams half price at $1 a bag.

*  Gold’n Canola Oil 4 Litre or La Espanola Rice Bran 3 Litre half price Was $18.00, Save $9.00 now  $9.00 each

*  Dove body wash,  shampoo / conditioner and deod are half price


*  Cottee Jams 500 grams was $3.40 now $2.  Although I make all my own jam,  if you don't this is a great price.

*  Heinz condensed soup cans half price at $1.10 each.

*  Lindt Lindor Balls 150 gram box half price at $6.  A great present for Mother's Day.

*  Fresh Blue Grenadier fish fillets was $15 kg now $9.98. 

*  Broccoli $1.98 kg.  This is a great price considering it's been as dear as $8 kg lately.  Buy lots,  blanch and flash freeze then bag for future use.

*  40% off all Bonds

*  TRESemme shampoo / conditioner half price at $5.24 for  750 - 900 mls.


*  Chicken breast fillets skin on $5.99 kg

*  Yearling Beef Osso Bucco $6.99 kg


  1. I havent seen Chicken Breasts that price for years, or even thighs for that matter. I wish Tasman Meats was near us but alas its not.

  2. Gosh that's a good price on the chicken breasts Wendy. Oh to live closer! Thankyou for posting this regularly. It's a great prompt for me to check the catalogues online before I shop. Invaluable. Thankyou. Mimi xxx

  3. Hi Wendy, I love the pink dove beauty bar but cannot seem to find it anywhere. I purchased about a dozen bars a few months ago from a pharmacy who had it on special for $1 per bar but have not seen it anywhere since. I only wish I had bought more. Regards, Sue

    1. Sue, I know that they usually sell the pink bars of Dove around Pink Ribbon day (October) to support breast cancer and if you wait till late October, early November, they drop the price to get rid of these as the pink bars are not a regular item in some Maureen

  4. Thanks Wendy - I will be picking up broccoli and tomato soup from Woolies today. I' feel very lucky to live very close to a Tasman - their prices are great! And I think they help keep the other local prices down. Tina xx

  5. No broccoli on special at our Woolies :-(
    Our junk mail person hasn't been yet to check the catalouge

  6. Our Woolies has zucchini for $1.99 I hope also the broccoli as I would love that. I know I will be making zucchini soup.
    I love the pink Dove soap. I have had luck a few times getting it in cheap shops, probably left over after a promotion as you say.
    I am on the look out for things to build up my pantry. Also I am thinking of what might be on markdowns after Mother's Day, so many prices are slashed after these special occasions.
    Have a good rest of the week! Xxx

  7. Thank you so much Maureen, I will keep an eye out for them in October and November and buy up big if I see them on special. I absolutely love this blog. Sue

  8. Thanks Wendy,
    I'll grab some of those specials tomorrow.

  9. Got me a big bag of broccoli Wendy, will be blanching and freezing tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Yes I did too Annie. We haven't had broccoli for a little while and we've missed it.


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