Thursday 9 April 2015

Scrap Booking Paper On Sale

This post is for all my scrap booking and card making friends.

Aldi has 100 large sheets of scrap booking paper on clearance for $2.99.  The original price was $4.99.  There are at least four different themes to choose from.

Well worth stocking up to make lots of fabulous cards.  Maybe this could be a Mother's Day present for a family member or for yourself..


  1. Didn't see them at my Aldi today Wendy! I did see some really lovely bits'n'bobs for card making at Target today though - most expensive was $5 a packet - I restrained myself, I have plenty of things to use up, but they were so pretty :)

    You've inspired me to get back to card making - I made a half dozen over the weekend and loved the down time, so relaxing and so much fun thinking about layouts and colours.

    1. How exciting Cath. You'll have to post some photos on your blog.

  2. Thanks Wendy. I will check that out.

  3. Thanks Wendy! That is a fabulous price. I just hope our store has some left.

  4. I'm longing for an Aldi in SA! So I will miss out on this but I have the rose pictures to use up. I hope to get some cards made over the weekend and try an idea out. Have a great weekend. Xxx

  5. How I miss being near an Aldi



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