Wednesday 1 April 2015

Grocery Specials Wednesday 1st April 2015

At this time of the year there is lots of chocolate,  junk food,  fish and gift cards on sale in the supermarkets.  Keep in mind that the supermarkets want your money and they'll do anything to get you into the store with your wallet or purse in hand. 

Here are the best of the deals I found -


*  Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Bunnies 80 grams 1/2 price at $1.85 each.

*  Tip Top English Muffins 6 pack 1/2 price at $2.35

*  Bulla Splits Icecreams 10 pack 1/2 price at $3.07.  We buy these on the odd occasion as a treat.

*  Sistema Plastic Containers 1/2 price.

*  30% off Energizer batteries


*  Energizer batteries  AA and AAA at 1/2 price

*  30% off all toys

*  1/2 price off all Telfresh and Realseal containers.

*  1/2 price Morning Fresh dish washing liquid.


  1. Hi Wendy, thanks for this post, Coles also have Peckish rice crackers for $1.00 which we use as chips now and the St Ives facial scrub $8.00,

  2. Spaghetti 65c at IGA. My local IGA also sells chicken carcasses that are brilliant for stock. Paid $3 something for three larges chicken frames. Was able to get enough meat off for Sou. Add the 65c spaghetti and enough soup to fill three adults for dinner with leftovers for one to take to TAFE today.

  3. Hi Wendy, thanks for specials. I want fish for good friday but haven't seen any really good specials yet - fish is generally quite expensive isn't it?

    For anyone travelling to city in month of April - we used this offer this morning for free parking in Melbourne CBD ($5 booking fee)

    Thanks - Tina

    1. Coles has Blue Grenadier fish for $10 a kilo as a regular item. Couldn't tell you what country it comes from but it tastes lovely baked or fried.

  4. I enjoy these weekly posts as they encourage me to write my shopping list

    Salt and pepper Squid - frozen $10 / 1kg
    Vaalia yoghourt - but only the Lemon Creme flavour if they have it. $4 / 900g ( my indulgence- love the flavour )
    Cherry Ripe bar 99c - the Husbands favourite
    Sharwoods sauce $1.99
    Ho Mai Yum Cha entertainer pack $6.64 - a emergency meal in freezer if I can't cook, or we just feel like Chinese

    Chicken Thigh fillets $8 / kg
    Bega cheese $9 / 1 kg
    By George Hoki Wedges - never heard of them $6 / 1kg. Depending on Country of Origin I might get them
    Select Hash Browns $2.50 / 1kg
    Johnsons bodywash $4.99 / 1 litre
    Macleans toothpaste $2.50 / 170g I have had difficulty finding Macleans at either supermarket recently and my stockpile was running low

    Chemist Warehouse
    Macleans $1.99 / 170g - better than Woolies
    Dove shea butter $3.99 / 4 pack
    Country Life soap $2.39 / 6 pack - Australian made and owned
    Ultrex SanPro ( pads ) 2 packets of 8 for $3

    Watched the advert for Costco masquerading as a segment on A Current Affair last night. Had a good laugh when they compared the price on Macleans toothpaste. But I must admit I love the Beef Bulgogi they sell in their Cafe. Still waiting on their opening close to me later this year. K

    1. Yes all the items they price compared were full priced items. Certainly not prices I pay.

  5. Hi Wendy and everyone. After the discussion about fruit and vegies being affordable I will add that our Woolies SA has grapes $2.50 a kilo and Granny Smith Apples $2.48 a kilo. Quite good prices on pork and hams too.Coles peas are Australian grown and are $2.90 a kilo. But when I go in the store there are usually many more under $3 a kilo choices plus I go to the fruit and vegie shop... they keep their specials out the front so I check every time.
    I am well stocked up and shampoo and conditioner thanks to the last weeks specials.xx

  6. Thankyou Wendy , I'm not doing any specials shopping this week, nothing I need on special at the moment. The slush fund is a little low at the moment!!
    Blessings to you and your family for Easter.

  7. Thankyou for this list Wendy. It saves me so much time and running around. Can I add that Coles have Pears in Queensland for $1.90kg. We love them and they make a gorgeous crumble now that there is a little nip in the air...Mimi xxx

  8. You sure love your Morning Fresh, I will admit, when my Mum came to visit last August - I had her bring me a bottle. Just reminds me of home. The American brand that I use, and love, is Dawn. They go on sale often for 0.99, let me check the size. It's 266ml. I had a 0.25 coupon so paid 0.74, super concentrated and I use it very sparingly. You probably don't have them there but they've just come out with paper towels, that have Dawn in them. When you wet them, the soap is activated. I bought one packet and have hidden them from my husband as I know he would just blow through them......LOL.

    Love the Sistema containers, I brought back a whole bunch when visiting NZ two years ago. You can buy them here at certain stores too, Old Navy being one of them.

    Have a lovely day, love your posts.

    Shannon in NY.

    1. Hi Shannon. Yes I love my Morning Fresh although I haven't bought any for quite a while. I still have about 26 27 bottles in my stockpile. I've heard of the brand Dawn and wondered if it was any good. We don't have those paper towels here ( YET ).

  9. Hi everyone,
    Spotted a few new specials:
    * ALDI - 3 pack Viva paper towel (Easter print) $2.99
    * COLES - pumpkin $1/kg
    - IXL jam 600g $1.99 (that's half price)

  10. Hi, I've been following your blog from the start, it keeps me inspired, so thanks!
    I bought a couple of the Morning Fresh from woolies, but noticed they had redone the packaging. On closer inspection, they are now 400ml instead of 450ml :(


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