Wednesday 8 April 2015

Grocery Specials Wednesday 8th April 2015

Here are the best specials I found this week.  I hope it saves you lots of money -


*  Continental Cup A Soups 2 serves Half price at $1

*  Gluten Free Weet Bix half price at $2.23 for 375 g.  I don't need to buy these but it seems like a good price for those who need them

*  1 kg bag of Australian carrots half price at $1.

*  Lucas Paw Paw ointment half price for a 25 g tube at $2.95

*  Radox shower gel 500 ml half price at $3.05.


* Golden crumpet rounds half price at $1.55 for a 6 pack

*  Australian Legs Of Lamb $7.99 kg.  If you can't get to a Tasman Meats in Victoria where they sell them for $6.99 kg,  then this is a great price.

*  Celery whole bunch $1 offer ends 9 / 4 / 15

Feel free to post any great specials you have found


  1. Hi Wendy, thanks for postings these specials, great price for the crumpets and you can freeze them.

    IGA have Colgate Toothpaste 110gm $1.79
    IGA also have the Radox shower gel 500ml $2.99
    Thanks, Maureen

  2. Coles
    * Kraft peanut butter 500g is half price this week - $2.84. For Kraft, this is a rock bottom price, so well worth stocking up!!

    * 4kg brushed potatoes - $4.00
    * Heinz baked beans half price - 0.97cents
    * Woolworths select frozen vegetable varieties 1kg - $2.84 (half price)

    The Reject Shop
    *Colgate toothpaste 120g - $1
    *Colgate toothbrush - $1
    *Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid 450ml - $2

  3. Hi Wendy Great specials

    Drakes Foodland have

    Kleenex Viva Paper towel $1.89 for a twin pack
    White King Bleach $2.99
    Country Fresh Corn Kernals in Can 89 Cents

    Laine :)

  4. Thanks Wendy! I’m at the very end of our food budget for this pay cycle so hoping to make what we have last. And we should be fine – will probably just need a fruit & milk top on Sunday. Hope everyone finds some good specials – Tina xx

  5. Yesterday at Woolworths, I saved a whopping $14.99 on Finish dishtabs (48 pack) paying $13/pack. That makes me very excited! That works out to .27c per tab!
    I saved $7.50 on 2litres Cold Power washing detergent, normally $15 and I stocked up on frozen meals for some of our lunches - Weight Watchers ones were out for $4 and McCain meals $4.80, normally $6.99....


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