Saturday 25 April 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks 25th April 2015

Here's my frugal list for the week.  We are very grateful for the blessings that have come our way.

*  Gratefully received some bread,  focaccias,  sandwiches,  chicken and a few slices of cake. 

*  Ate leftovers on Sunday night.  There was lamb stew left over from two nights ago and party food from Sunday lunch time.

*  Made a bottle of air freshener.  I also made the bottle look nicer with a little bit of colored card stock.

*  Saved lots of washing machine water for each next load.

*  Dried just about all the washing on clothes horses and the line.  A few things were dried in the dryer because they were needed urgently.

*  Made a few more cards using wrapping paper I found in Megan's room.

*  Bought some bargains in the clearance aisle of Coles.  Darren and I found torches for $1,  silicon baking liners for $1 each,  cake decorating pen for $1 and a couple of DVDs for $2.  The DVDs and torches will be put in our Christmas stockings.

*  Picked some flowers from our garden to brighten up my kitchen.

*  Picked a handful of raspberries every few days.

*  Recycled 10 bread bags from a charity bbq Darren organised.

*  Bought three bottles of Imperial Leather shower gel for $4.50.  They are one litre bottles and smell divine.  I also bought another bottle of Pine O Cleen disinfectant for my stockpile.   Both bargains were bought from Coles.

*  Made a double batch of raspberry and white choc muffins.  Also made choc truffles and lemon slice.  Some of each of these were for morning tea at church last Sunday.  Megan was water baptised last Sunday and we had the family back for a lunch of sausage rolls,  mini quiches,  sandwiches,  lemon slice,  choc truffles and the muffins.  A very yummy lunch and a wonderful day.

Sorry,  I don't have many photos for this week.  It's either been too dark for good photos or too late at night when I think to get the camera out.

Flowers Megan and her little cousin Claire picked from our garden last Sunday.  Just lovely.

Flowers to brighten up my kitchen.

Jessica thought she'd be creative.  Raspberries and our first feijoa from our garden.

Princess just loves to lay on top of the clotheshorse.  She's smooching and rubbing / scratching her face on the pegs.  She has been know to fall asleep here.  Not very comfortable and the clotheshorse bars buckle under her weight.

Flowers given to Megan from the chef at the cafe they work at together.

What frugal tasks did you complete this week ?


  1. Lovely flowers!
    Congratulations to Megan on her baptism.
    This week I :
    *saved the water from the shower for our garden.
    *saved two bucket loads of water from our washing machine to water our yuccas
    *switched off lights and used candles
    *swapped some unwanted craft items for some red capsicums
    *used up left overs to feed our dog
    *enjoyed watching a few dvds borrowed from the library.
    *I have been told of a cheaper plan for my mobile phone though still with the same company. This will save me $20 a month.
    *we reduced our food budget from $400 a month to $300. This is our BIG one for the week!! Im pretty thrilled about this!
    *acitvated a few deals for bonus Flybys points and i see we have reached enough points to cash in for $150! We are going to leave it to reach $300 then use it for a month food shop whilst saving the $300 we have budgeted...
    Hope everyone had a wonderful week.

    1. You have done really well with your food budget. How exciting for you.

      Darren was excited to open up his letter from Flybys. He just loves getting the coupons and planning ways to boost our points.

  2. Hi Wendy

    Another Great week since finding your blog i look forward to reading it each week.

    This week we are

    Eating the last of the meat from the freezer ahead of our monthly shop next week

    Got some Pears for 50 cents a kilo which made 3-4 batches of pear muffins

    I tried to save the water from the washing machine for the next load like you do but found it came out a dark grey colour is that still ok to use i ended up on using it on my garden so still saved :)

    Laine :)

    1. We save the water from the towels ( light in color ) and light / medium colored loads for the next load of washing. In Summer the dark load is used on the garden.

    2. I collect mine in 5 nappy buckets left from when my kids were in nappies. I let it settle, and then pour it back into the machine. The bottom 10cm does not get reused. I've been doing so for 21 years now.
      It's water that was used to rinse clean clothes, so any detergent residue goes back into the next wash.
      If the water is a bit cloudy, let it settle and use for sheets or towels. K

  3. Oh...lamb stew, I have not had lamb stew for many years! I also remember a time when washing machines all had a suds-saver setting - they do not these days.

    1. Phil, we make a leg of lamb do two meals for the four of us. The first meal is the roast and the second meal is either lamb stew or shepherfs pie.

      When I filmed the Christmas story for ACA, we costed the meal at $15 for four people because there is plenty of meat for two meals. So many viewers just didn't understand.

  4. Hey Wendy!
    My name is Amy, and I am 21 years of age. I love hearing about all your frugal tips, and savings...I use it as inspiration to save up, and hopefully (God willing), be able to purchase my own home one day...It's been a life-long dream of mine, since I first started working.
    Do you have a PO Box? I'd LOVE to be able to write a letter, and send you some things? :)

    1. Amy, how exciting to be saving for a home.

      Could you please private message me on facebook ? I have a page for Wendy Gower and one for My Abundant Life.

    2. Thank you Wendy!
      Sure thing, I'll private message you now :)

  5. Hi Wendy,

    - made yoghurt
    - also made raspberry and white choc muffins
    - defrosted and ate leftovers
    - stocked up on $1 colgate toothbrushes and $1 colgate toothpaste from bargain store

    Mended two pairs of DH's 15 year old work pants. DH rarely buys new clothes and if we do shop for clothes we buy good quality and make them last.

    Have a good week

    1. Just think of all the money saved by mending.

  6. Hi Wendy, Liz here, Ive found a few bargins this week. We went to the city for the day to visit our adult son and I was delighted when the joggers my young son chose were discounted from $70 to $19.99 in Betts.I bought a lovely Kitchenette from Buy Swap and Sell for $35 which fits nicely in my dining room (now the drumkit has moved to the shed) and a groovy wooden table and chairs for $30 as a shed warming gift to my husband now the shed floor has been concreted. The concrete came in $4000 under budget due to all the work we did ourselves. We received a whole salmon from our neighbours that went fishing. I replaced some broccolli plants in the vege garden that the pesky peacocks ate thru the netting, with plants I grew from seed. Cooked all meals except one when we went to the city and also baked school snacks and froze. Made 4 loaves of bread in the bread maker this week. Dried all the washing on the line or infront of the fire on the clothes horse. I have discovered reusable Micro Fibre cleaning cloths that can be washed many times, bought 3 for $6 at Bunnings. We had 5 money free days this week. Hope everyone has a great week, regards Liz

    1. A great week Liz. and some great bargains I've been using microfibre cloths for about 10 years or more with my cleaning work. If you use fabric softener, make sure you don't wash the cloths in that load.

      A whole salmon !!!! Yum, yum.

  7. Hi, Wendy.
    this week all meals except one have been made from scratch. I baked 2 loaves of bread and a chocolate fudge brownie slice. Washing has been dried outside during the day and then on clothes horses in the evening when the heating is on, though that hasn't been on as much this week. Warmer clothing has come out of storage, and throw rugs so that the heating doesn't need to go on as early in the evening. Some pot plants have been re-potted and divided, now I have the beginnings of a fernery as well as more indoor plants. All cleaning has been done with hot water, vinegar and eucalyptus oil, windows and doors opened for fresh air. This afternoon I will be doing some mending of several items of clothing, that will reduce the need to buy more.

    1. Ohhhh, choc fudge brownie slice sounds divine.

  8. Beautiful flowers Wendy.
    My week was good and we have had a couple of days of really heavy rain so I am so glad of this as the garden was so dry. Now it is soaked. I am using the wet weather to make cards, soup, stew and pies, crochet (my blanket!) and it is lovely.
    I had some really good fruit and vegie specials last week by going to a far flung shop that is always good. If I am going that way I always make a point to go in there. I have a huge amount of produce to use all next week as well.
    Have a good weekend and congratulations to Megan

    1. I've been making soup and cards too. Pictures to come shortly. xoxo

  9. Hi Wendy,
    You week is inspiring as usual. The flowers in your kitchen are lovely. This week I
    Made all meals from scratch
    Made huge pot of pea and ham soup, portioned and froze.
    Made orange cake and scones for afternoon tea for 2 days for guests, only used oven once to save on electricity.
    Shopped specials for stockpile.
    Walked more this week to save on petrol.
    Hubby serviced one of the cars saving us a good $100.00
    Took bags of clothes etc to Op shop, didn't browse as I'm tempted to buy something I don't need.trying to save a little more at the moment as car number 2 is needing a service at mechanics( hubby can't work on this one unfortunately) although this is budgeted for I try to keep the withdrawals to a minimum. Hope that made sense.
    Have a great week Wendy.

    1. Kathryn, it makes complete sense although I find it hard to resist a quick look in the op shop.

  10. Yes those Microfibre cloths are pretty amazing! I scrubbed my sons shower with it when we visited (it was pretty dirty) and it came up a treat, he rents his unit from us so I have a vested interest in the bathroom staying nice, left a cloth with him (hint hint), regards Liz

    1. You might want to leave him a bottle of Miracle Spray too. Just to be sure !!!

  11. We are so busy with outside stuff now that it's spring. Since we've been working outside so much we decided we needed something quick for lunches that we could pull together without it taking much time or money ... our solution ... my husband grilled up enough hamburger patties from ground beef we had gotten on sale last week for us to have hamburgers. I froze them in meal size increments so all we have to do is remove a package in the morning, let it thaw in the refrigerator and by lunch time it's ready to be made into a sandwich.

  12. What a pretty kitty :)

  13. Another inspiring post It really is the little things we do that add up Every time I see your wonderful flower photos I think what wonderful photos they would make I copy photos from Kmart for 15 cents each and attach to card stock with double sided tape I think Jessica's fabulous fruit plate would make a great children's card Thank you for a great blog! Shelley

  14. Hi Wendy, Oh Wendy, your cat is so funny, she a star in her own right.
    Congratulations to Megan. We are having a similar function in June and it's a funny time of the day between 3-5pm so your ideas that you had, will come in handy, thanks.
    DS were both away on camp this week so lots of savings there, water, food , power etc...
    Lots of time to clean out things whilst they were away, YEH!!!!

    Bought two cushions, inserts and covers in apple green from savers and used my 5% off card so the total price came to under $5.00 and they look brand new.
    Cut Roses for inside the house and doubled up on the oven when making a roast to also bake a lemon cake and used the oven when finished to heat the kitchen up and I'm trying not to put the heater on yet.
    We were given bread this week and were very grateful for all the rain.
    I did an adjustment of the finances to keep us on track as I am looking ahead when my eldest son turns 18 next year, as some of our income will decrease.
    I did a freezer inventory, Menu plan for the next month and shopping list and shopped for the next month and came in under the $300.00 p/m for the challenge.

    Can I ask you Wendy, Your Roast beef soup, can I use roast Lamb as I have some leftover?
    Also , can I freeze butter and Stewed apples?

    Will you be posting your Menu plan soon and will you be doing a post on what's growing/time to plant in your garden?

    Have a fantastic week,xxx

    1. Savers is great for cushions isn't it. Apple green too !!!!

      Great job on the groceries too.

      I haven't used roast lamb but I'm sure it would work fine.

      I always have a couple of blocks of butter in the freezer as a back up. Stewed apples freeze perfectly. I put them into oblong takeaway containers and label with masking tape.

      I might skip the menu plan this month ( too much on ). I'll try to do a post on growing veg in Winter.

  15. Yes, it is the little things, I agree.
    Made soup from leftover roast chicken carcass. Said chicken was one we picked up at WW for $4.50 cooked.
    Had visitors over weekend, made pikelets both days - yummy and cheap!
    Used clothes horses to dry washing this weekend with the Coonara going.
    Used slow cooker to cook dried kidney beans - used for a Mexican taco vegetarian meal.
    Made 2L yoghurt using 1 tbsp. yoghurt powder and 1 cup milk powder in each litre. Made one plain one flavoured - have used your earlier suggestions and we like the ratios of sugar/vanilla as you do.
    Totally ran out of all washing powder/borax/washing soda so whizzed lots of little bits of soap in food processor and dissolved a couple of teaspoons in hot water - then washed clothes in cold very successfully.
    Kids made some cards for upcoming birthdays/events with materials on hand.
    Listed and sold some superfluous kids clothing/boots on ebay.
    BTW - WW have bananas $1.50kg til Tuesday - so bought a couple of kgs - they were the little ones I prefer to buy.
    Now to get on and make meal plan.
    thanks Wendy,

    1. Sue, that's a great price for a cooked chicken and the bananas.

      Well done to your kids for making cards..

  16. Hi Wendy

    Congratulations to Megan :)

    This week I've used the clothes airer in lieu of the dryer where possible (not aways possible). Cleaned using microfibre clothes baked Muesli slice, snickerdoodles and Mimi's chocolate cakes with a spoonful of caramel in each one. The caramel was from a tin of sweetened condensed milk that I boiled. Took all lunch and morning teas to work. Everything else is starting to become second nature :)

    I'm still training my DH. He called me whilst I was out today wanting to know if I wanted anything at the shop. History tells me to only say yes if absolutely necessary or I can't get there myself. I needed chickpeas for DD's lunch as she has been taking homemade hommus and crackers with baked goods and fruit to school. Chickpeas turned into soooo much more :( including *gulp* pikelets. So easy to make but he knows DD likes them so bought them for her. Such a sweetheart but still..... I think next week I'll be making pikelets just to show I can make them, don't want to hurt his feelings by saying anything when his intentions are so good :)

    Have a great week.


    1. Deb, I'm sure your pikelets are much nicer than store bought.


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