Wednesday 15 May 2019

Having A Well Stocked Pantry

As the temperature drops outside, I'm finding lots of comfort in hot casseroles , stews and soups. They warm the body and soul. My slow cooker gets used all year round, but in Winter it almost goes into overdrive.

It's great to have a well stocked pantry, fridge and freezer. It makes it so much easier to feed the family or to change the menu around if things arise. My well stocked pantry came in handy a few years ago as I had a slight disaster in the kitchen. I'd gotten up early one morning to make a chicken curry to put in the slow cooker. I'd already put the cooked chicken in, the vegies were getting a head start in the microwave and all I needed to do was make the liquid up. I opened up a tin of cream of chicken soup to find that it was black and mouldy inside. YUCKY, YUCKY !!!!

I was so shocked at the color that I tilted the tin to make sure I had the right soup ( I thought it must have been mushroom soup ) Soup spilled all over the bench and kitchen floor. After cleaning up the mess I realised it was the right soup, but in the wrong condition. Thankfully I had another few tins of the soup in the pantry. I was able to continue making the curry. Phew !!! Later that day I returned the soup to the supermarket for a replacement.

Having spares of the soup meant that nothing was wasted and the meal was not a disaster. Just a slight hiccup in the making.

I've met many people over the years who love to have the bare minimum in their pantries. They have their tins and packages all lined up along the front of the shelves with nothing behind them. Easy to see everything yet so easy to run out. My pantry is not big by any means , but it is tidy, clean, well organised and WELL STOCKED !!!! Ready for any recipe, occasion or disaster. 

Do you keep your pantry well stocked ?  

Have you had a disaster in the kitchen ?


  1. Debby in Kansas, USA15 May 2019 at 08:36

    Yes to both your questions! I'm always more stocked in fall and going into winter. But, I keep a large stock year around. We had an odd spring this year in that the cold weather just seemed to linger. Last weekend I had to go to the market and pick up a few of what I consider winter items like canned tomatoes, frozen mixed vegetables, & hot chocolate! (The hot chocolate is medically necessary, wink wink!!!) I made a crock of beef barley soup on Sunday and the weather was cool. It's only been 2 days and it's nearly 90 now!!

    As for the disasters, I had them regularly when I was first married. My mom worked and nobody ever taught me to cook from a recipe. Well, I was so ignorant in the ways of a kitchen, I wouldn't stray one iota from what a recipe said. I remember having a near meltdown because the recipe called for stewed tomatoes and all I had was diced!!! It was for chili!! So, it was more a disaster in my mind than in reality. Aside from that, the only thing that has happened several times is that I've turned the crock on low when it was supposed to be high and dinner wasn't finished. Thanks to a full pantry, I can manage a quick substitute. The hidden gem in that is that I don't have to cook the next day because it's all ready!

    I've seen the pantries of which you speak. I had one in my single days. The home I rented had a floor to ceiling pantry with about 6 shelves. I used one! I had oatmeal, a few cans of soup, peanut butter, brown sugar, saltines, & an occasional box of a cheesy chicken box recipe thingy. My freezer generally contained 5-10 frozen Lean Cuisines and a box of ice. My fridge had milk, apples, raisins, a loaf of bread, butter spread, and a case of Diet Pepsi. That's no exaggeration. I ate the same things nearly every day. I shopped every Saturday morning for the same things.

  2. Nowadays after following you Wendy, Cath and Annabel I am always well stocked I only buy products when on special and enjoy the security of knowing we are ready for hard times if necessary. Thankyou for all the knowledge you have passed on through your blog...Sharlene

  3. I keep a well stocked pantry and freezer. It comes in handy all the time.

  4. I do believe that a well stocked pantry is essential. However, our pantry is out of control and I am trying to bring order to chaos. Since our household has shrunk over the last few months I need to reassess what meets our current needs.

  5. I do keep my pantry very well stocked. I always had a decent pantry but then we went through Super Storm Sandy. We had power back on in a few hours(perk of living near a fire house), so I was cooking for lots of family and friends that didn't. Most people in our area had no power for almost 2 weeks. I gave out a lot of soups and coffee for people to take home so that they had something. One friend who has 2 kids literally had no food in the house after 3 days. She used to go to the supermarket almost everyday for fresh food. Never would keep frozen or canned food in the house. She now keeps a few things. I am trying to get my pantry to a 6 month supply. We have had to sacrifice some wants but we feel it is worth it.

  6. Well how frustrating, to have the mess to clean up. But you persevered.

  7. Keeping a well stocked pantry also allows you to wait for sales and buy at rock bottom prices. And, if finances get tight you can eat out of it for awhile and free up some finds to go to other needs.


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