Wednesday 29 May 2019

Prepping For Winter Illnesses

Are you  prepared for colds and illness that arrive with Winter each year ?  I quite often hear about people being caught out unprepared when illness strikes.  Spouses and family members are sent out on mercy missions to restock the bathroom cabinets with much needed medical supplies.

Here are some ideas for being prepared -

*  Having a good supply of tissues,  hankies or homemade hanky / rags to wipe a drippy nose is very important.  Perhaps buy a box or two of extra soft tissues just in case you get a bad cold.

*  Stock up on headache tablets,  cold and flu tablets or any other medications you use to ease illness symptoms

*  Vicks vapour rub is great for easing a blocked nose.  Do you have any or do you know where your tub is ?  Does it still have a strong fragrance or is it well past it's best before date ?

*  Eucalyptus oil is a wonderful natural product for clearing sinuses and blocked noses.  Do you have any left in your bottle after making Miracle Spray ? ( hehehe ).

*  Tea Tree oil is a wonderful natural disinfectant that can also be used on cold sores.  If you need to buy some,  it's generally located on the bottom shelf  in the bathroom section ( next to the eucalyptus oil ) at your local supermarket.

*  Lemon and honey are great for relieving sore throats.  I freeze the lemon juice into ice cube trays  each Winter for use all year round.

*  Your choice of cough lollies to help ease a persistent cough.

Much needed supplies

Freezing lemon juice into icecube trays

Are you ready for the Winter sniffles ?


  1. My family is in the middle of one of those passing along illness periods. My granddaughter was sick, then her father, then her other grandparents, her mother, her aunt and now her mother again. My mother has been coughing and spluttering for weeks and has already had antibiotics for this episode. I am terrified. I am allergic to eggs and cannot be vaccinated. My aunty daughter has been diagnosed with the flu even though she was the first the family to be vaccinated.

    I know many do not like vaccination but there are others who rely on herd immunity so vaccinations are always on my winter prep list. It is the time of year when I wish one could burn the used paper products.

    Stay healthy everyone.

  2. I have vicks headache tablets lemons manuka honey eucalyptus and I make my own cough drops also I have ginger ale and ginger biscuits for a tummy upset. I just need to buy tissues.

  3. Samantha Kimble29 May 2019 at 20:43

    Damn Wendy, we've already had colds here and I'm currently all stuffy but had my flu shot a few weeks ago.
    I always have a good supply of these things plus garlic tablets, vitamin C, yukult and cold and flu tablets.

  4. Dear Wendy,
    This is the first time I have commented and I really appreciate all of your handy hints etc.
    I have just come home from a trip overseas and after arriving home, next day, I had developed a cold. I was glad to have lots of pieces of an old flannelette sheet that I had cut out with pinking shears to use for days of a runny nose, and after for the nasty ones, which I just threw in the bin!
    This post is very timely and much appreciated.
    I'm not impressed with this cold Melbourne weather! ha ha and it's just the beginning of winter !!

  5. Great preparation tips for the winter Wendy!

    I try to prevent rather than treat colds etc. I carry antibacterial wipes in my bag and use them all the time when out and about, especially before eating anything. Washing hands thoroughly and often is another good thing to do to prevent infection. Touch wood, I have not been sick for years...

    Another thing we do is eat citrus fruit right through winter. It is the best thing to prevent colds, being loaded with vitamin C. We squeeze them for our breakfast juice :)

    I opt not to have a flu injection, even though they are urging everyone to do so. It comes down to personal choice and I feel that we live a very healthy life and should be okay. Fingers tightly crossed.

    I have recently learned that pineapple is extremely good for coughs and colds. A google search will find the information :)

    I don't use tissues, instead we use toilet paper or home made flannel cloth handkerchiefs as they are so gentle on the nose.



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