Saturday 11 May 2019

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 11th May 2019

This week has seen me in the kitchen doing lots of cooking and baking.  It sure does warm my heart and body to have yummy food to eat during the colder weather.  Having the oven on has laso helped to warm our home.

Here's my frugal list for the week -

*  Cut up a cereal packet ( the bag ) into squares to put between crumpets and hamburgers patties when I freeze them.

*  Our feijoa tree is dropping lots of fruit.  Each day for the last week I've been picking up handfuls of fruit from the ground.  I'm not a big fruit eater but I could eat a bucket of feijoas each day.

*  Made a big pot of chunky chicken and veggie soup from the stock I made last weekend.  I also had another chicken carcass on hand so I made another slow cooker full of stock.  I didn't need more soup at the time so the stock has gone into the freezer.

*  Made sausage rolls from the really cheap sausage mince I bought a few weeks ago.  Some sausage rolls were eaten for lunch by the family and the rest went into the freezer for snacks.

*  Made ANZAC biscuits for morning teas this week.  I used a couple of logs of dough I'd frozen a couple of months ago.

*  Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

*  Baked pumpkin scones using cooked pumpkin I'd frozen last Summer.  Most of the scones went into the freezer for morning teas.  No wonder I rarely have room in my freezer with things being taken out,  cooked the placed in the freezer again.  It does save us lots of money though.

*  Donated another bag of goodies to Savers and received another discount stamp.  Jessica and I bought a few items of clothing for Luka in the next size up and received 20% off.  When Luka comes to visit or stay with us,  we like to be prepared with some changes of clothing.

*  Fed the compost bins with kitchen scraps almost every day.

*  Fed bread crusts and cauliflower leaves to the chickens.

*  Saved the washing machine rinse water and shower warm up water to pour into the washing machine for each next load.

*  Froze lots of leftover into single serves.  My stockpile seems to grow so quickly.  I'm thinking I need to write freezer meals into the menu plan for every Sunday night.

*  Mended a cardigan and Jessica took up a few pairs of trousers.

Homemade sausage rolls

ANZAC biscuits

Feijoas from our tree

How did you save time,  money or energy this week ?


  1. I have always seen people write of Anzac biscuits but have never made them. I need to give them a try. We are having houseguests in June and one is vegan. I think I could probably use a hard vegan margarine rather than butter which would give him something sweet to eat.

  2. Hi Wendy, thanks for sharing. We continue to make frugal choices by cooking from scratch and taking our lunches to school and work. I've just finished up my first batch of miracle spray. I have plenty of ingredients to make more. I have a good stockpile (10kgs) of omo bought at half price. The only cleaning item I bought this week, at Aldi was liquid soap that I mix with water to put in my foam pump bottles. In a 1ltr bottle of liquid soap for $2.75, I get 10 refills for the pumps and that's 27.5 cents per refill. I remember seeing your tips for this when you were on ACA all those years ago. I wish I could find that footage, it's not on YouTube:( but all your great tips are contained here in your blog.
    It is getting cooler up here in Qld, and I'm loving it! Lots of baking and cooking to do. I've been making individual chicken, leek and veggie pies. I serve them with mash. Theyre a bit labour intensive but so tasty and economical. Your sausage rolls look like a perfect winter snack. They've been added to my baking list. Yum! Winter is here...YAY! Have a lovely week. Rachel:)

  3. Good week Wendy! I have seen some beautiful clothes for the girls in op shops and just now Harper is wearing a thick velvet dress I found a couple of years ago. Lucy keep boxes marked "Size 3" "Size 4" etc and when she is ready for the next size she opens that box. This is good and she soon sees what she has and what she needs. I look out all the time. I also found a velvet navy blue little english coat. So gorgeous. Love hunting! I had a really good week with a mixture of savings and getting ahead. Truly blessed (and busy!) Have a wonderful Mothers day! xxx

    1. I did the same with my girls Annabel. I always bought ahead of time.

  4. I have never had a feijoa before. What do they taste like?

    1. Depending on how ripe they are, they can be tart right through to sweet. The inside is the same color as banana flesh but it has tiny soft seeds as well. Very very fragrant fruit. They have a beautiful perfume.

  5. That is a fruit I have never seen.

  6. Happy Mothers Day Wendy.

    I'm happy to say that I was able to put $64.00 into my slush fund that was left over from this month's grocery money. I wrote a list of the items I needed and stuck to it. I'm hoping to get my grocery budget down to $500 next month.

    My mother in law is very unwell at the moment so my DH is spending the day with her. I'm going to make some yummy treats for my family (even though I don't have to today, I like cooking for them). My DD is at work so I'm going to make home made pizzas for dinner and I'm even going to try making my own sauce. I'll also be making DH some shortbread to cheer him up.

    My other savings this week were just normal things I do each day but we did have one freezer meal this week.

    Have a great week.


  7. Hope you have had a lovely Mother's Day and Grandmother's Day, your first!

    Planted snow peas, one of our favourite winter crops and picked spinach. I have three pots of it, which are ready at different times so we always have some to pick.

    Autumn has arrived in Perth and we are enjoying a clear, yellow, mild day. Beautiful! Deborah

    1. Thankyou Deborah. My Mother's Day was lovely and I had lots of cuddles from Luka.

  8. You got a lot done this week. My freezer is the same way. I will pull a turkey out and think I have some room. But I then make turkey stock, soup and pot pies for future meals and the freezer is full again.

  9. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day Wendy

  10. Hi Wendy, I hope you can help me with this problem. You always seem to have excellent solutions on your blog. I bought a shirt for my daughter, it is cotton with a print. I have washed it twice and it was fine (no Dryer). Now for some weird reason it has a very strong glue-like smell to it. Tried washing it...soaking it in detergent with vinegar and washing soda. Line dried it. Still is stinky. She really loves it and I would love to get it stink-free.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I did read that formaldehyde is used in clothing to keep the fabric nice. UGH! Barb in USA

    1. Maybe try soaking it again and use a laundry liquid that has a strong fragrance. Or try eucalyptus oil or an essential oil. If this doesn't work I'd be taking it back to the store and tell them it's a health hazard.

      Let me know how you go Barb.

    2. Thanks Wendy. Hope your crisis get settled soon. I will try essential oils. Take care of yourselves. Barb

  11. I'm so sorry I haven't replied to your lovely comments everyone. We've been dealing with one crisis after another over the last five weeks


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